Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing: Magnets!

What's in the Galaxy Fold's $1980 box, plus demoing its super strong magnets!

Galaxy Fold First Impressions:

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Dude Guy

Wouldn’t this be an unfolding, rather than an unboxing?



    Muhammad Hamid Sultan

    Wouldn’t this be an unfolding rather than an unboxing

    ThunderJaw Gaming

    @Kelven L.r/whoosh

    Random Stuff 888

    @xXxYoloOxXx how

TechKnow NYCkey

What made you peel off the protective layer of the Galaxy Fold in the first place? Did it start peeling on it’s own and you decided to remove it or you just wanted to remove it? Seems to me taking off the protective layer caused the screen issue you are having. Your thoughts?


You know you’re watching the best tech reviewer ever when he busts out the magnet paper. I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!!👍👍


2007: A phone that doesn’t flip this is revolutionary.

2019: A phone that flips, this is revolutionary.


    Ok boomee

    Kelly Gonzalez

    No it folds

    Your average Idiot

    grayon r/woooooooosh

Phil N

Love the engineering tools you have got going!

Hari Shyam

Before watching the video: i wanna buy galaxy fold

After watching the video: i wanna buy magnetic field viewing paper

    Lheasaibeth Rodriguez

    I want galaxy fold but i have no money.
    can you buy me?For christmas gift for me?

    Monika Andrić

    Hahahhaha lol😂

    Monika Andrić

    @яиду домой stop u are flipping the heck out of me

    Animesh Mishra

    Same lol

Christian S

I’ve been wondering how the case would work. I never thought it would be a two piece case but I am glad that they did find a way to get it to work

7.62 x 39

Pretty interesting device, it’s excited to think that technology is being this innovating. I’m willing to take a look to future products like this.


    What are your opinions on foldable devices now is 2022?


easy to fold ,difficult to afford😂


    Lol 😂

    Iliana S

    omg lol…

    One Hell Of A Bored Guitarist

    My brain: Galaxy fold
    My heart: iPhone 12
    My wallet: Nokia 3310



    tasleem shakir

    lol so funny

vic ¿

when I saw this on tv I really thought they were messing with us about this foldable phone. crazy too see how our generations come up with these crazy but cool technology 🙂

Joseph Yeurdjian

I love how amusing magnets are! 🧲
Also, that crisp sound of the open and close…so satisfying 👌🏽


2009 – wow I don’t need to fold my phone
2019 – wow I can fold my phone now

    Kyle Muncal

    Next phone with buttons

    ThunderJaw Gaming

    And then u break it


    I ge the joke but it should be fli0



Teo Martirena

My phone can also fold, the difference is that it can do it only one time

    Olli Home

    Mine can flip but I need to use tape


    Same 😎

    Aiden Lo

    iPhone 6?

    Diyorbek Abdimalikov

    Underrated Comment!


    @Diyorbek Abdimalikov No it’s not it’s the top comment lol

Kevin Wang

Imagine throwing away the lid just to realize that was the phone

    Hero Miles

    Except it’s trash day and the garbage truck is already gone.


    @variety media kerala Malayalee


    @yeet oh no, our fold, its broken

    Random Stuff 888

    @rebecca homu what?

OG Bobby Harris

Excellent content. Very clean and concise.

Angela Paul

They should make it more affordable.
❤️ the design 👌

Music by Ant

your videos are the best as usual Marques !!! thanks for the awesome content mate


Still catches me off guard just how quickly tech moves, this was only 2 years ago and the latest leak for the Galaxy Fold 3 makes this look like it’s from 2008 lol


    Fr lol

Hennes Feller

If someone told me 3 years ago how solid the fold 4 would be I wouldn’t believe

    P Koya

    Yup! I just got one and its crazy how much they’ve improved from this first gen

Capt. Heinrich

kinda fascinating how much they’ve improved since the first gen, I’m using the fold 4 right now coming from an S10 and it’s marvellous

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