Best Wedding Surprise Ever!

Our wedding day, July 9th 2016, was perfect! Check out the video of our day PLUS an awesome surprise Jud got for Arie! Be sure to look out for the vlog to see behind the scenes AND the honeymoon to Bora Bora! HUGE shout out to Blue Moon Video Productions for the incredible footage and production of our wedding video.

Check them out here – and see more pics of our day!

Our honeymoon vlog:

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A Live

Maybe u can link me to the videographer who did this video for u. Or did u do it yourself?

    Nene Fondo

    You marryied a beautiful gal,congrats.

    Team Kasual

    Top 1 electric bracelet that shocks when 5 miles away from wife


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    Walter M.

    Imma day one!!

    Prabhu Reddy

    I am facing financial issues, kindly help me any one please? I lost my job last 7month back please save my family. I am from India

Rahin Huq

congrats man. I’ve watched your channel grow and just started subscribed silently while never commenting. I always took your recommendations. me and my girlfriend built our gadget lifestyles around it and was always glad to see and ari smile. it reminded USD about us lol. glad you guys took the plunge and hoping it’ll be us next. Congrats and enjoy your long loving and cute marriage!

    Rahin Huq


Dom Esposito

Fantastic video man. Glad to have a glimpse into the moment. Congrats to both of you!

    Zuu Beyda

    Dom Esposito d


    Dom Esposito 1000th like

    Justin Butete

    Dom Esposito

    zamalindisa Dladla

    Dom Esposito uoip

    kamukago Ug

    Dom Esposito grt


It was a pleasure meeting you guys and providing the soundtrack for your big day! I wish you a lifetime of love, joy, success, and health.

Rowin Zandi

Congratulations!!! I’m very happy for the both of you! I wish you both a wonderful future full of love💞

Victor Gil

Congratulations! The best for you two and the years to come!


Congratulations Ari and Jud. May you have happiness together for the rest of your lives.

Bodhi Bufford

Omfg this was so beautiful! I couldn’t help but to tear up! Congratulations to you guys, I was wondering when this would come 😊

Daniel Cook

Congratulations to both of you. You seem to make a great couple and hope you’ll have a wonderful life together. Wedding day is one of those days that you’ll always remember.

Richard Ofori

this was simply beautiful, and you actually given me something I can do for my wife the day whenever i get married

Alvorit Academy

I wonder who in the world dislikes this and why!


    @DaRealBumpdown You probably have nobody to say that to huh…Cause u so lonely

    Prabhu Reddy

    I am facing financial issues, kindly help me any one please? I lost my job last 7month back please save my family. I am from India

Ye Metro

Man I stumbled upon your channel in a hopes to find some tech advice…this really defines dedication to a channel and better yet, dedication to a significant other! this video was simply beautiful, thank you for allowing us into your personal lives, and for this amazing video. You guys are beautiful and this video made a man tear up!

    D Garner

    ripped me apart. (TENDERHEARTED)

    Shirley Mabhuti

    Damion Garner r

    eatthatpussy 445



    I was tearing up before it started

    Because I woke up

Thisal de silva

Congrats to both of you , wishing a happy endless journey together !


Congratulations, I wish you guys all the best in life!

Jasmine Najima

So beautiful! Wishing you both the very best!

Itay Orpali

I followed you guys for a long time and I always enjoy watch your videos.
Your chemistry, your friendship and your huge love are so funny and sweet and you guys are one of the most sweetest couples I’ve ever seen..
So while I watched that video I couldn’t resist to get so emotional and cry a bit.. lol.
I wish you alot of joy and happiness with each other!


Congrats and may you guys live in harmony and a whole lot more tech for both of you

Hristo Todorov

Congrats for both of you👰🏾🤵🏾
Amazing wedding, amazing video!
Be always close to one another, and love and honor all over❤️


So happy for you both, nice one!


    Ya so happy

Johnny Cash III

4 years late….but it still beautiful! Man, so happy for you two!

    leroy Mc Nezz

    I just saw this also and it put a massive smile on my face. So happy for them both 🙂

    Mustafa Ahmed

    Me to



    God Rai

    Yea 😉

    Aymane Essoubhi

    Me five

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