5 ILLEGAL gadgets that will get you ARRESTED

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Robert Guce

Trouble be like:I am your shadow

    dashy bishy

    @Chandana Das oh nice 😀

    Footdits_ HD

    Me be like:I’ll stay in a dark room…

    A ASAD Gaming

    underrated comment….

    Shannon Baluran

    Not anymore *pulls out gun lighter*

    Adéla Denemarková

    ​@dashy bishy what manga are you talking about?

anita singh

“A powerbank as well as a hand grenade”
Nokia 3310: My time has come

    Andrew Varnum

    Note 7 has entered the chat


    ​@Shie1dz I think the Nokia and amount would win

    Quadzer randoms

    The nokia 3310 being unbrakanle is cap cuz i destroyed my grandpas nokia 3310 and it saw better days

    MFR Gaming AF78

    You Will Destroy A Whole City Instead The Stranger fr fr💀


    In Texas, these are considered toys 💀

one piece polls

Imagine someone asks for a powerbank and you pull out that grenade 💀💀


    Are you the killer

    Vinay Soni


    Israel Olosunde

    @Keyamo Melvinlol bruh

    Interventna Jedinica Policije 92 🚨

    ​@Flamez for the Gamez bro you are perfect for a advertising management

    Anubhav Kushwaha

    And It goes off as you Pulled it out from wrong Pocket


“How did you get hurt?”
“Someone hit me with their phone”

    The One

    @The main character “How the fu-“ *Gets rickrolled*

    The main character

    @The One *_stickbug music playing in background_*


    “How did you die?”
    “I really don’t know. The last thing I saw was a Nokia”

    There edited it for u


    @The main character 😊Hi

    Brandon Cohn

    ​@The main character nah it was a Nokia im a stunning case both fashionable AND deadly!


“Hold on officer let me charge my phone first”

    Blake the Snake

    “Now officer, let me just light a cigarette real quick…”

    Ekwueme Prijor

    ​@literall crow

    Marcus Jackson

    The lighter gun is ok it’s fine to have a gun I your car for portion


    “Sir what do you think doing”


    @Ekwueme Prijor ‎

That one dude

“Top 5 things that will get you arrested”
5: Nuclear warhead
4: 35 tetra bites of child po-


    Guy acknowledges the typo in the comments but doesn’t edit it lol. kept the comments entertaining.


    ​@TheRealNitroZ 1024


    Only 35 terabytes? I have 25 Yottabytes.


    Ah yes, a tetra bite.


“Bro can I borrow your powerbank?”

“Here just don’t pull the pin”💀

    Unknown Person


    Kuzey Cetindere

    @Minuwara Ahmed k

    Kuzey Cetindere

    @Minuwara Ahmed i

    I am not devil girl




Greg Lemons

“Officer, you need a lighte-“ 💥

Arpan Ghosh

“Have fun taking them through Airport security” 💀

Cuhh EJ

“Bro give me your lighter”



    Steve Minecraft



    plot twist: it just shot a hole through their pants

    Ping Pong

    ​@Aly Shaikhon Literally 💀💀💀💀💀

Рита Чигир

I had to stop my cosplay photoshoot because police noticed my lighter gun and needed an explanation what we’re doing in the abandoned house 😂

Man in the Park

This should be titled five legal gadgets that can get you arrested.

    Rebecca Bazer

    It is…


    The police lights are illegal and the phone case is illegal in some places

    Kai’s Life

    ​@Rebecca Bazerno it’s not, it says, “Five illegal gadgets that will get you arrested.”

    Rebecca Bazer

    @Kai’s Life Oh, sorry I’m not the smartest. I’m really dumb.


*homeland security wants to know your location*

Brian Michael Hanby

*Bans taser*
America: don’t worry you can still buy an Assault rifle.


    “Assault rifle ” is the name the news media gave it to help create controversy and fear, it’s a semiautomatic sporting rifle. The modern AR available to the public is designed for target practice, hunting and self defense. Any and every OBJECT can and is used used to assault another person.
    It would be difficult to name an object that has NEVER been used in an Assault.

    Oranian the 13th

    @Bisexual shinsouloll I was gonna put that comment but I preciate it

    Oranian the 13th

    I’m hungry

    Joshua Brubaker

    They do a background check and you need a license to own a rifle


Arun: This gun lighter is guaranteed to get you in trouble
Americans: Why?

Edit: Bro it was just a joke I live in America calm down I know it would get you in trouble

    DTAM aviation

    @Georgee bc guns are illegal? I mean you can kill somebody no wonder you can’t have them


    @Patty Millz but it’s not a weapon it’s a lighter lol


    @DTAM aviation in the US they aren’t and you can kill someone with a kitchen knife or a baseball bat are those illegal? No. 99% of Americans use guns for competition, hunting, and self defense. The argument that “this can kill someone so it should be illegal” is idiotic because following that logic nearly everything on the planet should be illegal lol.

    DTAM aviation

    @daoneils actually that is true

Hylian Guy

if someone you don’t like asks if they can use your power bank, just give them this one

Finnegan CanDrum

“5 gadgets that can get you arrested”that shipment person rn


I thought the last one was a frag grenade.


imagine going through TSA with a pistol lighter and tell the tsa officer try and shoot it at someone it is a lighter.

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