Retro Tech: Game Boy

The Game Boy is the most popular handheld gaming console ever. It allowed us to take games like Tetris, Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda with us on-the-go, changing the gaming industry and our free time forever. On the 30th anniversary of its release, Marques Brownlee unboxes and explores how the Game Boy came to be, it's impact on society, and why it's leaving us feeling so nostalgic.

0:00 Blindfolded
1:13 Unboxing A Game Boy
2:59 Talking Nintendo
7:17 Durability With Casey
11:00 The Gameboy Experience
13:15 Dope Or Nope
16:41 Chip Tunes
21:04 Lasting Tech Legacy



Austin Evans

Phenomenal work man 👏



    John Mc

    When youtubers comment on each other’s channels.

    Elite Alpha

    5.1k liker

    jimar stribling

    Hey Austin


Loved this series dude!

I’ve got a good one: The Pocket PC. What enabled the first smartphone. Technically the COMPAQ IPAQ h3630 with a GSM expansion sleeve was the first smartphone back in the day. – Jaime

    RAHUL Vlog

    99% of the comments here ne like; he never fails to make us laugh his content never disappointed us… ,.,

    Katekakishi esteban Coronel

    @Randy Rides q1nn


    My speedcubing buddy was a mechanical engineer at Compaq ( later HP) that designed and oversaw the manufacturing of the cases and hinges for the iPAQ handhelds, back in 2002.


God DAMN! the production quality in this is top notch.
well done.


    except the notch on the pixel 3


    It’s a Youtubr Original.


    @Isotope No, it’s an MKBHD original.


    He uses $20,000+ RED cameras to get this quality plus a iMac pro with tons of power. Plus YouTube money.


This was awesome man, brought back childhood memories of wanting to get one so bad but not being able to. Looking forward to the next episode!

    Rui Pratz

    SuperSaf only 9 likes in 9 hours?! Damn

    ThunderJaw Gaming

    @Santosh P Wtf

C Tran

I never realized how much I want a whole series of videos of Marques reacting to tech he’s never seen before. It’s so adorable when he was holding it and couldn’t figure out how to open it 😂

    Hoang Phamvanhoang

    ParasPlay9 o

Sono Perfeito

Uma Carta Nostalgia.
Marques Brownlee muito obrigado por me fazer lembrar dos bons velhos tempos.

Razor of Wolvendom

My mom bought me a gameboy back then and it was the best christmas present I have, I feel like a rockstar playing it together with my classmates and it was awesome!.


    @John Locke she might not be alive

    Southpaw Boxing

    @andrive 3 months and no likes??

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    My name read it wow

    Arisu of Game Development Department

    ParasPlay Gaming Genshin


    Ok , good

Josh Marshall

The second you cut the seal on that box, millions of retro gaming collectors lost their minds! LOL

    Y Bird

    great job


    It’s not like the system sold millons


    That’s true.


    Jo koi aapni family👪👪👪👪 bahut jada love karat kar oh mujse ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 1 subscribe jarura karega 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


    @Gameboy-Unboxings how’s it for no reason? We’re watching the reason.


Amazing vid. I just don’t like how they say that being a kid in the 80s was painful because we didn’t have tablets and phones and stuff. That’s not true. We were happy with whatever we had. It’s not like we had a feeling of missing out, we didn’t even know that stuff would ever exist. I’m an 80s kid and I had a very happy childhood. I actually probably get more bored now than when I was little! I’m also happy that I got to witness the birth of all that technology we now take for granted. And I’m sure the new generations will have a similar feeling 20 years from now. When the PS9 comes out in 20 years, you’ll look back at your PS5 with fond memories in mind. It’s just the circle of life!


    True. We were every bit as social back then too, since there was no real online to play games with people, you’d have to be in the same room as your friends to play together. Hell, a huge chunk of my childhood was spent trading Pokemon with kids in school, or down the street. Not to mention Arcades still existed. I spent a lot of time in my local mall arcade back in the day.

    Hell, we have Pokemon Go now. But back then, I remember actually taking my Game Boy with a copy of Pokemon Red around with me, and seeing other kids out and around playing it too. I fondly remember one time seeing someone playing, and I always had a link cable in my little case, so we traded a couple Pokemon right there on the sidewalk. I didn’t even know the kid. The original Pokemon Go.

    bradley brown

    I was born in the 90s and am completely blind, sure I couldn’t see the games but you bet I gave them a go.

    I played a lot of fighting games back then, this was when accessibility wasn’t even a thing.

    You wanna know what I miss hugely? tapes, (cassette tapes,) and even cds. I feel like as amazing as games/netflix and all that is, the magic of actually waiting and getting something delivered to you is missing. Oh sure, amazon exists and I love it, (where else can you get 5 leatres of vinigger?) But it’s not the same.


    @bradley brown Yeah, I remember anticipating a CD release, heading down to Walmart when it finally came out, and grabbing it. Listening to it on the way home. Now I just load up Spotify, or find some mp3 download site. It’s definitely not the same.

    Then again, the same can be said for games. I have an all-digital Xbox Series S, so my library of 500+ games is all digital. No going to a store to pick out a game that looks cool based entirely on the boxart anymore, of seeing a neat looking game in a magazine and rushing to the store to grab it, I just load up the online store, buy a game, and download it. I also have an Emulation Handheld, so the same even goes for retro games, minus the buying part.

    I’ve actually downloaded every issue of Nintendo Power years ago, and load ’em up on occasion. They’re still fun to read through.


    @bradley brown You’re absolutely right. I miss those things too. Especially those big cardboard boxes that PC games used to come in. They were massive and only contained a CD-ROM and an instruction manual but they were the best. We had it good. We really did.

    Saito Dosan

    Honestly that’s just what happens when you make a video interviewing a bunch of people who don’t know what they’re talking about haha. It’s a bunch of people who “have used one,” which probably means like 10-15 years ago at LEAST minus the usage in this video. On top of that I highly that most, if any of the people in this video have ever thought about the questions “what’s the history, significance, and legacy of the Game Boy?” outside of the making of this video either. In fact just the people saying that the 80s was “boring” and “painful” to live as a kid in is laughable at best.

Maxwell Domnic

I just love the fact that they had a surprise tech underneath their chair and still they came prepared to talk about gameboy.

    wonderful tube

    @Rich lmao that’s effing hilarious


    Could be scripted


    @wonderful tube he wasnt joking


    Maybe they just know, but yeah I get where your going with that

Lee Hamlet

That struggle to open the game case was the most nostalgic part for me 😂

    Tracinya Slinger

    I remember pressing the push-part against a table to get it open 😛 It was easier with a hard surface than trying to use my soft squishy child hands 😀


Brings back so many memories. Thanks for making this masterpiece!


Wow! Brings back so many memories !!
Great show and exploration of how we got to where we are now. 10/10 to Marques.

Retro Rocketz

Honestly these things could make a comeback if they sold them on store shelves, kinda like record players are currently. I know if I saw one at Target, I would buy it immediately.

Kevin Do

Whole childhood in a palm of hand. Helped me through so many things in life as a kid


It wasn’t painful to be a kid back then, it was so much fun. Those childhood adventures will be with me forever.

    Daniel Yaseen



    yeah youre right, but filled with gaps of boringness



Dale Strickland

That chiptune part was dope as hell. I remember playing these old things, but I really got my start with the Game Boy Advanced SP. This felt retro to me at the time too.


Ah man, this was so nostalgic to watch. I remember playing on the Gameboy until dark, sitting on the steps outside with friends, struggling to see the game as the sun set.

Motu patlu funny cartoon

This man always tries to do something and extra ordinary and make his audience fell excited for every next, love you

    Guy Man

    How’s the challenge going


As a Japanese, I didn’t think that the Game Boy I was so passionate about as a child was loved all over the world🤣🤣
Thank you for this wonderful documentary!Arigatou Gozaimasu!



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