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It’s not clickbait- this actually is a quick, easy, and free method to make your internet faster- no matter if you’re on a Mac or PC, phone or desktop! Just change your DNS to Cloudflare’s

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Abdallah Sameh

O my god thank you so much my downloads are now 60 minutes instead of an 1 hour


    Now hold up….

    Its JZaid





    @Mitrom ///////////r//////////woooosh


    prob just ur wifi

Omar Nk47

Silly Linus, why don’t you just download more internet


    @The Average Joe how fast is it (mine is slower but i like it)


    go download a computer or a whole internet powerplant


    I’m downloading more ram


    @The Average Joe just download downloading

    Windows XP

    @TDA im gonna download the download link and download the downloaded link 10 more times execute them all and have speeeed


This greatly improved my internet speed. Thank you Linus, very cool.

    Steacy Paquette

    ​@yz249 It will just speed up the DNS, so the moment you click the download button until the download start.

    Local_Brain_Error // Synaptic_Misfire_Detected

    @XGas.Hurried No. Changing DNS servers can speed up the amount of time it takes to resolve a domain name/website. But it won’t speed up your overall internet connection. For example, you won’t see an improvement in average download speeds for streaming content or downloading large files.


    @Local_Brain_Error // Synaptic_Misfire_Detected I see, thanks.


    @Local_Brain_Error // Synaptic_Misfire_Detected wait so… what is the point of this video if nothing changes?

    Post And Ghost

    @Kingblade It affects how fast your local wifi receives information from other distant servers youre reaching out to. Whatever internet activity you do (loading browsers, downloads, uploads, streaming) is essentially faster. Sorta like switching from 4G to 5G.

    If you have a lot of devices connected to one router, this likely wont do anything


Linus: You can double, triple or even quadruple your internet!

Me: So that means 0x4, hmmmm 🤔


    @amelia fauziana I have 101mb/ps and thats slow even for me

    Sanketh Tricks for you 007

    @Remco Hamersma which school you went bro which country you are from

    Atticus Francispo

    My router is 2x older than this vid

    be curious

    @amelia fauziana very fast

    be curious

    @memefied my internet is about 80MB/s

Daan Beenders

I like how the trick is only 30 secs but the video takes 8 minutes


    @Kamyar Shavandi that’s not true, you can monetize all videos


    gotta get that sweet sweet monetization money baby

    Vladimir Pudding

    @Kamyar Shavandi do you really think that a video not being over 10 minutes means no money is coming out lmao

    Brock Brawn

    I love all the wanna be IT guys in the comment section with their, “duh” egos. He’s trying to explain how and why, clown.

Rich W

Hi Linus Linus team & Readers: My idea is similar to the new combined wifi routers.. which allow combined data access from not only wired but wired+ multiple wireless antenna’s can we actually combine data download from close by routers too? giving neighbours part dns lists? I used to be a network Guru in the 90’s in Holland for Geo-Logistics ..still got some thankful ‘Western Digital’ T’shirts as thanks.
..If We can’t do it now? -can it at least start a conversation within our PC community?


Linus is the only person i know who could make a 30 sec vid into 8 minutes

    John Allen V Dollesin

    @Roberto Solca *oh wait ur right-*

    Jedric Barlow

    @Roberto Solca I have a hard time believing that he is living paycheck to paycheck lol. But I see what you mean.

    Ashley Barnes

    @Jedric Barlow I mean no even when this video came out he probably wasn’t living paycheck to paycheck, but this is his job videos need to be atleast 10 minutes so he can actually get monetized and make money, he’s running a business he has people to pay and a family to take care off, you wouldmt work for free so why should linus


    I guess it works




glad you’re out there making these videos; i’ve been using “1dot” for a couple years, but it’s great to hear your explanations of how things work–concise, informative.

…and that poor guy sitting at his laptop while your camera person invaded their ‘privacy’ was hilarious.

Khusan Akramkhodjaev

I FINALLY can make my neighbors wi-fi faster.

    Cinthia Fraser



    What i understand is, means instead of getting faster speed, this tips is just making your speed much more slower than even your neighbor’s slow wifi.

    Or imma say, a downgrade… Is that what it actually means lol?


    @Strike RBLX 0iq

    I don’t give a duck



    2 years in and me and my family thank you! 👪

Brian Gregory

Changing the DNS settings on all your devices can actually slow them down. The original default value may be a local DNS cache in your router which could easily be faster on average if it already uses a fast remote DNS server. But either way the difference is pretty unlikely to even be noticeable.

    dose buss

    if i pay for 150 up n down, and according to speedtests thats what i get. will changing dns be of any use?

    Ricky Anthony

    @dose buss If you go to many different websites for the first time all the time, and you care about how fast the page loads, (for the first time) then you might notice a small difference. But your internet speed is already fast so very unlikely to make an impression. Most people want faster loading of movies or YouTube or file downloads or something, and that will not change.

    Lisa T

    ​@Ricky Anthony well Linus said it best but I honestly like the privacy aspect most.


I actually tried this on my phone and it’s legit a lot faster, thanks Linus, this isn’t the first time you’ve saved our lives 😂

    John Smith

    @My_Meme No, it fake.

    Brandon McAndrew

    @My_Meme just try it for some it dose work and increase speed for others it dose nothing and in my case it made it slower just try it on your side and don’t let John Smith tell you that nothing works


    How much did Linus pay you to say this

    The Ticass Show

    @Nate Johnson lmfao you act like this was a glitch that has been patched. It still works


Thank you so much Linus! I live in the middle of nowhere with the worst internet ever, I’m so happy I finally found a way to speed up my internet!


    @Kech OK zoomer


    @akastealthassasin cope

    Bill Cipher

    Same I have at most 1mb/s download speed.

    Jamie Reynolds

    @akastealthassasin ok groomer

scott zarkos

I appreciate you Linus and team. Keep up the great work.




Fun fact: This will help you only first time you visit a page, then is cached on your device for a while (TTL).
If you really need speed, just use your own local DNS (pihole, bind9, …) and block request you don’t need.
If you’re privacy freak, use unbound or similar software.

    Nicolas Ellis

    like he said, it depends on your area or region


    what if ur playing an online game


Ok I didn’t really buy it at first but damn, everything really does load faster. Thanks Linus!

    Sophie Edel


Nick Steffen

One quick note, to save people from some headaches. These changes are better made on your router instead of your phone or computer. That way when you go to work or the coffee shop with your phone or computer you won’t break things like login portals or intranet services.

    Sicko Joseph

    @Tarragoni LMAOO THE LAST PART

    Damon Eldritch

    I’m not well versed in this sort of thing but if I understand you correctly in that most intranets block external DNS providers, I would add that if you work from home you probably shouldn’t do this to your router, as you may not be able to access your job’s intranet on your work computer. I’ll stick with setting it up on my gaming PC and not the router for this reason.

    Lisa T

    Gonna reply so this stays at the top. Thank you!

    Lisa T

    ​@Tarragoni my grandma was a jellybean fan😂

    Lisa T

    🤔work from home issues… Would setting only the primary and leaving the backup as is fix most issues??? I honestly don’t know how that tech works. I would think it would rely on computer and device authentication and encryption rather then intranet blocking? I’m just guessing tho. I wouldn’t think they could identify and keep up with externaldns server authentication across multiple external sites and devices and networks.

Em P

When you get this recomended now and you just imidietly notice how old it is by linus style change. Linus you are a true living chronometer.
Also this allows the access to some shady internet sites

EZ Computer Systems

You should have mentioned that some ISP gateways/routers won’t let you change the DNS on their equipment. Therefore, changing it on a device only slows things down, bottleneck, gateways always intercept the transaction and redirect it to “their” crappie DNS servers.


I’ve been telling people to do this for 10+ years ever since I started looking into reducing network latency. Even recommending using Steve Gibson’s DNS benchmark utility (gotta love how tiny that program is thanks to being programmed in Assembly language). Glad you made a video about this. Sorry I didn’t know until now otherwise I would have been sharing this years ago. Thanks YouTube for finally putting it in my feed. LOL!

    Saiki K.

    Yes pal.


    Jesus christ, programming in Assembly language is just reduntant.


    Steve Gibson is a legend. His data recovery program has stood the test of time. He has forgotten more about computers than most people have learned.

Sean Hannah

Was using google and noticed a significant speed up on page loading with this change. Thanks Linus!

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