Building the Ultimate PS4

The PS4 tech upgrade for 2017: the ultimate PlayStation?
Building the Ultimate Xbox One:
3.5" HDD Game Bar for PS4 on Amazon:
4TB Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive on Amazon:
Energizer Xtra Life PlayStation 4 controller battery on Amazon:
Dobe PS4 USB hub on Amazon:
Nyko Intercooler for PS4 on Amazon:
Dobe PS4 Slim & PS4 Pro Stand on Amazon:

The $500 Nintendo NES Mini:





Dude amazing video, really interesting all these accessories, it’s a pity they did not work that well concerning temperature. Do something like that in the xbox one, maybe some watercooling idk

Jacob Matthew

Great review!! I love your enthusiasm and energy!!


this video was worth a sub, great content and interesting, also wondered how the PS4 would look woth all these accessories attached 👌

Sebastián Correa Rodríguez

Me ha gustado bastante, espero que sigas incluyendo subtitulos en español.


Wow dude. I remember finding this channel when i was building my first pc 5 years ago. I didn’t even recognise the channel, it was only when you said the ” hey guys, this is Austin”. 2 mill subs and that doesn’t change. Keep it up.

Kimbo Nice

The intercoolers might make a difference on a stock PS4, but when you’re adding on so many accessories which generate heat as well as increase the load on the processor (which causes it to generate more heat too.) It’d be hard for them to make a noticeable difference since those things aren’t made for the “Ultimate PS4″…they’re made for a normal stock one.


Great video, i liked that you give your own opinion and talk about the good and bad points of each component


I’ve been using that game bar for a few years now. It’s really nice, and is super useful. After getting the PSVR, the extra memory was needed, and the bar is well designed. I often forget that it’s not part of the original PS4


Austin: As you can hear…
Me: I cant hear anything…
Austin: It’s kinda loud.
Me: Well, if you say so.


    @Supreme Editz rip
    I actually like it when it’s *a bit* loud. That tells me it’s workin hard

    TheRich Boys

    Aksus factz

    Lekha Pratap

    it’s so loud the microphone gave up


    I was literally just about to comment this lol. I was like well maybe if there wasn’t music playing in the background of the video maybeeee I’ll hear it a lil lol

    Soul. ghoul

    yh but think its on camera


Him: so as you can hear
Ps4: silent
Him: it’s pretty loud

    Ethan Donaldson

    He said that as i was reading your comment😂

    Vetronfametron funziz

    I actually heard it boomer

    madshow 1

    Jokes: exists.


    @madshow 1 people who asked: don’t exist

    Alex Peralta

    LMAOOO 🤣💀


This guy is playing Lego with expensive stuff. 😂




    Nah bruh now and days Lego’s are the same price of joy more than all these

    Charlie Lastname

    so he’s playing with Lego

    Irene Kirkbride



    @sopcannon  …with multiple different instructions and different compatibility issues

X-perienced GAM3R

My setup is :
Kitchen Chair
2$ headphones
Ps4 controller


    So, anyone’s using their family tv?


    Just me then…

    Super poop

    my setup: toaster


    My setup is:
    Dining room chair
    Earpiece that came with the ps4
    And normal ps4 controller

    Chichi Henry

    my setup is a dining hall chair,hp pc which runs @ 3 fps and 60hz monitor and some shitty mouse


    Nice setup🙀

Ryan Taylor

The intercooler that clips on the back, made my ps4 work again. It would always shut off around 5 minutes of playing, and it has completely fixed the problem, years later and it still has never shut off in mid game. Only back draw that it is supppppppper loud

Max Rashleigh

The Dongcoh actually is worth it. It makes the Ps4 a little louder at times. It can be annoying to set up if you’re not familiar with this kinda stuff. The USB hub in theory seems worth it, but it doesnt always stay perfectly attached which means connection cuts in and out frequently.


PS4: *silent*
Austin: it’s kinda loud
Me: Shiiiiiit. If you think THAT’S loud, Wait till you hear my jet engine

    Manos ped

    Jusr because we dont hear it on camera doesnt mean its silent !

    Annick Gunes

    he need to hear my ps4 fat
    now i have pro

Ok qt

Thank you so much this helped a lot I bought everything that you suggested and my ps4 is working better than ever

Engineer Gaming

I would love to see an updated version of this! That would be amazing, and I would totally watch it!


The way Austin said “ the puny 500 gigabyte” made me wanna cry


    I bought a PS4 back in July and all I had to do was take the cover off an external harddrive I had and boom you have a 2tb PS4

    Derek Plays

    yeah i had my ps4 for 3 yrs and i still have 300 gigabytes

    also thats becouse i dont keep too many games installed

    Najeena Shamim

    I got the 1tb slim version


    @Derek Plays I had my ps4 for 4 years and I still have 400 gigs

    FabulousBlaze LBB

    @Najeena Shamim same

Tim Page

Putting a 2TB hard drive in my PS4 was the best money I’ve spent.
Haven’t really worried about space in years.

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