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You might not want to walk around down there, something smelly is coming your way!

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Game Link:

Outro animation created by the amazingly talented James Farr:

Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here




So I was at work and I was learning how to quickly make coffee during rush hour. My boss calmly said “now remember speed is key” the customer behind me like a boss I whipped around and looked at them we shared a smile and the customer chuckled and said “You like Jack I see?” I’ve never loved a customer so much lol


    @Altairr dude you need to chill

    TheBlueGaming 7


    Luis Vazquez2008

    Wtf you need to chill

    Jack Yarbrough

    POV this is the first comment from 6 years ago you found

    tracy carter

    This sounds like something out of a fanfic.
    (Not an insult)


Holy smokes I remember watching this video when it first came out and enjoyed every second of it.

    JAcK Zennix


    Donatello Turtle

    Bro sameee


    Same man, doesn’t feel like 5 years ago

    Average Elden Eternal: Revengance May Cry 5 fan


    Purvo 1

    Same bro


Who else remembers laughing hysterically while watching this?

    yOuR mOm

    Hey it’s 2023 now time really flies

    Wyatt 317

    I still do and im 18


    me 😂

    Oil Compton



It’s 2020 and I’m just going back to see what I loved as a kid

    😘anime cutie😘

    It’s 2022 and I’m doin the same🤭

    Makenzie Hippen

    2022 ✌️

    😘anime cutie😘

    @Makenzie Hippen yes sirrrr

    logan harthcock

    2022 and still yes

    Jessica Smyth

    It’s now 2022 and I’m now doing the same with this vid


I miss the bygone days when you tubers could cuss and wouldn’t get their entire channel deleted


    @Pierogi Kabanos hello, but who are you


    @mindedlobster its minded lobster not mindedlobster

    Just Stopmotion

    This is why YouTube kids should be for children under 13


    *adpocalypse flashbacks*


    @Elio FR

Crystal Commotion

If you remember this game,
You are qualified for a veteran’s discount 👌


    Yessir, I came back because this was the first video of Jack that I had watched and then I binge watched him


    I watched this when first came out decided to rewatch



    Goddess of Lesbians

    Much appreciated


    I never knew I was one 😢


Jack: none of us can tell a story where we could crash a car with our sh*
Me: *goes to porch and pulls pants down*

    i am A FURRY Dont hate me

    efun milum comments could get deleted and they didn’t want there comment to get deleted



    Me: i take my pants down for *different* reasons.


    @Asew ummm for what

    Charles Hampson

    @PELAGICZ ARTZ You’re too innocent to be on the internet.
    *Way* too innocent.


This video was my first impression of jack and i loved every second of it


    I came here for the exact reason. I thought I maybe discovered him like 3 years ago and I thought I’d check out this vid again and apparently 6 whole years have passed. This was the one that changed it all lmao


    yup, this was the first jacksepticeye video i watched


I remember when Jack had a small beard, now he’s got a thick beard, like a leprechaun.

    Darlene Buck

    I found his channel soon after finding Marks channel best entertainment from two of the best YouTubers and came across Marks channel by accident and found Jacks later. I believe I found both of their channel the same year I believe it was 2016 or 2017.


    Good ol’ stubble


    Are the Irish that stereotypical that people have to go down that low to relate a person’s beard with a mythical being


    You mean like a GAELIC GLADIATOR


    Mean he is Irish after all


I can’t believe this was 6 years ago… SIX YEARS AGOO! I’m getting old…

    Daniel Ryan

    I can’t believe this was 7 years ago


    @Daniel Ryan ikr?


    @Sam. yeah ikr? It flies by so fast

    Daniel Ryan

    @Timmering I remember when Sean played as a drummer in a band in college


Honestly this guy was soooo funny back in the day, he still is now but it’s just crazy to see how smart and mature he’s gotten🤯🤯😂

    Anthony Mackiewicz

    Seriously it’s insane

    Aeon Musk

    @FoodaFen Also, why did you even bother to reply to my comment I made months ago?


    @Aeon Musk If it meant that much to you, I wouldn’t have bothered.

Davan Berger

I remember when I was a kid and how I would laugh at everything….. even at how old I am now Sean always seems to take me back❤️ love ya and thank you for a proper childhood❤️

Anurag Rai

Bird: “shits on us”

Sean: “shits on bird”


    Sweet revenge


Omg. I remember coming home from school and seeing this video was uploaded and watching it. I couldn’t stop laughing. I miss that era so much 🤗


Feels like just yesterday man… I was coming home watching these all day till I fell asleep… can’t believe these are really 7 years ago

Gator-Milk 🐊🥛

Here in 2022, nearing 2023, I love seeing the old Jack. He’s so energetic and happy 😊 We love you Sean!

    Gator-Milk 🐊🥛

    @clickres I don’t understand why you feel that way, it is most unfortunate.. I hope we can soon see eye to eye with each other and your hatred for me and can be abolished.

    Brenda Chase

    Me too

    Alicia Petronio

    Yes we do💖💖💖

    Hutki Shira

    @Gator-Milk 🐊🥛 what did they say

    Gator-Milk 🐊🥛

    @Hutki Shira they said they hate me and everyone else


“I know people don’t wanna see this kinda game”
*One of the most viewed videos on his channel*

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