“Always Delirious” Music Video By The SpacemanChaos

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🎵 Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos!

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WE WILL FOREVER BE, ALWAYS DELIRIOUS! Hope you enjoy this fun song! Good way to show off a bunch of the games I’ve played too. You can get the song from any of the links in description! Like if you enjoyed! Big thanks to SpacemanChaos for making this! KEEP IN MIND that this song is about the games I play, It doesn’t have a story to it like the “Delirious Army” song. They are different styles of songs.

    Putra Qaid Irfan



    I love this already the first thing is Dead By Daylight ❤️

    Tommy Heck


    maxx main

    You should rerelease this with current games

    Darious Collins

    Delirious or drunk…

Codey Proper

Delirious, I just want to thank you. It’s not a thing about how you saved me from depression or something that really means something. But your videos just make me feel like I’m a part of something. I have been subscribed for a few years now and I try to watch all your videos, you are my favorite youtuber. I have always had trouble staying happy and I barely ever have a feeling like I belong somewhere. But thanks to your videos and the music and everything it just makes me feel like I’m a part od some group of people who would care about what I would have to say. So, sorry that this is long and not very well worded, probably. I just wanted to say thank you.

    What Ever

    Codey Proper
    What do you mean you’re not a part of something !!!

    Codey Proper

    Jet MaX yeah that is what I said XD the whole point was to explain how I barely feel like I’m part of something and that thanks to his videos I have a feeling of being a part of this amazing group of people.

The_Real_Wolf 90

I think I speak for everyone in the delirious army that we all owe Spacemanchoas a thank you for all the songs he has gave delirious for all of us to enjoy. And with that thank u Spacemanchoas

i like music 👍

He’s great because he makes all his viewers feel special, as if they saved his life or something. He makes us feel like we are apart of something unlike most other youtubers.

Daily Radio

Going through all the years of watching Delirious I remember all the good animation, videos, and music love Delirious! 😀


I remember the the Bo2 days.

I also remember watching his 1 Million Sub video the day it came out on my school’s shitty WiFi, just begging for it to work, then once it finally did I was laughing all day over it and re-watching it.

Delirious has had such a big impact on my life, literally for so long, I started watching him when I was 12…now I’m turning 20 in a couple months.

Thanks for an amazing decade of laughs…I’ll always be apart of the Delirious Army 🔥

Craft of the mine

Song always stuck in my head that is proof that I’m a huge H20 delirious fan

    Arnel Parina

    The song is stuck in my brain too

JT Corkscrew

3 years and i still jam to this song like I’ve never heard it before

William Afton

This guy made my childhood. From G mod to Hitman it’s all gold. Just wanted to thank you. Much love.

    Lyte H20

    I’ve been watching him since I was 12 when I can across his video a day after watching vanoss’….im 18 now…

    Nile Latcham

    He is currently influencing my childhood as we speak.

    The real Jesus



This song slaps so GOOD! I’m so proud to be in this army with all of you

    Jevil The Devil

    We all.are.proud to be in the Delirious army!

    We will forever be…..I

    C’mon finish it for me


    Jevil The Devil always delirious!

    Jevil The Devil

    @Teazun Damn RIGHT!


It’s hard to believe I’ve been watching this guy and vanoss and mini, all of them for over 7 years

    Sly Guy


iam vin

You know the song is good if you comeback to it after 2 years.

    candy cane farts


    Bjørn Idiottsonn



This takes me back…

Chilling at home just after school *notification*H20Delirious has just posted.
Was the best feeling ever.
Nostalgia be hitting hard…




BABY LERIOUS is real now

    Dragon Slayer

    He has a son now delirious jr

    Cj_Modern Soldier

    @Arnel Parina well there two baby Lerious so yeah




    I was kid Lerious before

    Hanzo Hazashi

    Congrats For Mr H20

iiRyu Kins_11

Let be honest, you listen to this like what 2 years ago and you can still remember the lyrics

    Mike Montez

    Wait a minute…how’d you know?!?

    Theint Yadanar Soe

    yeah how do you know


    He should use this background music for his live stream

Lizbeth Gc

1000/10 great music


To find out that his daughter will realise her dad was probably the guy who raised millions of others aswell

    Betim Kllobocishta

    big facts ‼️




Just coming back to one of my favorite songs. So damn good I swear

BlitzOGAlex67 Gaming

If you still listen to this song in 2023 then your still a fan 😎

    Antrionna Harris

    This song is the best of H20 delirious songs

    Silvana Abrigo



    Always a fan

    busche the legendary gamer

    Lol I’m in 2033


    I listened right now


I’m now 16 and i still find delirious music fire

    Haven Babin , Aka “⚜️Proud Saints fan⚜️”


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