How to Build a Basic Android Game in Just 7 Minutes (Unity)

Read the full post: | Making a fully working game for Android is much easier than you might think – in this video, Adam will take you from complete noob to basic platformer in just seven minutes using Unity.

Follow this reference to set up Unity for Android development:

Our introduction to Unity is here:

Part one of the three part series with much more explanation:

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I was planning on making a simple android game but I was just too lazy. At least now I know what tools to use. Thanks Android Authority!

    Adam Sinicki

    Nove Glad it helped! 😀

    Faisal Mirza Teach

    What tools to use in making android game please tel me

Contempl8 Tech

I definitely would like to see more like this and more in depth versions of this. Thank you! ^_^


Hey guys, thanks for another great video. I’ve been subscribed to this channel for a while now, and I’ve been watching it for even longer. I even had your app for a time. (Don’t feel bad for my uninstalling it, as I rarely keep any app on my phone for more than a month or two lol).

Please, upload more videos like this. I understand that several people have already requested this in this comment thread, but the more the merrier. I’d love to see a video on learning basic code for Android games, and more in-depth game development.

Again, thank you. And have a wonderful day.


Great video. It explains everything really well. People say the game is really good, but it would I’ve been better if you extend the time a little and added things like coins, power ups and obstacles.Then the game will at list have something that makes it unique. I’ve already watched the video before now and it helped a lot. It’s still a good tutorial for starters who want to make games. I highly recommend people to watch this video.


Instructions unclear, ended up making GTA V

    Lennes S


    ILS Lone wolf


    Pakistani Boy



    imagine making GTA 6

    Jiann skyler

    Great & interesting conversation in these replies.

Pencil Me In

Didn’t realize how awesome, interesting, and easy this was. I have really been missing out….guess what I’m doing this weekend!!

Zak Mah

great video , I’ve learned how to watch somebody making game in 7 minutes


    @ThatDanKid xD

    Youtube troller


    Thomas F

    If you watch it at 2x speed you can do it in 3.5 minutes

    param’s gaming

    Your mom

    naseema mp


Ali Asghar

Great Video. Did everything shown, and added freeze rotation z axis for sprite to avoid spinning. However, my jumps on click only occur on the first platform and not the rest, although I copied the 1st platform after adding the ground layer to it. Secondly, how do you make it so its an endless level?

Arman Yekekhani

It was exactly what i was hoping for 😀
Nice and brief. However if he explained about those weird variables it would be much better

Molly Grace

This is like one of those 7 minute recipe videos where the food is all washed, chopped up, and ready to throw in the pan already.


    Ooo thamashaaa


    Wht u just got 3.9k likes!

    easy paint and decoration

    I agree with this comment 👍

    Din Djarin

    @Rulesmash AH. I used the wrong “your”. Damn it lol I’m usually not so absent minded


    @Din Djarin Alright, Lemme delete my main comment now that you’ve corrected it


“Not much coding knowledge required”.

Proceeds to make intergalactic Coding Skills.

    Steve James

    WoW 😂😂😂


    tf i got 1.3k likes



    I eat Cereal with Water and I pour the Water first

    @m c that’s really true. when you are very used to something, judging whether a beginner would find it hard or not is difficult because you have to recollect all the specific moments, YEARS ago, when you were learning that thing yourself.

    this is why teaching is so difficult, and ironically, it’s best that if you’re aiming to become a teacher, that you make your lessons/common explanations AS YOU LEARN, so that after many years you have a RECORD of HOW you understood all the various programing concepts, also allowing you to clarify/improve the explanations even further now that you DO have a more advanced understanding of them.

    sadly this is not a common practice, thus we often get coding tutorials which simply sound too difficult for a large percentage of people, when it’s just bout EXPLAINING things WELL. therefore providing analogies, metaphors, anecdotes, acronyms, ect, is very important since over time we forget what it’s like to be a beginner in our field of expertise.

    Genius Pheonix123

    @Hamza Ince Its easy code but its also C# so its not exactly self explanatory.

Sabir Mohammedi Taieb

Cool video and really helpful, it motivates you to start making games using Unity !


I have watched this in 2x speed and made a game for 3.5 minutes


    Dont like more let this comment be at 666 likes XD

    Adrian Guy

    700th like

    lukesh praveen

    Great bro 😂


    He is already speaking at 2x speed


    how do you get unity


“i will explain what that means as we go through”
never explains anything


    @Martin Gaens And yet here you are!!

    Martin Gaens

    @Sam someone’s making some good points here.

    David McManus

    It’s like Doctor Who, “I’ll explain later.”

    Never Explains.


    @Martin Gaens Yeah impossible

    Martin Gaens

    @KU177 didn’t know about him, very cool channel, subscribed

Sylvielmna Zjsch

*Things I gathered and inferred from this video:*
•Unity has a lot of pre-built *components* to save time and research on common game elements such as object collisions.
• C# is the main programming language in Unity.
•Assets are stored in folders. These are things like scripts, images, etc.
•Child elements follow around their parents.
•Unity looks for variables at the top of the script. In this case you used:
•Rigidbody2D – squarey in this case
•Transform – the Empty Object
•LayerMask – the whole *ground* layer.
•Physics2D seems to have a lot of useful physics functions, such as OverlapCircle
•Vectors, used in linear algebra are described by Vector2 (2D) and Vector3 (3D).

Thanks for sharing this video! Please move the artsy head and keyboard shots off to the side so we can still see what you’re typing. Please demonstrate the process for putting a Unity app on a smartphone. It would have been nice to see the change of number when you changed the speed. Cheers!

Sean O’Toole

I had no prior knowledge of game making or programming before watching this video and now I’m nearly done making GTA 10, many thanks.

    Sanyu Tumusiime

    love the *sarcasm*

    Bitcoiners News


    David Vel

    Damn and i create mine just using View classes on Android… Check it, is called Bow each other



    Jiann skyler

    Bro it’s been 3 years & I still haven’t heard about your GTA 10 project.
    How’s it going?💀

dustin haile

a tutorial for beginners really shouldnt be rushed, its a challenge to keep up


    Then a 7 min video would have taken 7 hours..


So easy, its been 7 days and im still on paint part👍🏻


When I’m watching a tutorial, the last thing I want the educator saying is, “you don’t need to worry about what this means”

Yes, I absolutely do.


I didnt know I could train to be a spartan and learn android development at the same time. Love your vids man. Jesus you are ultra productive. I feel like I can only focus on like 1 thing at a time.

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