Apple iPhone X Unboxing!

iPhone X is finally here. This is the unboxing and… second impressions.

iPhone X First Impressions:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Disarm by Alltta


Phone provided by Apple for video/review.



The Alfonso Nation

Apple’s top selling points are simplicity, security, and innovation. This new iPhone undoubtedly showcases these three things with ease. However, $1,000 doesn’t seem to be a reasonable price for a few new features on a phone. So hopefully, those that do purchase it will gain an enhanced experience that no previous phone could provide.

    Sybsygst Gstsgysg

    This comment aged like fine milk

    Collyn Playz

    This comment aged so wel oml

Kieran Rendle

I cannot stop watching that intro whilst I wait for mine to be delivered this morning. The music, the editing, the shots. Ugh everything works so perfectly!

lucas edwards

That opening, with the music, well timed transitions and everything…. am I the only one who completely admired that?

Prod. 1457


    bricks bricks

    Ur late?


    @Sussy 5 what

    Efri Vernando

    It’s 5 years old


    well 5 years now


    It’s 5 now.

Serena – 空気のような

The iPhone X is 5 years old. Interesting.

    Darth Jar Jar

    @fbi agent miyako hoshino no 6

    lani ibikunle

    Damn Brodie jus keep unloading his comment 😂


    Bro edits the comment 😭


    Updating this comment is super cringe

Oblivion Union

Even three years later I still remember being excited for this phone, its design is so iconic to this day

    Ojas upadhyay

    just like her iconic eyes


    @Alex plot twist

    Sam W

    ​@Plexion you expect them to change the design literally every year??? Stop upgrading so often

J Bray

“Headphones adapters stickers, its all in the box” HAH, Not anymore.

    Stefan Lalović

    @J Bray Legendary profile picture ✈️

    The Glass Prison

    But the clones still have no stickers….


    Got the 13 Pro and the unboxing experience isn’t the same as past phones. Good phone just miss the goodies lol


    @xRoyalStevenx I’ll be getting my 13 Pro in November. And I remember that time I unboxed my 5S. It had a charger, headphones, charging cable, and everything. Now the unboxing will be pretty boring when I get it because all it has is the charging cable and.. some apple stickers…


    android user mad 🤡🤡🤡🤡


3 years later. Iphones still look like this
“This is the one that represents the future of apple smartphones”

Spot on.

    Matthew Ciprian

    @Angel Pesinaa what’s funny is after awhile the phones get a crease in the middle where the fold is.. just watched a video about it😂😂

    Inactive channel

    @Angel Pesinaa trash camera, battery, specs overall and breaks easily.

    2Coop4U Part 2

    @swag7 yeah god forbid apple keeps something the great “swag7” doesnt care about. Why wont they bow to your every whim?


    @guccionmycuchi are you clapped??

Sakshyam Pandey

Ahh, those times. When we had charger and earphones in the box

    N O͜͡ E L

    @Zenith 5W better than nothing

    Demoi Wright

    @TAPATAP man how did you take a joke and turn it into a serious convo 💀


    @Bruce Lince ratio+L+cracked screen


    Those times we had a battery in the phone


The nostalgia in this video and it’s only been 4 years 😭 Time goes by so fast.


    @Khalid nicee mate whats ur battery health like for 4 years?

    Stamati Marlon

    Yeah 🥹

    Wavy Kay

    Especially in the tech world !

    Ameen Ashraf

    Now its been 5

    SB Rainy

    Make it 5 now

skyler t

I remember getting so excited to watch this video after the announcement. Even though my phone wouldn’t arrive for the next month because of the shortages, time flies.

    Text me on telegram 👉 ThatwasEpic700

    Alright congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted winner 🎉🎉🎉


If you had this phone when it came out, then you literally felt more powerful having this phone. Best phone experience I’ve had so far. I switched from a very cheap affordable Samsung phone to the X, and the speed and face ID on this phone was mind blowing at the time. It still is a great phone today imo and is more affordable now.


    @Richard Zavala get another one because the X isnt worth it right now

    Anurag Shewale

    ​@BiesZuejn if android didn’t exist Apple wouldn’t too display, cameras are made by Samsung. the folding iPhone coming in 2024 wouldn’t exist . if android didn’t exist what would people like me do who want to use something better than iPhone


    @Anurag Shewale samsung works as a manufacturing company too. it manufactures products for korean military too. samsung isn’t limited to phones only therefore iphone would still exist.

    Beloingus • 5 years ago

    @BiesZuejn ios sucks


    @Richard Zavala get a Xs or 11 pro, youll get more bang for your buck


Great video man. Would love to see more about one handed use and reachability functionality in the full review. One of my main concerns with this phone at the moment.

    Will Collins

    Like all iOS devices you can double tap the home bar and it pushes the screen down


    @Will Collins *swipe down


Used this phone for 3 years and a half, then switched to the 13 Pro. What an amazing phone it was.


    @Sam Sam dude was salty for what reason 🤣

    Alejandro Burciaga

    I’m in the exact same boat as you. My 13 Pro is arriving in 2-3 days.


    @Mr C. jealous?

    Bahodir Jurakulov

    Same i had X too now I have 13 pro😂


    do you guys think the x is still worth it for a second device?

Nikhilesh Rathi

It still looks impressive, no doubt it was a huge deal back then…

Hasan Zobaer

Been almost 5 years since this beast came out. Probably my favorite iPhone of all time. One of the most influential smartphone for sure. Still can’t believe it’s been half a decade since it’s release.

    Eren Hidiroglu

    5 years now…

Nandeesh Tharanibalan

5 years ago I switched from my iPhone 6s to the iPhone X Silver. It costed ₹100k in India back then for a 256GB variant. Man the stares people gave me when I bought it were so surreal. It was a beast and no one had it so quick that they had to ask what phone it was.


It’s been 5 years? Man time really flew


    Yeah bruhhhhh 🔥😅


    @JanCraft12 yeah the display and the camera and stuff is not that great and the processor too, isn’t much better than the X considering how much you give just to have a slightly better chipset.

    Ghg Kra

    The times we used to have chargers


    Can’t believe I’m getting the iPhone x 😞

Uchiha Sasuke

This phone was the definition of future for Apple in the next 5 years until 14 Pro.. Finally the notch looks different in an iPhone.


    @Uchiha Sasuke both terms are still relevant, context matters




    Bro it was only 5 YEARS FOR?!?

    the older you get, the less you cry

    took 5 years to bring less notch but still having a notch ☠️

    Brightsun Singh

    ​@the older you get, the less you cry it doesn’t have a notch tho? I mean if you count the non-pro models but technically we didn’t do it with s8s and stuff so


Insane that this phone is still getting supported to this day


    I’m still using an 8 lol


    @Hse Dre 💀💀💀 on god


    @PXLDNKY77 *6s

    Zaid benriane

    @S4sD4 you serious?

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