iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro Hands On! – What’s the Difference?

Apple announced their new iPhones the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, & the iPhone 11 Pro Max with impressive new iphone 11 features such as a13 bionic chip, ios 13, ultra wide angle camera, night shot, slophie, and much more. Stay tuned for iPhone 11 unboxing iPhone 11 camera test, iPhone 11 video test, iphone 11 review & a ton more content.

iPhone 11 Pro Max – REAL Day in the Life Review! –

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Gerald Hng

The biggest difference i noticed between the 3 are prices

    Mauricio Escoto

    gerald h’ng u mean the only difference 😂😂


    MBJ_gaming how does that benefit anyone?


    @wMiike np but u better not be joking about the bullying part just to gain subs

    Gerald Hng

    @wMiike I also will if I have the money xD just bought a new phone that’s 200$ not thinking of buying a new one especially iPhone for now

    Gerald Hng

    @Mauricio Escoto nope there is a Illuminati confirmed camera behind the pro and pro max


I think apple is actually going in the right direction now despite their previous struggles, could you guys imagine the phones are becoming less expensive

    mr mangolele

    @Michael Hall the mate 20 pro


    k1tty Power as long as the cameras better and everything’s better it’ll be good. You shouldn’t get phones only for the look.


    Oofle Doofle 😂😂

    Bryan Murillo

    Less expensive with just 64gb of storage? Yeah, a pro with that is a joke man

    SamD Worst

    Samsung has been cheap and its very good


I appreciate the comparisons man, it helps out a lot. I’m coming from the 5S, and I’m getting the 11. The bezels don’t bother me, it’s not a big deal.

Logan Williams

This was a great improvement across the board and I’m absolutely happy with what they have done with these new phones!

Hans Wolfhausen

I love the design, form factor, and size of the XR/11. As a pixel junkie and someone who loves to take photos and videos of my kids, I’m going to have to go with the Pro Max.

Scorpion Mindset

Honestly I am quite impressed with many features of these new models, had my considerations about choosing the 11 pro, however I may wait until the next model for a more substantial upgrade. I currently have a XS and while it does not have the triple lens or a13 chip, I have a feeling it will maintain itself until the next release.

Nerikz Niek

Love they way you filmed this on spot in multiple locations instead of just on the show floor. It’s more personal to the event and I think it’s a really good touch

ernest goitirwang

I’m really impressed with what they did with the camera… especially the feature where one is able to shift from one lense to another without the effect showing on the screen… it’s amazing


they need to add airpods when they upgrade, because these prices are crazy asf ! 😂


    Janelle Gayle bruh 699 plus a trade in is cheap


    Jvn I already have AirPods because and my mom does too plus she doesn’t like wires and she is afraid I might get choked by the wire so yeah

    Jonah Hitchcock

    Jvn absolutely AirPods should be included or at discounted price with purchase of phone

    Luisanna García

    iPhone XR 😂😩




Okay I just preordered the 11. Thanks for this video! It definitely helped me confirm that the 11 is the one for me. So happy with the pricing! Huge lack of available cases on cell providers site but found exactly what I needed on amazon! I’m still using the iPhone 7, so this upgrade is a welcome one indeed! 🙂


2016 : wow that phone has a good quality camera
2019: wow that camera has a nice phone

    aniyah asya

    Ralph and Teo 😭😭😭💀

    Johnkelly Okeke


    Danielle Doyle



    Ralph and Teo unoriginal

    Stupid Freak

    Omg so original 🤩

Astrid K

Just purchased the Xr a couple months ago, and I freaking love it! And as much as my fingers are itching to get the 11, I am hoping apple will keep their lineup like this with 1 more affordable and 2 more “premium”.

However I need ti get used to the cameras, in my opinion it looks stupid – but I guess I just have to get used to it📱

Hi ⛄️🌈

Us as grandparents:
“Back in my day the iphone 11 only had three cameras”

    Khaled Rahman

    11 only have 2 cameras 😑😑



    Valentino Ben

    I guess Im asking the wrong place but does any of you know of a method to get back into an Instagram account..?
    I somehow forgot the login password. I love any help you can give me

    Erik Alfonso

    @Valentino Ben instablaster =)


    in the future the whole phone will be full of cameras

Tiana Brown

I really liked this video… you clearly and simply laid out the differences in the models and really that’s all I was looking for! I appreciate you. Me personally the 11 seems the way to go.

Kyle Archuleta

Pre-ordered my Midnight Green Pro Max! Receiving it October 4th. I think my favorite physical feature is the backing of the phone. Not too much of a fan of the glossy backs. I like the foggy, matte look. Hopefully it feels how I think it will! I’m looking for less fingerprints.

Iris Savage

At this point I’m not concerned of whether it has bezels, or not; it hasn’t even passed through my mind. I like your video and how detailed it was because I now know this is the phone for me: it is water resistant, tough glass, battery life forever lol and portrait perfect camera!!! This is designed for me. I currently have a cracked I-phone 7 and it’s in need of retirement 😆. I am trying to grow my channel and instagram so I can’t wait to save up and buy this one 🤞


Great, professional, comprehensive review. Thanks. Very clear and informative.


Have the 11 as of Friday..so far .. so good. It’s only been 2 days ..Definitely a noticeable difference in camera and video quality. I had the 8 + prior.. still deciding on if I’m ok with Face ID instead of button to unlock. Still trying to figure out how to perform certain functions on the 11 that were second nature on the 8+, like how to delete apps I no l9nger wish to have.


I purchased the 11 last week and I’m still exploring all the camera features. I was seriously thinking about getting the Pro Max but the 1,200+ price tag was a financial bridge too far; so I scaled back to the 11. I’m very satisfied so far and as soon as I get used to all the camera features I’m sure I’ll be happy, at least until the 12 comes out next year.


    jeff how much is it after tax ?_? The iPhone 11


I’ve always wondered what the difference between the 2 really was. I’ve seen many people do aesthetic unboxing vids with the iPhone 11 and so I just thought it looked nicer because it had a wide range of pastel colors ( the range is wide for an apple phone ) and only two cameras ( people had gotten used to 2 cameras on an iPhone and so the 3 hit different )

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