Exclusive: Intel’s new smart glasses hands-on

Intel's Vaunt smart glasses won't make you look like a Glasshole. Dieter Bohn got an exclusive look at Intel's latest gadget. By shining a low-powered laser into your retina, the glasses can get all sorts of information without pulling out your phone. UPDATE: In April 2018, Intel ceased development on the Vaunt smart glasses project.

Host: Dieter Bohn
Director: Felicia Shivakumar
Camera/Editor: Tyler Pina
Camera: Vjeran Pavic
Graphics: Garret Beard
Sound Design: Andrew Marino
Director of Audience Development: Ruben Salvadori
Social Media Manager: Mariya Abdulkaf


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Dieter Bohn

What sort of information would you want to show up on a heads-up display built into your glasses?

    Shoaib Akther


    Yolanda Green

    can you put your prescription in them?

    Phil Steinberg

    @supernpstr g


    Translation of signs in foreign languages


    How to order that glass

Tshepo Motaung

Very good hard hitting well researched questions. I like how he didn’t just accept any answers that they gave he followed up until they gave up what he wanted.

    Rehan Arshad

    He went in well prepared !! that’s what a journalist should always do…


    Yet what so many often don’t…

    Aditya Wicaksono

    That’s true. Nowaday they only care about rating.

j W

Just from a journalistic point of view, this was a really great video, the dude asked all the right questions, anticipated mine, explained things and paced things very well. Good job dude!

    j W

    Evi1M4chine well no, it’s a valid question. He said it’s a monochrome red display. That means it quite literally can’t “display all the things.” You wont be getting pictures or images from a red light.


    He didn’t ask how much it would cost 🙂

    who asked feat nobody did

    Jonah Weakland thank you.


    Evi1M4chine Irony, look it up.


Honestly , this guy does a great job with his down to earth approach and tough, no bull S. questions he comes up with for the people in the interview. I found this very interesting and useful

    Sam High

    did he asked about the battery life issue? How are they going to solve that? They can’t use big batteries and smaller ones won’t last long enough.

    Daddy’s coming Stan

    Just what i was thinking, this is how it’s done

    AndroGeek HomeHub

    Well sure , but he seems so annoying. He couldve asked the questions without talking so damn fast. He just seemed so arrogant.

    “I know the questions im asking go hard so go ahead an answer”


    Samy Rob it’s a monochrome laser, won’t consume a lot of power, i bet this glasses’ battery will last at least a week

Amal Surendran

1990: Dont sit too close to the tv.
2018: litrally shoots lasers into eyes

    Rue Charliean

    @waku waku a joke….

    Rue Charliean

    @Mark what was thw first…noq im curious

    ELbabotas Shinigami

    donov25 Finally someone uses ‘meme’ right, virtual memes are not the Only memes in all of human history

    ELbabotas Shinigami

    Amal Surendran Welp, It depends on the kinda light


    Amal Surendran hahaha

Kody Salak

I will definitely be buying these when they hit the market!

Jeff Kavanaugh

I remember seeing this concept being first presented in Popular Mechanics’ “What’s New” back in the 1980’s. Took roughly 30 years to get it to work.


This is really interesting stuff, the presenter highlighted things to me that I knew I did not want in wearables. As the video mentioned, it’s up to the developers to make viable use cases.


As long as it isn’t ridiculously expensive, I’m getting a pair


    the project has been shut down by Intel


    @Tom 😪

    Jax W

    Yeah but even $400 would be ok


    Hate to break it to you, but they’re 6000 dollars


I’ll definitely buy these if the price was right


    Tom Cavrot I heard that to but tons of companies are working on these and keeping it quite

    Apple is apparently working on these, I’ll probably by a Android version though since Samsung will release these and im hoping Xiaomi does a budget version


    It seems over the years there’s still interest in wearable displays so I’m sure without a doubt that some time in the future we will all be wearing something other than what we have now. Just like the upgrade from regular phones to smartphones. If that’s 1 year, 10 years or 20 years is hard to say but there seems to be a interest in it regardless. If it’s a quality of life upgrade, it’ll probably go quick.


    Book Snake Nah, I need glasses my eyesight is awful so it’s not just like a accessory to me

    If I didn’t need them it would probably be not worth it but if you’re going to wear glasses all the time anyway why not?


    2k is the price I’m calling it.

    Unknown Unknown

    What if it is left ? 🤣😂

Your Subconscious

what’s so gratifying, is how honest they are. This finally looks like a normal review. 👌


I think it would be far better to have these glasses help with difficult things and not everyday easy things as they aim it to be. Like explaining a hard GUI’s or help the brain learning new things in accord with it and making the brain better. It should not become a brain walking stick unless somebody really needs it.

Nevyn Hira

I really like the idea of having another human on the other end sending any kind of urgent messages. So instead of checking the phone to see what’s important or whatever, having someone be able to let me know, in a completely unobtrusive way, that there’s something else that needs my attention. It’d be totally cool as a teleprompter too.

Anti-Social Media

This would be awesome as a navigation display while driving and a perfect HUD for pilots both private and otherwise.

    Jevon Arnold

    That would be nice 👍

Drk Vybz

“Is it a laser”
-“ugh it’s a vixel”
“What’s a vixel”
-“its a laser”


    I caught that too


    It’s like tiny sharks with laser beams strapped to their frickin heads! It’s a ✌️”Vixel”✌️ 🤫



    The E Guy

    Well it is pretty important to say that for some

    J T

    Intel really seemed lame in this.

Harry Potter

All this emerging wearable device will be like “Alright kids, we’re going to have an exam. No notes, no phone, no watch, no glasses, no shoes, no belt, no no no”

    Man In The Wall

    @Bukan Matin i got no clue what it was i only know we couldnt use the internet.

    Bukan Matin

    @Man In The Wall LOL XD, Since when did your school implement that system? Is it there since you enter the school or is it a new regulation? I can imagine the students must be against that rule at first..


    @Aion Tom “shut off”? Doesn’t emps most often destroy the electronics.

    Chinmay Ghule

    No clothes? Cause clothes too will be getting smart.

    Arghyadip Mondal

    The fact is, if the questions you are gonna ask in the exam are so simple that you can easily get the answer using one of these wearables, then why even bother learning the syllabus and sitting for an “exam”

Andrew German

Imagine them incorporating google assistant with customizable hot word and micro camera built into a slim and decent frame. They are already halfway there. It’s pretty spectacular


This does look nice, I can see myself wearing some of these if the design gets a bit better, maybe even partering with ray-ban for the frames

Edit: NVM just found out it got shut down.


This would be awesome for me if it were teamed up with a single handed mouse (like a mouse stick?) and would allow for a typical screen type interface. Have a thumb wheel mouse for you personal display that no one else can see. Id be in for that.


Such a bummer that Intel stopped development on these. I would’ve loved to use these. Imagine walking around and being able to always tell the time, weather, reminders, maybe other things like your headphone’s battery level. I would’ve 100% bought these.

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