Did the iPhone 7 survive our water test?

Apple's new iPhone 7 isn't completely waterproof, but we put it through some extreme dunk tests to find out how much it can really handle.

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I used to own a Sony Xperia Z, Z1 and Z3 which were all waterproof and the speakers used to always sound funny after i put them in water. They always returned back to normal after a few hours though.

Aleksander Hoff

The speaker problem is also present on the Note 7, not exactly sure what does it.. but maybe the pressure on the elements destroys them somehow, making them not able to completely recover again afterwards? People have dropped it in just a little bit of water etc. no issues.. but when submerged in deep water, they get a bit messed up.

Rich Allison

Speakers will start back working once they dry out

    George Washington

    It dries after like an hour or two. Then it returns to normal.

    The Bus Photographer Of California

    I dropped my iPhone 8 Plus in the sink and the speakers were muffled so I waited a few hours to days and they return to normal afterwards.

    Albert Gonzales

    Just play a high frequency audio on your phone and it will back after just a few minutes. I already tested it in my phone.


    Yes that true

    Shravak Jain

    i tried it today and now i lost my iPhone – i started video recording than i put my iphone upper half in the mug of water and just out it from the mug and now after a lot of efforts it is turn on but mic earpiece and speaker and wifi all are not working. What can i do ? help please

Jonathan M

iPhone 7 has been known to survive up to 35 feet underwater for 15 minutes. I believe that the phone was severely underrated; even the Galaxy S7 couldn’t survive those conditions.

Vigneesh M

Good to see you guys tested it in the proper limits..


That doesn’t make sense, if you had issues with the speakers from the first test, you should let it either dry out and/or use a different IPhone for each test so you have a base line. Basically your diluting the test for all the test after the initial one.

    Soccer Rules

    Chris614 exactly same thing i was thinking

    Billy Dino

    Ooh got em


    Exactly if they did the other test first then it would have worked fine

    Flasher timberlake

    You’re absolutely right

    Dan Bonz

    Yes that is true, they should have use a different iphone on other test.

    The first test damaged the speaker already.

evelyn michelin

now that the iPhone 7 is out

I can finally afford the iPhone 4

    Fatima Essa

    @Mingo St no it’s comment was 4 years ago lo


    @Bailey Crawly now that the 12 is out i can afford the 7

    Mora Muallim

    Now that iPhone 13 is out i can finally afford the iPhone 8

    Mora Muallim

    Now that iPhone 13 is out i can finally afford the iPhone 8

    Allison Bridges

    now there’s a iphone 13

iris ˣ‿ˣ

I’m sorry, no hate, but if you trash the speakers on the first test, and then dunk it underwater again for the next test, they are obviously not going to work properly because you ruined them on the first go😂


    @Izzi yes he can. He’s like a millionaire and breaks phones 24/7. Pretty sure he can afford a new one


    The speaker was wet inside. When the water dries, the speaker works normally (yes, I just tested it)


    Aiko希望 Yeah, and i have an app (sonic maybe). This app make high sound and this sound clear the speakers. This guy dont trythis things.


    Iris Devine yeah i was about to coment that


    Vibration trick

JK Low

I used my 7Plus 2′ below water for 4 mins. Absolutely no issues after use.
However, when using it underwater, my No1 irritation was that the screen buttons and sliders had close to 50% non-responsiveness.

Limping Scars

I would love to do underwater photography but I’d rather not risk putting a phone that’s this expensive in the water on purpose.

Jozeph Ahmed

After 9 months I’m still really scared of putting my 7 plus into water 😂😂

Kimberly Vega

I have an iPhone 7 and I’m too scared to put it in water 🤦‍♀️


    i dropped my phone in the toilet today and it survived💀


    same haha

    brxzzy kiddos

    Mine just fell in my sink full with hacker and it still works perfectly

    Stg Murda


    Attila József Kovács

    I used my Iphone 7 in water many times, about 50-60cm deep without any issue. If you bought your phone newly, and never opened am sure you can use it in the water but be careful about the deep.


Who else is still scared to put their iPhone 7 in the water😂

    Jeremy Hurst Comedy

    Me 😂

    Januel Colon


    Taels Doll

    answer the same question in 2023




    Me 😂

Carlotta Sophie

Hey I’d love to see if the headphones still work and what about the charger? That’d be interesting tho but it’s a good video and pretty surprising !


    There’s no headphone jack


Would’ve been a cool side test to have recorded the underwater scenes with an iPhone 7


does it affects the quality of the speakers? if it is, is it permanent damage?

Kitty Tibbals

Who else is watching this on an iPhone 7 lel

    Charbel Chehab

    On a 13+

    Rintarou00 凛



    I’m on iPhone 5 😂




    7 Plus

I need a username

My non waterproof iPad has fell into buckets of water and still works perfectly
All I have is a small problem with the speakers that only last an hour or so

    Ryan Leiby

    Moonsy playz i accidentally dropped my iPhone 7 in my yeti cup today and it still works good


iPhone 7 CNET video review: https://youtu.be/47Rgd0wskG4


    Just put it in rice

    Firoza begum

    I dropped my 7s in water for a few seconds and its Destroyed

    Firoza begum

    It was an accident

    Dyl Apple

    @Firoza begum 7s?

5 subscribers with no videos

Who else is here now because they know they can finally afford it.


    I’m here because of this

    • Starlust •

    It’s coming through the mail😍


    Literally me rn 😂



    Salty Words


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