EASIEST Way to Make a Hyperlapse | NYC

How to create a hyperlapse powered by the Intel 8th Gen Core i7 processor. Thank you Intel for sponsoring this video! Learn more here –
More Hyperlapses by Parviz –

Dell XPS –


Only equipment used in this video 6/20/18
Sony A7S –
16-35mm –
Rode Mic –
Parviz Camera –
Intervelometer –
Zhiyun Crane –

David Cutter –


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Ben Possehl

That computer is really impressive! Would never imagine editing in full resolution without dropped frames.

    Abhilash Nair

    Ben Possehl I know right!! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    Kellan Reck

    The dream computer haha

    Joshuah Smith

    Ben Possehl the laptop?

Mr Mark Stephenson

This is great stuff. Love your videos Sara. Production value ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Š

Photo Bob

Dell is killing it right now. Their 4K screens are so sick! Iโ€™ve got the same setup. Great video again


Your work stands out for itself!! I enjoyed the video!! Youโ€™re awesome!!

Noah Dennis

Honestly love your creations. Iv been inspired and i got my own camera so now i wanna try this lol. Thanks for the content keep it up <3

Benjamin Freddie

I love doing hyperlapses with gimbals. This was a great well-paced video. At some point I want to put out a video doing a Hyperlapse with a camera roll at the same time. ๐Ÿ˜


Yes, I always learn from your videos. Thank you for another great video and again always helping other creators with your knowledge.

Mike Gorczyca

Loved the hyperlapse at the end! What was the shutter speed and how long was the interval?


Well timed content, I just purchased a Dell 2 in 1 lappy a few days ago and you showing how well the processor handles the tasks you gave it makes me pleased I have gone this direction.

Bindi The Corgi

Awesome video! Congrats on the sponsor. Also I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this already, but you might have some dead or hot pixels, there was a stationary dot on the screen at the end of the video!

June Smith

Love the XPS 15! Made my workflow so much better. ‘Grats on the Intel partnership. Great watching your channel grow!

Kendra Shankel

Such good behind the scenes photography tips!

As someone learning photography heavily through watching youtube videos and going out and practicing with my camera, I loved the talk about what you’re changing in camera settings to create the images a certain way.

Dave Thomas

I’ve tried hyperlapses before and have had a difficult time with them. Thanks Sara, you actually inspire me to try them again. Will have to do something in the future!

Bota KD

Thank you, Sara! Very informative yet interesting to watch. Keep it up!

Jon Morby

Great video and congrats on the team up with Intel!

One thing Iโ€™d love to know is how the Dell stacks up against a top spec 15โ€ MBP with touch bar?

I have been a Mac fanboy for 10 over years, but the recent debacle with Appleโ€™s hardware releases and the lousy keyboard / Touchbase has seriously got me thinking about going back to the dark side.

Itโ€™s a lot of cash to spunk on a whim tho, especially as my MBP is only 3 months old.

Is it worth the switch?

Matt & Lea Abroad

Very cool Sara! Loved the time lapses!
Iโ€™m struggling with my MacBook and premiere always sticking so much in editing when I add in more effects to the timeline so Iโ€™ve been looking for something with a more powerful processor. Think I shall look more into this one you used!

Matthew Gonzales

Great Video! Been wanting tp make a Hyperlapse for quite some time, now I know how to do it!! Also, if you open up your program monitor tools icons and enable the Drop frame indicator, it will tell you more for sure if you are dropping frames or not. Yellow means dropped frames during playback and green is all is well. Ive noticed that there are much more dropped frames when editing in Premiere Pro on a mac than there are on PC. The reason is due to the Graphics Card being more native to Premiere on a PC and not on a mac.

R John Mitchell

Very informative! And awesome hyperlapse footage!


Just found this as an ad from another video and subbed! So informative and a great partnership with intel. Truly shows the power of the processor well but integrated properly into a natural video.

Kellan Reck

Awesome video, Sara! This is a great method for hyperlapses. Looks really good.

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