Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

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WE broke our iMac Pro… But then we tried to PAY Apple to repair it. They REFUSED. Come with us on a journey of frustration…

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Head over to the forum post at to let us know if you can help with our iMac Pro repair!


    @Martin This is what he does to entertain us…

    Tom Cat

    Poor Linus and crappy Apple

    Bruce Lee

    What I do is just replace the whole thing they can easily do that no need to repair okay

    Maheraj Hossain Sojib

    @Vinícius Alexandre Lucas yeah that’s what Apple wants and that’s why all these situations are created by Apple

    The Epic Gamer Jeremie

    @Linus Tech Tips go to money talk wireless they can repair it the yt channel same name and it in new york

Louis Rossmann

More people need to know how bad Apple is when it comes to any type of repair of their products. Authorized or third party. If you want to charge an addtional fee for DIY breakage that’s understandable but to not offer anything, wtf.. Thanks for getting this across to people!


    More people need the know how bad windows is when it comes to any kind of update. Authorize or third party. If you wait 3/4 hours you don’t see changes I guess more people need to know about Microsoft waisting your time.


    @Harsh Jain they still make billions and they make an os every year not every decade

    Jon L.

    Miss that collaboration


Interesting! Hopefully Apple steps up. But I’m not holding my breath.
Cant repair something without the replacement parts.

    Enzo Jacobsen

    @TheBaynaynay I like Apple for one single reason. Logic Pro

    The mouse Legion

    it’s very simple to repair just take a screen off of a defective iMac password for you one without a damaged display attach it to the iMac and send it back

    Canadian001 Aviation

    I love your videos JerryRigEverything!

    psycho _world

    Simple they just want you to buy another imac.


    Trust you to be here zzzzzzzz


So Apple can’t get their own parts to fix their own computer? WHAT?!

    David Freeman

    @Paul Njeru with any other electronic like a TV, consol or PC even without a warranty you can still pay to have it fixed. A warranty is nothing more than insurance. If your car breaks down and is covered by the insurance then the insurance pays for repairs if not then you pay. Same thing with a warranty. Not having the option to pay to have your computer repaired is just a shitty business practice made by a shitty company.

    Raj Sarkar

    @Paul Njeru it doesn’t matter that the warranty is voided or not. I had an Asus laptop, I used it for 5 years and then bcz of a faulty 3rd party adapter my laptop’s motherboard was fried and it was not turning on. Then I took it to a Asus service center and they fixed it within 4 days. I had to pay them bcz it was 5 years old and the warranty was void. Apple should do the same. I mean it’s their product, it dosen’t matter the warranty is void or not they should fix it.

    BE Outdoors

    @Paul Njeru I feel like you didn’t watch the video. They were prepared to pay for the fix end of story you don’t need a warranty to get something fixed. You pay for the repair if it has warranty or insurance it’s free or cheaper.


    No wonder the apple cuspomer service had many death threats

    Louie Satterwhite

    @Paul Njeru no, they voided the warranty by damaging the screen. I can take a monitor apart and put it back together, and as long as I don’t cause any direct damage, warranty is still intact


When you realize that him dropping the screen made them an extra video and enough money to buy a new Mac 3 times over

    Lamar Davis

    He probably only made like 8000


    @Lamar Davis They got around 18 million views with 3 videos on this and a sponsor from each. They probably made upwards of $25,000 because I’m guessing they have good CPM as well.

    Michael Corcoran

    Not the point.


    @Michael Corcoran What your open been thing then? Wow, it’s a lot of Funny. People like you make are some the worst people to ever people.


    It would be better if he did that lmao. Rather than complaining he voided his warranty lol


They are so messed up they don’t even bother repairing it for an influencer this big.
Now imagine the frustration an average user goes through after paying 5000$ and something going wrong

    Ryan Chew

    Average users don’t open up their stuff so it’s still under warranty.

    Nathaniel Peterson

    The fact that it’s Linus should have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on whether or not they fix it. Not big on corruption, bro.


    @Nathaniel Peterson Well I meant if a media group this big is having trouble doing that, the experience that a normal user would go through would be a lot worse


    @Nathaniel Peterson I get that it doesn’t matter too much who he is. but i does a little because what he was doing with their machine. He was testing and comparing. If he said something was wrong with it then a lot of people might not buy apple products. Apple has been known for years for their shady practices. They are not exclusive to this. However they do make repair shops jump over hops and hurdles to do simple repairs. Then when shops can’t do it a person has to buy a new ipad or iphone.


    He didn’t leverage his influence. He decided to challenge it normally instead, because this type of video is much better content.


When you drop something as expensive.. must be as close as you can get into seeing your life flashing back


    That sums it up


    @Leon Ekwall oh sh*t, instant slowmo right there

    Jose Pineda

    ChampRed2 Gaming right, it only took a couple burnt holes in my pocket and a trip to the emergency room but, they are definitely great….

    Obi the BEEF

    *flashing before your eyes


    Don’t go to Apple go to ubreak I fix

Rob Kle

I was so waiting for linus to just attack the Mac with a hammer this whole video.


    Yeah, waiting for it


    Me too

    hector martinez

    Me too


    He should have. Apple is trash. @apple



Uber Nerd

In Brazil we actually have laws about that, it’s illegal to release a product without having means/ways to provide support/fix it, the company is subject to fine by the Brazilian equivalent of the FTC and civil lawsuit

    Nunya Business

    Thats how you build a great country. Get things right one at a time.

    Josh Plant

    People here have clearly never had to deal with Brazilian customer support 😂


    I wish I could get GPD to abide by that…

Tyrant Banks

I work for a certified Third Party Apple Repair facility. They do this EVERY launch. Right now, we’re unable to order any of the 12/12 Pro parts because of this blunder.


    I know for a fact you dont work ur litteraly like 11 years old


    @Will_winz_12 what

Dylan Keil

I feel like linus was truly pissed to the point where he was raising his voice, for the very first time.


    @stormcroc NO.


    @NotTooFast loll


    I don’t blame him if he is.

Grand Bean

Apple: We think that only we should be allowed to fix our products.
Can you fix them?
Apple: No but only we should be allowed to.

    Healing and Restoration

    There should be a worldwide effort to stop using/buying Apple for a period of time. Millions of people to just not use apple products, and just use anything else. Just to teach them a lesson.

    Healing and Restoration

    S P I use Apple lol


    it was because they voided their warranty

    Anthony Church

    This is an even more extreme example of my experience with SwitchedOn insurance for my Dell laptop.

    They said I couldn’t upgrade the Ram or SSD because the parts would be different. The insurance expires in October but after watching LTT replaced the power jack when I found one that fits and then added a bigger SSD m.2 used from Cex because I had little trust in something major not going wrong given it was overheating.

    Until I applied new thermal paste. Thanks Linus.

    Milton Wetherbee


    Apple: you voided your warranty so we can’t fix it.
    Linus: I’m not trying to get warranty work, I’m trying to pay you to fix it.
    Apple: we don’t have anyone who has been trained on how to fix it
    Linus: ok then can I but the part from you to fix it.
    Apple: only authorized repair people can order parts.
    Linus: ok I’ll get them to buy it, and then I’ll fix it myself.
    Apple: they have to be the ones to fix it.
    Linus: but you said no one has been trained on how to fix it.
    Apple: oh, right, we can’t let them order the part then.
    Linus starts to develop an eye twitch. Releases video about problem, many YouTube’s repost video and share on Facebook. Apple threatens to sue, and Linus contacts Legal Eagle.


Well if Tiktok is accurate, and im sure they are, all you have to do is heavily spread toothpaste on the monitor crack and pour juice over it. Then it will magically repair itself.


    It worked for me I could have done it better with more orange juice but it works

    Matt Is Playing

    is it special toothpaste or any brands will also works?



    Mr. Mister

    @Matt Is Playing I heard that you need to get one without fluoride, but you have to pay for one with it.

    apdroid geek

    Some toothpaste contain abrasive stuff that can polish a glass, removing a scratch with toothpaste is technically not a myth it just need some elbow grease and the right toothpaste, but this can also make the glass worse cuz again, what you’re doing basically is polishing the glass if you’re not good at it or doesn’t have the right tools it may remove the scratches but it can also make the glass very blurry.


Never trusted Apple to start with and this just gives me more ammo

    Teimo Pukki


    regular guy

    @Mohammed B. I expect a “Mohammed” to be an apple fanboy 😂🤣

    regular guy

    @Russell 😂😂😂😂

    regular guy

    @Premiumpcbuilds ikr 😂🤣 it is so hilarious. All these apple fanboys like my info is secure 🙄

    Dominus Publius

    ​@Russellthey told you that and you believed them


Good news sir. It’s been two years and we almost have a support team ready to fix your item. Just give us a few more years and we will take care of that.

    Captain Troll


Lord Lethris

lol, this is exactly the problem we had when I worked for an independent support company.
I literally mentioned it on another of your videos before watching this – we needed to be certified before Apple sold us the parts – and that was about 16 years ago.!


    Poor customer service.

Erik Lona

To think, after rewatching this 3 yrs later, you’d think a lot has changed since this video 😭
Seems like it’s gotten worse, with other manufacturers following the principles of Apple, Tesla, and John Deere (to name the 3 biggest names I’ve learned about so far)


    @Marcio Filho Well, over here I have fixed a PS2, PS3, PS4, TV, and car radio, all in 3rd party stores at a rather low price(50-70 euros depending). All Sony branded, several samsung phones too. Not sure where you leave where people can’t just order parts or find similar parts that fit to fix your issues but it’s quite common here. Also, on your other comment, there is no way you believe that the batery tech and motor tech are the same that were 100 years ago. The energy density and efficiency of motors is literally out of this world when compared to older stuff, it’s not even funny to make that comparison.

    Ms. Chanandler Bong

    @Running With Cat that used to be the case. Recently Samsung is being shitty in the same way. I had a recent flagship and i broke the back glass for it within the year of owning it. Samsung care told me it would take 3 days and i’d have to give them my device for the whole time. They also said they couldn’t order in the back glass for me without submitting my phone and i would have to wait 3 days anyway. Got it fixed in 2 hours at a provate repair shop.

    Kyle Stoner

    This is why right to repair is something that everyone should care about and vote with that in mind. You’ve got 2 camps: “gaaaa big gubment bad no regulation market can fix anything” and “regulation is an important core function of government”. Apple is one of the highest market cap companies on the entire planet. So, you tell me, has the market fixed this problem? Or is capitalism exploiting the working class and subverting governance completely? It’s not a hard call.


    @Marcio Filho It’s been a while, sure, but also thousands of deaths and accidents related to high voltage electricity. The fact that something has been for a while, does not fully validate your argument. Those motor require qualified people with qualified tools to make the repairs, otherwise, the risk of death it’s super high


Apple – *doesn’t let us fix our own stuff*
Also apple – *refuses to fix it themselves*

this is why i don’t like apple


That’s actually happening with cars. Hoovies garage had a Jeep Gladiator that had a small accident and it got totaled out because parts are two years backordered, if even available ever. It’s disgusting that companies refuse to repair but will sue you if you try to repair yourself (John Deere).


I repaired my old MacBook Pro 13″ this weekend. iFixit was the solution. Removed the battery and their repair kit and spare battery were actually making this the most complex rapair I have ever done and succeeded in. They are really great!

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