OnePlus 6 Review: Right On the Money!

OnePlus 6 is A+ for the price, a killer balance of performance and features.

OnePlus 6:

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Phone provided by OnePlus for review.




Isn’t it funny how a $600 phone is now considered budget? The world has gone mad lol.

    Arham Shoaib

    You’re poor bro

    wasim shaikh


    Subhas Kar

    This comment has aged well.

    Nihal Kp

    It’s not a budget phone, it’s value for money phone


The fact it can even be compared to phones twice its price makes this worth getting if you’re on a budget.

    sarang kulkarni

    Holly Hsieh well in india oneplus 6 costs rs 35,000 (510$) and iPhone costs 1 lakh rs (1450$) p20 pro costs rs 65,000 ( 950$) and s9 costs 57,000(850$)
    all phones are overpriced here except OnePlus


    one and a half gamer Putting quotation marks around what youre saying doesn’t make it more valid.

    James Charbonneau

    Not even on a budget. The phone’s price is just a bonus.

    Y AB

    @Arbel Barak yes,you definitely can

Kenneth Wayne

I enjoy the approach to this review. Rather than listing specs and blindly comparing to the big dogs, you take into account *why* certain features are the way they are. I think OnePlus went to great lengths to understand the consumer rather than just trying to jump into the massive arms race of tech.

During the California Gold Rush clever folks went out for Gold; While the *smart* ones sold shovels.


I’ve just discovered your channel and I would like to give you props for your quality of content. Your intro is incredible, along with great cinematography, and great music. You sir are really a great addition to the techtubers of YouTube!

Calvin Lewis

Great video, 2 things that would have been nice. Instead of dual-SIM slots, have a SIM as well as the option for a second SIM or an SD card for expansion. The second would be a wide-angle camera that is quite useful for fitting more in the frame rather than a fake depth of field effect that a lot of people may not bother with. Would also like to see a return to the sandstone finish as an homage to the original phone.

William Luky

This is why MKBHD is one of the best tech reviewer. He knows how to review a product objectively. If a phone is $500 then review it as a $500 phone instead comparing it with phones that is in $800-$1000 range and just focused on how lacking it is. Very great review 👍

Corey Harmon

Best review I’ve seen of the phone. Very well done. I’ve been using a 1+5 since it came out. I post pics and videos all the time, all over social media. Nobody has ever said the media quality looked like it was taken by a “cheap” phone. So much these days is focused on how good the cameras are, but the reality is, 95% of the public won’t notice or care less.
Same thing with the display. Many people have seen my phone and commented how great it looks, or watched a video I show them and never commented “oh is that only a 1080p display? I could tell”… 😂

I’ve been COMPLETELY happy switching from a Galaxy phone (been a user since the Galaxy S1) to my 1+5.
I’ll be buying the 1+6 to replace my wife’s Note 5.

Keep up the good work

    Dustin Opoku Asante

    Corey Harmon that’s basically it, many people won’t even notice

    Robbobshiskabob Robboboscarpete

    Exactly, love my 1+5 and when I tell people I got 8 gigs or ram their mouths drop

Evan Mcsharry

I have the OnePlus 6 and the charging is absolutely amazing. It charged from 4% to 48% there in about 10 minutes and given that the battery lasts for two days for me with heavy enough usage that’s 10 minutes charging for almost a day of phone usage

Daan Hakvoort

What a great video, I’m impressed with how informative it is and the production value!

Dave A

Great review. I think it would haven good to have SD Card support as when additional storage needed it would be great to be able to swap out an existing SD Card for a larger capacity one, rather than having to buy a new phone just to get additional storage.

Lazaros Zissis

I bought this phone and I firmly believe that it’s the best 500 euro phone that I could get. The fact that some specs outclass flagships (like its speed) AND the inclusion of some older features that new phones miss (button detail, headphone jack, etc) really makes me think I made the best choice. I watched a bunch of reviews for this and yours was probably the most thorough one 🙂


If it had dual speakers I’d buy it. I’m partially def and need loud front facing speakers especially when watching video and playing games. I noticed it with the HTC One M8, then later on with the Pixel XL2. Having those dual front speakers is a must for me. I wish more phone companies would include dual speakers.

Arpan Barman

Congrats Marques on 20m views!

Watching this on my OnePlus 5. It’s been 18 months since I bought it and I’ve got to say that it has held up pretty well.

A+ battery life and performance.
Good enough camera and great software.

OnePlus offers so much value for money compared to almost 3 times priced flagships here in India.

I was tempted to buy the OnePlus 6 but I’ll just wait and see what OnePlus does next year.

OnePlus can you please bring back the headphone jack? It’s coming from a big fan. 😐

Ádám Fazekas

it’s crazy to think that Oneplus went from 529 to 900 dollars in just two generations

    Qalamiti • 6 лет назад____________

    DaBabySmokesWeedAndJimmySavilleSmokesBudWithMyNan lol then who’s phones are not overpriced

    Qalamiti • 6 лет назад____________

    DaBabySmokesWeedAndJimmySavilleSmokesBudWithMyNan ok then which phone is same level as oneplus 9 pro and cheaper

    Qalamiti • 6 лет назад____________

    DaBabySmokesWeedAndJimmySavilleSmokesBudWithMyNan they are both not as same level, mi11 has only 888 as op9pro, other specs are worse. And X60 is mid range phone lol

    F2P Gaming Castle Clash & More!

    That’s what the downfall of oneplus was. We got google here selling their phones for 600 dollars. Ain’t no way the oneplus 9 is better than pixel 6. The oneplus 9 should maximum be 700 to 750 dollars.

David Castellanos

It’s a great phone. I’ve had it since july 2018 and everything has been great, consistent updates, great performance and so on. Only thing that failed is the headphone jack, it won’t stay plugged and disconnects really easy (worked around it by using BT headphones) and the battery which is now below its optimum capacity, it does not last the whole day as it used to. But take in mind the phone has been used daily since then, it’s only normal wear and tear.

On another note, I’m dissapointed by this month’s OP 8Pro launch, I was going to upgrade to it but it just does not cut it for me, too expensive and really no killer features.

Prashant Kumar

And here we are after 2 years, in the era of OnePlus being the villian.


    @Reverse Goat no. cameras on the f3 or f3 gt cant even be compared against the 9r.

    Reverse Goat

    @Skriddle it still clicks photos and does not look blurry 🗿


    @Reverse Goat ofc it will you’re paying for it. I said f3 has no benefits over the 9r besides the price.

    Reverse Goat

    @Skriddle we are 1 year late for this debate lmao.


    @Reverse Goat yeah lol


I still have this OnePlus 6. Great phone! Still pretty smooth, they fixed the gestures, cameras are ok with GCam, software updates are still coming, but the Android updates are slow tho and the battery doesn’t last as long as they used to. I’m thinking about getting a new battery and keeping the phone for at least one more year.


    @Sterling Roberts When will that happenÉ


    @a pretty sure it has already happened

    N Vignesh

    My battery degraded badly and started to have network issues where the other person in the call couldnt hear me, exchanged it for iphone11

    Ansh Nandagiri

    Hey my OnePlus 6 got into Qualcomm Crash Dump Mode, I love that phone but did not expect this from OnePlus.

    Adel Melki

    doing the same

Anders Wallenthin

Revisiting this review as of 15th of december 2021. Still rocking this stamina beast of a phone since launch here in Sweden. Still runs all day without trouble, biggest change is that I went from charging every other day on average to every evening. It’s going to be really hard to switch from this phone, where battery, rear fingerprintscanner and chargingspeed is going to be really hard to beat even with most of today flagships!

    yeshwanth kumar

    My experience has been worst from past 5months it’s lagging a lot any solution?

    Curry Master

    @yeshwanth kumar Factory reset or custom ROM


4.5 years later, still 2-3 day battery life and still running as well as day 1.

10/10 phone, I’m honestly considering getting another one.

    Srinivas Sankarsh

    Yep still using op6

    Sanchit Khetawat

    Mine is also 4.5 years old but camera has stopped working completely and SOT is 2.5h rs to 3 hrs only

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