Riding the Lexus hoverboard in Spain

Lexus invited us to Spain to ride the hoverboard it created for a commercial. Our resident skateboarder Sam Sheffer found the board to be very difficult to ride — but it does hover! Read the full story here:


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Ozzie Ahmad

Hey Sam!

Came from your Snapchat story and have been following the Verge for almost a year now. I appreciate you sharing the facts about this hover board and thought it was a great explanation on what the actual purpose of this prop is. I wanted to tell you that you’re doing a bang up job! Keep up the good work 🙂


    Sam Sheffer

    +Ozzie Ahmad Thanks so much for watching — and taking the time to comment 🙂

Brent Ceolla

I watch the verge on snapchat and I think yall are doing a great job with it.

    Sam Sheffer

    +Brent Ceolla Thanks Brent!!


Amazing to see they actually took the effort to build an entire track! And yes, came here from Snapchat.

Damon Czanik

I like this. An honest, realistic view of a product. It’s stupidly impractical but very cool (literally!). There reason stuff like this exists is because it lets the engineers have fun and stretch out creatively. I would have liked to see their marketing reflect this instead of implying they can do the impossible.


Honestly, the back to the future hover board is still the coolest one for me even though it’s just special effects.

And I actually like those futuristic and colorful commercials most companies make these days. Specially this one.

NPC 1785237

I don’t understand why nobody has figured out how to make one of these things yet, it’s so simple. Cut off the wheels to your skateboard, swish and flick, say wingardium leviosa and call it a day.

    Michael Montano

    @Kathy Bates what show is your picture from?

    Kathy Bates

    @Michael Montano I don’t think it’s from a show


    Yes 😂

    Lana Roberts

    If only we could get a strap mod or have a great one since you know it has a strap so when you tighten it then you eventually let it stick them right in the Hoverboard It just helps you stay on

    Amen Best

    Levitating thing is not easy we don’t have material to support the ground not just like in BTF2

Smoke Solid

Im just glad we as humans are developing something like this. This is a big step towards something great.


    I wonder if ion thrusters would work for this.


This is like clickbait but in real life


    Also know as a scam

    tommy testicles

    spaceface105 you didn’t get it did you

    Caffeinated DaVinci

    Yeah because nobody’s ever heard of Lexus before. Money well spent. They could make their cars better or nicer to look at, but this is clearly the better way to sell cars.

    Rodrigo Ruedas


Rece Markou

I think it’s exquisite, through my personal studies in levitation and the process of hovering it seems as though when this board is prepared correctly it has major potential but a small future sadly.

Marcel Labutay

Man, if only there was a way we could ride a board 3 inches above the ground without magnets. *cough cough* wheels *cough*


    Man, if only skateboards levitates 3 inches above the ground without magnets. *cough* *cough* it doesn’t *cough*


    The *cough* hack *cough* smith *cough*


    ……n….no. thats just a regular board. What part of hover board don’t you get?

    Sir Rodrick George McBerry John Henry Johnson of House Quinton Joe

    @OctoCreeper Christopher Columbus had guns…. The use of gun powder has existed in fact before the Columbus family was even a thing… Before Spain was founded even….


    Wheels are so early 21st century. All future transportation will not have any Wheels


Japan already has a hovertrain and it goes 500kph! It’s called a superconducting maglev train. It’s still in its testing stages, but it actually works and it is safe to ride.

Mitchell Vaughn

I don’t care if this needs a track or anything, this is awesome af

not your business

Elon musk: Hold my beer.


    @BallMuncher5555 And where did you get this information from.


    @BallMuncher5555 Your local antifa meeting of Moe Runs?


    @BallMuncher5555 A normal person who doesn’t watch buzzfeed all day would be more worried over the fact that there’s vicious slavery in africa today.


    @FYI I don’t watch buzzfeed every day, and what makes you think I’m not worried about slave labor in Africa? You know how Elon gets materials like lithium for his teslas? Through said slave labor.


It’s called a onewheel friends. It feels 100% like your hovering on air.

    the indian you watch

    Z E R O W H E E L

    Alex Denton

    we’re not asking for “feels like” this is 100% actually hovering. it’s also 100% stupid and demonstrates nothing except magnets are magnets. but still.

Taylor The Bee!

ngl making a hover board would make me feel like I can trust the company to make good products, so it wasn’t a bad marketing choice.

Pendleton 115

I’m sort of curious about what happened to this park. Was it abandoned? Was it opened to the public? Are the tracks for the boards still installed?

E Ml

To save your time: it runs on a magnetic rail planted under the ground. The skatepark was custom built for it.

    Dylan Bean

    I’ll answer what was left out, it uses quantum locking. Its liquid nitrogen not water. The nitrogen deep cools the super conductor causing it to lock to the magnetic strip on the ground

    Corner Action

    I’m here wondering if they used YBCO in order to make the board along with liquid nitrogen pipes going through the board. You need magnets to fly with it because of the superconductor. I’m planning on making one myself but without rails and with more engineering.

    Edit: yes I’ll be using magnets but it will be a plane. I don’t have the money for it though which is my biggest limitation.

    Ken Blunt

    Makes sense

    our cumrade



    we’re near 2023 and i like how companies still abandoned the idea to give it a try making real hoverboards 🤦‍♂🤦‍♂ maybe in 5 or 10 more years?

Thomas P

Great vibes, for a commercial. Love to see a working one without all the extra maintenance.


i think the only way we could *maybe* have something similar from bttf
in the future we may be able to miniaturize things small enough, where we could get a large amount of small air jets going out the bottom with enough force to make it hover, though it wouldnt work completely the same

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