Razer Just Made The Best Gaming Keyboard…

With the Razer Huntsman Elite gaming RGB mechanical keyboard PC gaming is pretty overkill…
Razer Huntsman:
My cheap mechanical keyboard on Amazon:

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Austin Evans

Could probably use some more RGB tho

    Poopy John

    Austin Evans When are we getting CMYK keyboards?


    You’re turning into linus


    Or just proper RGB like Corsairs keyboards.

    Adam Mucci

    I doesn’t block the light when it is pushed down, it lets the light through to register the signal

David Doperoy

I’m more excited about that case than the keyboard! Damn! That thing looks like you’re about to buy nuclear launch codes

    Trey Fazbear

    Stop saying bad words


    @TheRedGamerFPV no


    Dapper Dop I was thinking about that same thing

    Random person

    @melon usk 😃😂😂😂


Interesting video. I think the extent to which you need to depress a key on a mechanical keyboard in order to actuate the key (actually send the signal) is a design decision. On my Alienware mechanical keyboard with Kailh switches, it’s 2 mm down to actuate and another 2 millimeters down for that satisfying press feeling (for a total of 4 mm). It looks like Kailh makes other switches with shallower actuation, likely for serious gamers (I’m not even a gamer, period).

purpl3grape studios

Razer could also take this to the next level, and introduce a touch pad to the wrist rest in the middle. Imagine it with precision drivers, would speed productivity up a bit I imagine, so both hands could be dedicated to the keyboard, as well as the option to use the mouse if need be.

Speaking of touch pads, I’d also like to see one where it allows a projection of the display onto a glass touch pad like an iPad almost, and with the ability to toggle seamlessly between ‘Touch pad’ mode and ‘Project Display’ mode. The project display mode would share the same touch pad functionality, except now the press location are taken into consideration to interact with the operating system and its applications.

This would mean that the wrist pad would need to be deeper, but hey, I would take a Deep wrist pad, especially one that is comfortable, with a ‘Multi-purpose interaction pad’ in the middle.


a concern about this keyboard is that the keyboard might have a shorter life expectancy as its reliant on the lightbeam. and since a light can break faster than a keyswitch…. also wondering if the keyboard has any issues when theres a bright light shining into the sensor, whether its confusing it. or when theres debris in there.

Damian McGrew

It is hilarious when you pop out of nowhere explaining things. I love learning the new information for a beginner PC fanatic. Id love to learn about anything taken for granted as simple hardware,

    Damian McGrew

    well written advertisement for high quality mechanical keyboards. Explaining how they worked was a nice touch in making sure people know they are the top quality anything PC.


Somewhere on the internet
A giant Razer key exists
And I need it.

Edit: 3 years have passed and I still want one.

    • Kiethy Boi •

    yo 3d print one


    *i N E E D i t*

    Thomas R

    Any luck? Could probably hire a maker.

    • Kiethy Boi •

    @Thomas R hire somebody to make it*

    King C418

    what about 3 years

Cipher 8

I got one a couple weeks ago, love it. Macro Keys and USB Passthrough are only negatives and both are features i could care less about.

Protecturneck _

Has 300 dollar keyboard
Austin: *it feel alright*


    @hollownite like there’s no reason to be toxic just cuz somebody dosnt know how or what a word means just correct them lol

    Tenho Andersson

    @E I never said it’s small money, and it isn’t, just that things related to custom keebs are expensive


    @Protecturneck _ chill


I have this board. The best part about it (besides the switches and rgb) is the wrist rest. It is very pillowy and comfortable and much better than Corsair. The only issue is that the way the rgb is set up it shows dust easier, and the caps are meh. Other than that it’s a great board


lights: exists
austin: kill the lights.
lights: *screams in uv rays*


    Original content




    @SailorJun bruh


    Xtreme gamer 912 bruh


I’ve been using the normal huntsman for over 6 months now and unlike the Corsair K55 keyboard I used to have which pretty much broke in the first month, the razer has yet to had any problems with keys or the actual keyboard itself yet


I love how he tests a gaming keyboard by typing

    Rafael Mozart

    @iron depends.. if the person is a 5yo fortnite kid who never finish any of his homework and type with 1 finger, they probably game more but if the person is a student and a gamer at the same time, obviously you will type more-


    If u want to type please don’t get this.


    Getting triggered non an 2 year comment get new pants I think you pissed yours

    Literally steel

    Well about that

TheDingo 579

I need a whole keyboard made out of the giant keys



    Pootasso pick

    would you STEP on the keys? STEP ON THE KEYS STEP ON THE KEYS

    TheDingo 579

    @Pootasso pick I be playin ddr to type bruh




    Trenton it’s Sam I miss you Iowa is lame

Zane Meyer

“I gotta say, this feels pretty decent”
Keyboard is $200
Ya don’t say!

    Naud van Dalen

    @HotBowl $1000 keyboards are totally worth it, but $150 Razer keyboards are sooooooo overpriced am I right?


    @Naud van Dalen yes you are

    you Take L

    PewDiePie keyboard:…


    @nope nah , get somethin cheap off of amazon, buying a razer keeb was a big regret for me. I could have saved so much money ;-;


    @Nick Gouda building your own costs way more than it’s worth, also, razer synapse > 3 billion different rgb applications.


0:00 he was typing in “hey guys this is austin”


    @PCLoser this aged extremely well *sus* tin

    Chara Choco

    @dj he literally does wdym


    @Chara Choco sorry my bad


    @Foogi ? I dont get it


    was he how do you know like he is touch typing so like you have to look at all ten fingers

FloofyUnicornPlayz Unicorn

Mine had a bunch of glitches I looked it up and turns out a lot of people had a lot of the same problems I had I actually returned mine, then after I returned it the synapse 3 finally installed after days of trying to get it to work. It would spam buttons without it and it said it was compatible and stuff which is weird, even tho there was a heck ton of glitches like lights on the side not working I found things around that. Also another thing I noticed was the side of the keyboard lights would sometimes not work after my computer went to sleep. I actually bought it again because the synapse 3 as I stated before worked after I returned it, my dad thought I was crazy for buying the same keyboard XD. But anywho here are some fixes u can do for ur razor keyboard if u decide to buy it for that gAMeR aesthetic.
1. If the keys spam then take off the wrist rest and reattach
2. If the lights on the side don’t work restart it
3. If the lights are not rainbow then open the synapse 3 and it usually turns rainbow when I do that but it should usually open by itself once u properly download it I guess my computer set it up like that automatically when I installed it
4. If some of the keys say ur pressing another key like for example when I press / it says I’m pressing – instead, while I’m in game I have to manually set my controls for that key to be that key again and it should say – for that control if that makes sense. But if u have time I would restart ur computer, or shut off ur computer and turn back on again.
A lot of the problems are fixed with restarting ur computer or shutting down and starting up ur computer again. I don’t know a lot about this stuff all I know is wat a on and off switch is so to all u people who like that asmr click and the pretty lights that refuse to get another keyboard like me heres quick fixes, there are probably smarter ways u can fix this like going in and customizing ur macros and stuff but I don’t know that so ye I wish I knew these tips before. Tbh this isn’t worth it I got it for like 180$ on amazon or something maybe I got it on the wrong website or something idk but I also looked it up on YouTube and other people were also talking about the problems and how they fix it. I just thought it may be helpful to collect a lot of them I experienced into one comment. I feel like this is a unfinished product something this expensive I don’t wanna have to go into settings and have to fix the glitches it came with, if ur into that all the power to u tho and ur very intelligent and I really respect u. But ye I wouldn’t get this keyboard unless u really like aesthetic or u like going in settings and u like that kind of thing. If u guys have any fixes for any of the bugs that are permanent and aren’t just quick fixes I would like to know and so other people who got their keyboard and maybe they are confused if there is something wrong like I was. Anyways yeah thanks for reading this far!

GhQst -_-

When he made this video I bought it, after two years it’s a great keyboard, it’s just wayyy too loud and big for me, other than that this is an amazing keyboard


After buying the huntsman mini, the huntsman series is an absolute must buy. The switches have the click of the blue switch, and the smooth feeling of a red switch. Another recommendation from razer is the seiren mini. It takes up almost no desk space, fits on any 5/8 thread boom arm (which is a must buy for the least background noise) and considering I didn’t mention so already, it is a microphone. Don’t forget that this killer high quality microphone is only 50$. Razer is a great company and if your looking for a new keyboard, mic, mouse, or any other gaming hardware, I recommend taking a look at razer.


    I dont


Got this a year ago for about $100 and it’s very good, still feels like on day 1 and I personally I don’t see any cons to it, but yeah, the original price is a bit high

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