BROKE vs PRO Gaming

The challenge: buy the most expensive gaming gear on Amazon vs the cheapest setup.
The latest BROKE vs PRO episode!
Ken's setup – Acer Predator X27 gaming monitor on Amazon:
Logitech G502 gaming mouse on Amazon:
Massdrop CTRL mechanical keyboard:
Astro A40 gaming headset on Amazon:

Austin's setup – Sceptre E248W monitor on Amazon:
Redragon M602 gaming mouse on Amazon:
Rii RK100 "gaming" keyboard on Amazon:
Beexcellent gaming headset on Amazon:

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Daniel Yahalom

“I watch linus tech tips religiously and I learned that skill is optional”
-Austin Evans, future member of LTT’s blacklist



    Lmax Fn

    I wouldn’t even buy a g502 because it’s so heavy and for just £50 you could get a
    Glorious model o


    @John Schmidtz lets not talk about TF2 players spending thousands on a frying pan, especially since melee in TF2 sucks so bad, except for demoman and spy

    Your motehr


    Ceju Online

    @Spookini I understood that reference


That feeling when your setup is worse than the ”cheap one”


    I’m on iPad

    aniketh shet

    Ya same



    Jerry Jeskanen

    @Masked Flash your ps4 is more expensive than the whole cheap setup

    The Rock

    @Syras just what I was thinking..


Ken is the only person on Amazon that goes price:high to low

    Smug Slider



    @agentbomz Hmmmmm why do u have a cursed profile

    Human Hello

    Kennedy Prefontaine spell people correct

    Human Hello

    @Kestrel89 it is people


    @Human Hello i know, I thought it was funny that this kennedy person spelled it peaple


I like how the “cheap” monitor is better than mine

    Aayush gaming

    i fell sorry for u

    yeet yeet

    @Hyron_ you’d be better off with a raspberry pi

    it is me



    @Mavrick Brown same


    same i use a dell:/


No matter how broke we are, we are still gamers..



    Abbas Aman

    a gamer that plays on a thinkpad

    هلو بلجيكا

    iam not happy with my 2ram laptop






I like how everything he got is more expensive than my setup


    what moues did you get thats under 15 usd

    Yo-yo honey singh

    100% agreed

    Hallo Army Gaming

    lol i just use a hp laptop and a headset and gaming mouse and then a i have a smart tv and a xbox 360 for my console setup

    هلو بلجيكا

    iam not happy with my 2ram laptop

    Joseph Davis

    fax. it’s just the ole gamer with no other hobbies compensation. they don’t wanna admit how much hardware makes a difference. playing on an hp laptop is a lot more difficult than your elaborate pc setup. and some people actually have hobbies worth a damn

The Collective

Ya’ll should do another one of these for 2021 considering how far tech has become. That pro setup could be SICK (Wireless everything 1ms) + the cheap products that are out now aren’t that bad 🙂


I love how the cheepest gaming pc is extremely expensive for me

    Eli argumedo

    @Abdulhadi Malik from T Mobile. They just gave me and my family a free S22 each. I was dumbfounded cuz i needed a new phone either way

    yeet yeet

    @Abdulhadi Malik on lower settings YouTube isn’t very demanding

    yeet yeet

    @BritishWatermelon you could get a console second hand for less


    @kyan blevins not all?

    kyan blevins

    @BritishWatermelon yes all, if you want even a decent PC it was to be over a thousand


Austin “you don’t need a 3000 dollar setup to win”

His pc: I beg to diffur


    @trog lmao


    @You mad goofy why ppl stfuing u xD

    Tarang Patil

    @TVS Productions no. Diffur

    Priyanshu Kumar

    Which game are they playing


    @Priyanshu Kumar overwatch

Sreejith S H

U can feel the quality of expensive when they place the boxes down

Alex Pop’z

Austin: “Cheapest gaming gear you could possibly find out!!”
Me: “my normal gear.”


    @FlyingHecker lol imagine flexing in a comment section


    @elidespicy he is obv 10 flexing his parent money


    @FlyingHecker the power of dads credit card

    Jerry Jeskanen

    @FlyingHecker the arent even 3k headsets on market


    pc is $180 tho lol


Gaming isn’t about how good your setup is it’s about how good you are and the joy you get from it 🙂


    U r right


    Yeah thanks Socrates havent heard much of you in a while


    Yea that is true but u also need a somewhat good setup so that you can actually play the game properly


    @Floxksi yep, i have a 60hz monitor, with 144fps in game… not the easiest to play on

    Shailesh Mallick

    @WoXo u mean 60 fps ad 144hz monitor?


While I do agree that a cheaper monitor can be pretty good, I cant stand the fogginess of the picture. when you switch between 4K and not 4K you can really see the difference in clarity.


    @Luca Dogana This is definitely not something they tell you when you buy a monitor lol Thanks for the insight!
    Edit: I have the Samsung U28E510 ultra 4K and I have never been happier with my monitor personally.

    Luca Dogana

    @tim141600 a good monitor Is a good monitor 😀 and if u are Happy with yours It s perfect😁. More hz doesnt mean Better monitor. Maybe for a photographer Is Better a good color resolution (usually OLED and ips Panels have Better colors than VA or TN ones, but the last two has usually less latency in milliseconds than the firsts) HDR and more Nits for brightness. Doesnt exists “the best” all around monitor, but exists the best monitor for your needs


    Watching native 4K content on a native 4K monitor will be the clearest picture available. If you scale 1080p up on a 4K monitor, it will not look as crisp due to not being a native resolution. This is normal. Upscaling usually doesn’t give a good result, unless we’re talking about Nvidia’s DLSS or AMD’s Fidelity. They produce a really good picture for not being a native resolution. But full native resolution on both source and monitor will always give the best result.


    Honestly between FHD and 4K it feels Like 12:00 and 12:15. 😂 For me its a waste of Money to Invest in any 4K Gear.


    @Kaymerra yeah honestly you can live without it. I only grabbed a 4K because it was on sale and I had money to burn for once lol

MR MoHrAf__

“What kind of gamer uses a wireless mouse?”
Todays market: yes.

    Banana gun

    @Just Another Youtube Channel but when i had wired mouse, i sometimes couldnt fucking move it cuz the fucking wire wqs stuck somewhere! Has that ever happened to you?

    Priyanshu Kumar

    Which game are they playing

    Banana gun

    @Priyanshu Kumar maybe overwatch idk


    @Banana gun you must have a weird setup if the wire gets in the way or stuck

    Banana gun

    @mrfoodskater idk what to say, but it annoys the hell out of me

Randy Barnes

Wow looks amazing! Since this is an awesome setup already i think the only thing thats missing is some stuff from
Music Computing


Ken:”Do you wanna open it up?”
Austin:”No it’s fine”
It kills me everytime xD

Bryan Zweers

Redragon really does a very good job at bringing high quality stuff for a good price


    Never heard of it and what I think of cheap gaming mice is the input latency and trash sensors

    Stephen Thomas

    @Drunk_puppy yeah but thats not red dragon tho

    it is me

    the mouse i got from them broke after 2 weeks


    @SirHobnobany mouse with software can have an autoclicker

    Btt R3asy

    @Gavin The Crafter if you have the blue switch on eyou could buy red kr brown switches they are more quiet or black switches


5:51, I love how Austin legit just put his camera down to have a serious conversation lol


I have that Rii keyboard lying around because it was the only one in my desired key layout I could get shipped. tbh, the keys worked, but not very well, it’s pretty crap lol
The cheapo mouse though? I had a different redragon at work for a while and I really liked it. my fav mouse layout is the one on those world of warcraft mice you can’t buy anymore and that thing came really close. it only lasted a couple of months and has not been available since lol


I love it when Ken just buys whatever’s the most expensive thing even though Austin tells him not to


    @MasterOfTheUniverse superlight betta


    @waterblade glorious model o sux


    @KongHugo n o


    @MasterOfTheUniverse had a wireless one and a wired one, both broke within half a year of use, its poorly made and it feels like u can snap it in half


    @KongHugo yea this comment was made way before i realised it i just cant seem to be good with it without breaking the mouse buttons

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