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Let Me Explain Studios

I’m a sucker for the tough guy with a soft spot trope. Loving the game, Jack! Keep playing!

    mcCully culkin, the bane of your life.

    :0 its you…

    Ezion Nulshrike

    Hi Rebecca


    did not expect you to be here.


    this is one of the last places i’d expect to see a story time animator

    Freddy Fast-bear🇺🇸

    Hello Rebecca

The Necro in Nice Clothes

My dad: “I’m not angry, I’m disappointed.”
Kratos: “I’m both disappointed *and* angry.”

    Deadbot 2000

    *confused screaming*

    Rishik Mishra

    @Adam Smith call the cops


    O LORD

    Filthy Dxgger


    Jakob Woodford

    You can’t be both your either sad dad or mad dad


I love it how kratos can canonically hold up the world and destroy universal beings who can wipe creation but can’t talk to his son cuz he’s too scared


    Talking to your kid is a hole different thing 😅 and much harder


    actually kratos doesn’t talk to his son because he is still grieving over he’s wife’s death and wants to be left alone but he goes on the adventure with his son cause of Faye’s wish and that he has no choice


    Why would he be scared to talk to his son- he’s just a guy who does not talk much at all and when he does it’s threatening


    ​@Karpet emotionally yeah lol


    ​@Free-Range-Enemy Them doors have probably not been opened for who knows how long, plus he did struggle like he’ll trying to lift the temple


Kratos: *mourning his dead wife*

Jack: “I want that beard”

    1 random cuber

    Bro I was just about to say this💀


    Can anyone email Jack(Sean) asking him to do a walkthrough of god of war 3, if he doesn’t god of war 1,2 walkthrough as well that would be even better but he should at least do a god of war 3 walkthrough

    Thahir Shibu

    he got that beard

    Danielle Dantzer

    @Sanji I doubt he would, even if it was available cuz they’re so old and he has to constantly upload new games. So there are some games he has just played off screen.


Sean, who’s voice is one octave removed from a chipmunk: _”I want that voice.”_


    In fairness, Sean’s a hell of a voice actor and can pull off a lot of voices, but Christopher Judge *does* have an awesome rumble that even I envy… and my voice is a natural mezzo-soprano. I couldn’t get that low without hurting myself. XD

    Mr Eggs_Among Us

    @notmarypoppins I can get my voice to be high-pitched *barely* without hurting myself. but I also can get super low-pitched voice without hurting myself.

Flustered bun

I just imagine aureus is curled up in a corner under the house feeling the earth literally shake beneath him as his father fights some random angry guy the day of his mother’s funeral. the roof caving in above him his dad screaming in pain and rage and is just like..”huh maybe dad was right maybe I’m not ready.”

    Syrus Angi

    I can only imagine him being scared of loosing another parent. It’s obvious that he had never seen Kratos fight someone as strong as another god before so to hear his father, the strongest man he knew struggle in a fight, must’ve been terrifying.

    Robert Maag

    @Syrus Angi indeed

    morph pheus



    Lmaoo 💀

Monkey and friends

Kratos:I fear no man. But that thing…….
*talking to your son*


    Box of some people, not you, to assume even GODS don’t have Daddy Issues


    Also I’m ruining the 500 likes…

    Mr Eggs_Among Us

    @ReyIsDemonix now it is 505


    @Mr Eggs_Among Us it was 500 when I liked


Anyone else binging this let’s play in anticipation of the next one one November?


    I’m watching it after the second game for the memories.

    hotdog shake

    i’m rewatching this after watching jack play GOW ragnarok 😭


    Here after Sean finished it. I think I’m gonna watch this again and rewatch Ragnarok lol

    just another Claire

    I want to watch the new one but I haven’t seen this one yet


    im binging it after


Boy – “what now?”

Kratos – “We hunt…”

Boy – “ok, what do we hunt?”

Kratos – “deer…”

Boy – “where?”

Kratos – “in the direction of deer…”


It actually astonishes me how they managed to make Kratos wiser from his time in Greece without it throwing the fans of those games completely off. And how, even though he’s being hard towards the kid, we all know that it’s because he’s been along the same route and just wants his kid to be able to fend for himself.

    Geralt BiałyWilk

    Most of the stuff he says is something he wants to repeat for himself, because he needs to hear it


    @Geralt BiałyWilk Well it works both ways I guess


    Some of his lessons come from the wrong place, in the end, Kratos learns more from Atreus and vice versa. Like real fatherhood 😭


It’s so weird seeing the Kratos/Atreus relationship at this stage after seeing them grow so much


    Yeah same here, got into the series myself when I watched Jack play the newest one in the series too (GoWR).

Me Rambling On About

I love how Kratos had to swing his axe 5 times to cut a tree down, but also punches through boulders


    Mostly because of grief since Faye had painted it with kratos together ya know.


    You’ll notice that once his emotions were felt, he gave it one more swing with umpf and took it out

    Me Rambling On About

    @WillDahB33st Hmm, didn’t think about it that way, he’s still mourning.

Lindsay Kinney

After watching Ragnarok, the opening hits so hard. Seeing Kratos say he wanted Faye in a tomb to keep her close. He loved her so, and he felt burning her body would be losing a piece of her. He respects her wishes and it clearly pains him


this’ll be fun to rewatch after finishing jack’s playthough of Ragnarok


    doing this before watching the ragnarok play through to refresh

    blurr_manage _

    Exactly why I came back and decided to watch this. Ragnarok was so fun. Aweosme story

    tosin adegoke

    Say aye


    @Enjoyerofgoodcontent123 ong

    Boris Koutsenok

    I really wanted to watch his God of War Ragnarok series, but first I gotta watch his god of war 2018 series, because Ragnarok is a sequel to this.


Freya: let’s name him Loki or Atreus
Kratos:No Boy


    @Pea brain its called slang yknow.


    @Ink its called slang yknow.

    Pea brain

    @0273O2  its just ironic that they said can u spell.


    @Pea brain guess so

jamie εїз

1:33:12 “Well I’m gonna turn into a rage bear” now i see where Atreus gets it from


    I have been looking all over for this comment 👌😂


just finished ragnarok and now i need some more dad of boy. it hurts to see my boys so distant after seeing them so close


    fr i’m watching this after cory’s play of gowr and seeing them like this 🥲

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