I entered Lachlan’s Fashion Show and WON!

Fortnite Fashion Show – Lachlan's World Cup Qualifier for $10,000!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)



Joshua Montalvo

Keep up the work Ali !!!!


This was SO much fun! Shout out to my teammate Sypher – I think we may have to enter a few more Fashion Shows!

    Fortnite king

    So happy for u

    Jake Biddulph

    Yeah alia

    Tiffany Griffey

    @TCL 1v1

    Tiffany Griffey


Kami V

Now this is some wholesome content fn is dead but these fashion shows make it worth watching.


Congrats on your victory bro!👍👍

Wesley Williamson

So happy for them. So happy at the end.

Tyler J Smith

easily the best fashion show performance i’ve ever seen

Mohamed Mohamed

i couldn’t stop smiling they were so happy

Jordan Azif

Lachlans reaction made my day!😂


This was actually so dope, great job!

Kyle Favre

This is the best “snuck in” fashion show video I’ve seen yet. Nice job!

    Mikkel DelaCruz

    Kyle they didnt snuck in they were invited

    Natalia Jaimes

    Mikkel DelaCruz *sneak

Holy Attack

This was actually fun to watch. They did really well on the final round.


I liked it so much, it was so original. Bro keep doing stuff like this. I really like this kind of new style of competition.


It’s so cool to see streamers work together!!!

[content deleted]

I really appreciate how SypherPK teamed up with Ali-A, everyone bullies him for his old content, but for SypherPK to team up with Ali-A he is such a nice person 👍 for Sypher

    Maria Alvarado

    liam Daniel Clarke no one asked

    JZB Productions

    no one really bullys him he just has memes made about his intro

    Trozone wolf

    Yeah no one bullies him he’s just memed at he isn’t really anymore he’s more respected now


It’s so annoying how there are so many people that hate Ali and he’s just an amazing person.


Im not even going to lie that perfomance you and sypher made was *FIRE* 🔥🔥🔥🔥

G loft123

Sypher: let’s join a fashion show!

Ali: That’s kinda wild!!!


These two Youtubers are the ones that deserve a skin in the game the most.

    GXT grind

    They already have a ski well one of them and u already know that if your a member


    They both have one now!


That was LIT it was the best fashion show I’ve ever seen 🤯🤩


The fact that he is on 200 ping and still did it in sync is crazy

    Text mę+①⑨①③⑦③⓪⑥⑧⑤⑥

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