Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

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The new OverPowered line of gaming PC's from Walmart got slammed by other reviewers. While they do not sell these in Canada, we went down to US and got one to see for ourselves.

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Gamers Nexus


Also, appropriate reaction to the unplugged PCIE cable! “… wow.”

    SB C

    Gamers Nexus hi


    *u called for me?*

    Indraneel Palsapure

    I didn’t understand

    Alt Bissette

    @Mexican Defence Minister ID IS A

    Mexican Defence Minister

    @Alt Bissette Wut?

WaywardHero 117

This seems like a computer that was built by someone who knows PC’s but the final decisions are made by Derek at headquarters who thinks the monitor is the computer.

    Fct 8306 On Two Wheels

    at work we call the monitors computers too, I also call them internet machines

    Ella Soderstrom

    This seems like a computer that was built by someone who knows PC’s but the final decisions are made by Derek at headquarters who thinks the monitor is the computer.


    That sounds feasible.



Theodore Oatman

Me: “oh this computer isn’t that bad”
Linus: “disgusting”
Me: “disgusting”



    MikeRefutes Apetheists

    🤣 Same here 👍


    literally me



    Biplob Molla

    Wonderful , thanks !

josh janes

Linus: This PC is bad

Me: *Watching on the PC being tested*

    Robin Bot

    @Salty Biscuit  except it’s not… Useless partitions do nothing but complicate the data management, and it blocks big files completely FOR NO REASON. It just makes it look bigger to idiots.

    The hot glue is BAD. That stuff degrades over time when exposed to heat, and what you do NOT want is it breaking apart and getting everywhere. Depending on the glue it’s a fire hazard.

    The onboard GPU isn’t that big Deal… except it’s telling you about the quality of the MOBO itself.

    And the USB slots? Are you dense?! Those front ones are THE most used USB on the entire thing. It’s like having a car that only has cup holders in the back seat! That’s abysmal. Combined with the RAM, the cheapness of construction, you’re seeing a system that is built to fail and stealing value from the otherwise good parts.

    These ARE PROBLEMS, you’re just ignoring.

    B Dog

    @OG Sniper The PS5 is more powerful than this thing

    John Cornwell

    @Salty Biscuit you’re watching the wrong channel if that’s your conclusion. This channel is about quality as defined by design, parts selection, features, assembly, performance, and value. Your comment was about performance. This machine is garbage when looking at all 6 criteria.

    Pinkfong Baby Shark – Kids’ Songs and Stories

    @Nicholas Young why talk about upgrade? If u are gonna upgrade, u shouldnt buy prebuild


    How’s the PC holding up for you?


He’s like the Gordon Ramsay of gaming pcs.


    That’s Steve from Gamers Nexus


    Pretty much lol



    Forrest Hoffman

    Yep LOL

    Ella Soderstrom

    He’s like the Gordon Ramsay of gaming pcs.


What a great watch, I love watching Linus just pick apart a computer like this and explaining everything as he goes forward. Amazing the level of insight he has to those details, where most of us probably don’t know what we’re looking at.

César Mendivil

I love how he, technically, doesn’t censor the language, his reaction is genuine and just makes it a whole lot more enjoyable to watch even if they do add a *beep* to it


    Adding a beep is literally the definition of censoring

    Doug R


    Nequa Star

    @Alexis TwoLastNames what OP means, is he doesn’t try to force himself not to react in a certain way. The editors may bleep something out, but he himself doesn’t force himself to not swear or such. (yes I know I’m two years late)


    @Nequa Star yeah, even if the word is censored the attitude isn’t


My guess for partitioning the hard drive is that they wanted to make it look like it has a ton of storage. After all, someone who purchases a gaming PC from Walmart may not understand storage capacity metrics.


    i could see it

Brandon Harrison

“Why did they partition their hard drives?”

To trick newbs into thinking there were more hard drives installed than their actually are?

    your big fan

    Maybe, but the owner would probably understand theres only 1 because of the sizes of each partition

    Munro Borisenko

    Ahh, yes the olden days of Partition Magic ! Yes, if they did that so it shows up in “My Computer” as separate drive letters than that is deceptive for sure.

    Munro Borisenko

    @HTV three Hmm, but doesn’t the drive still have only one boot sector ? And if it fails then you can’t get at anything.

    heliocentric television

    @Munro Borisenko if that happens on a hard disk, you can ice the drive down to physically shrink the disk and the drive is usually readable enough to recover the disk. The boot sector and file allocation tables are written to the disk in two locations.

    Álex Mitchell

    Having at least two is good in case only your OS needs to be reinstalled.

Addison Kumlien

You know its an honorable compliment when linus called it “not terrible” or “adequate”

    László Hrabovszky

    Oh hey there fellow Black Mesa enthusiast

    Ruroo C

    Linus himself is “not terrible” 😂

    Ella Soderstrom

    You know its an honorable compliment when linus called it “not terrible” or “adequate”


    @Ella Soderstrom what

    Coco is a dog

    @Saber They have a habit of doing this just look are their past comments.


Linus: Gets mad in tech

Me: So this is what it feels like to miss a week of school


    @Aasrith Kammula oh yeah humanity is gonna be destroyed because comments are now copyrighted and I’m just too sad

    Certified Goat

    @Streylok exactly

    justa noob



    @Streylok think the point is that guy is so incredibly stupid it makes him lose hope in humanity


he’s the calmer version of Gordon Ramsay while being the most mean person about PCs on the planet

    Robin Bot

    Check out Gamers Nexus. That’s gordon ramsey.

    This is like… Guy Fierri on a bad day.

    GMD King

    I use, and I quote…

    A HP OMEN With a crap cooler and good specs.


does Linus ever go play a game then says “my fps is bad” then casually unplugs the pc and plug another pc?

    Lucas Wallo

    @Ali lol why


    @Thelildude805 still bad. Proceeds to use 2tb ddr5 ram and 12th gen intel core i9 and 3090ti. Better


    @AngeloAwesomeness ooh computer organ transplants


    Man has RTX 3090 and Ryzen 9
    Or core i9


    Ye with 5k fps


Ah yes, nothing says quality performance than being overwhelmed by the OP-ness of the PC X)


I feel like Walmart just wanted to make a cheap gaming PC and they we’re saving on everything they could, but whoever was putting it together, he wanted this to at least look nice for someone, who seen an inside of PC. If I didn’t had any knowledge – this computer is just good.


    Facts, it’s Walmart. I got an Acer predator from Walmart but the specs are a lot better than that OP pc. OP: GTX 1070. Acer Predator Orion 3000: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super


    A good or decent pc is all you need to start then you can upgrade later


    @Lethality a gtx 1070 is better than a 1660 super

    jer j

    @tortilla eh isn’t the super a smidge better? but yea it’s not heaps better. Anyways as for the PC in the video, I assume the problem is purely the single channel ram


“How can you ship a system in 2018 with USB 2.0 front ports?”

Alienware: *nervous sweating*

    un canal random xde

    @Rob H lol

    Ella Soderstrom

    “How can you ship a system in 2018 with USB 2.0 front ports?”

    Atik Shikh


    Virgo Bro

    and a HDD main drive


    My system from 2013 had USB 3 front ports with some additional 2 and 3 on the back.

Maxwell_ Edison

Not having onboard video ports beyond VGA has messed me up SO MUCH. Imagine your PC destroying your Graphics Driver every other update and having no way to plug up a monitor when your GPU just gives up.


    You just buy an adapter for $5. Real tough fix.

Elizabeth Smith

(I know this is an old video but) I think you should have retested with a dual channel memory to see if that alone would solve the performance issues and also then be another demonstration of the importance of dual channel

Outlaw Creative

Linus, Walmart definitely needs to invite you down so you can help them fix their computer build problems, most definitely!


    fix? fix what? the pc is doing what wallmart wanted, don’t fix whats not broken.

    Outlaw Creative

    @elmaxter122 Linus has far more experience than I do and he obviously seen something with the computers Walmart was selling, that is why I was saying they should head up their computer department with Linus as lead project manager and help them crank out even better computers than they have already, that is all I am saying! 🤔


    @Outlaw Creative that is stupid for several reasons.

    1. You think walmart is trying to make the best pc, or cut down on costs to maximize profits.

    2. You really think that it’s worth his time? Do you know how much money he makes versus heading their tech department?

    3. Why would he even consider it. Is Walmart known for their tech? If he didn’t own this channel which he makes millions every year, would he rather work at Walmart or a company like intel and AMD?


I’m surprised Linus didn’t mention how restrictive to airflow the glass front panel is. That kind of stuff cooks your processor.

    Vincent Wu

    He did mention that the front fans intake air through unfiltered side vents. Side vents are a pretty common feature on a lot of nice atx cases, and having filtered vents is even more restrictive to airflow but will not necessarily cause components to overheat. Its probably not true that true that the processor is getting cooked on the system in the video because he made no mention of thermal throttling in any of the tests.


    Yea i used to have a case nearly identical to that walmart one – looks nice but my GPU was literally cooking inside there. Got a lian li airflow case and my CPU/GPU sit in the mid 50s-60s now. Granted it does need a clean, though…..

    Fam Bug

    The bigger concern is those poor VRMs. They will absolutely get roasted

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