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Call of Duty: World War 2 (COD WW2) is officially the COD coming this year, 2017. Call of Duty: WW2 will be made by Sledghammer Games, the same studio that made COD: Advanced Warfare. The game is set to be "boots on the ground", meaning no boost-jumps!

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Smexii Wade

10 min just made me want a time machine! This game looks a bit different than the others and its not just a reskin.

I really like all of the sounds too. Everything feels like its been fleshed out again. Hopefully you can’t just solo through every single match.

This is a breathe of fresh air from CoD that I welcome.

obligatory notification squad post


    It looked like a carbon copy of Ghost

    Smexii Wade

    The Casual Hardcore Gamer I played ghost last week actually. To me, I dont see it. I see similarities but that was the last boots on the ground game for this gen.

Josh ando

this game looks amazing

    Leonas Levickis

    Josh ando true i will buying it!

roshaan ali

I am absolutely loving the WW2 multiplayer gameplay Ali, can’t wait till you bring out some more

Aiden Olivier

This is how CoD is supposed to be. This is going to be a great game. Can’t wait!!!

Pjay Is tuff

So excited to play this, graphics seem a bit stale but the gameplay seems awesome! I love all the new features they added and the new look of old scorestreaks, really captured ww2 while keeping the cod feel, great video and will be getting this!

Angel G

i just like how there is 0 recoil on any gun


    just like in other Cods

    Cebinde para dolu alman Gurbetci

    oldschool weapons have no recoil ;D


    LifeisPain that is false


    the recoil didnt exist in the ww2

    Cebinde para dolu alman Gurbetci

    that was sarcasm…

Garrett Wilson

im really impressed that activision decided to go back in time to make this. ot reminds me of call of duty 3

J. Gołąb

That m1 Garand whistle while reloading just got me soo bad, felt like the good old CoDII

    Chris Reeves

    More of a ping than a whistle.


    one of my fav guns in fps games

dork bear

I really like the atmosphere. The maps are really unique. Not like any other maps we have seen. I mean, all the maps seem kinda have the same atmosphere and feel. But these maps really look unique and atmospheric.

Greg Colley

Looks great. Can’t wait to see more and get into the Beta myself.


This game has amazing graphics also it looks really fun. Can’t wait for it to come out.


I love the paper map for kill streaks


Ali A is the goat man. I remember when this guy had only 1 mil subs now look at him. One of the few youtubers that stuck with cod even through all these tough years of bad games. Respect man. This year is yours bro.

Brandon Carter

I want to see more… I cant wait for this games release! there are lots of people who are saying it is a copy of battlefield, but this is what call of duty is supposed to be like, not jumping 15 feet in the air with guns that shoot energy beams.


Words can’t describe how stunning this is. The other new Call of Duty’s can’t beat this what so ever.


Just hope there are larger maps aswell. I was a big fan of pretty much all the maps in world at war, and i really liked the diversity between smaller maps and larger maps. I absolutely hated the scale of battle in black ops, different game i know but i am just talking about the size of the maps.

Mark Russell

love it, glad to go back to the original games, they had gotten to ‘advanced and crazy .  now it is back to real battles.

Guilherme Hering Scavariello

looks damn insane! I will definitely check it out (a few weeks after the release, when its price lows of course). Hope that its not a super hyped cod again, with a pay to win system and lots of DLCs…

Zeta Reticuli

The first COD since “world at war” I can’t wait to play. That looks like the game I was waiting for so long time.

Son Goku

Love how realistic the movement is

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