Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Hands-On

Full impressions:

The new Galaxy Note 7 is here – see what is new in this latest version of the Note line in our first look and hands on video!

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I was quite skeptical about the edge variant, but boy does it look gorgeous

Andrew Pieterse

The note 7 is so powerful it crashed YouTube!!!

    Arneldan Cruz

    Youtube cant handle it lol. I just watched a quarter of the livestream and wait for it to end and watch the replay.


    +Sr R because u were too late. 2hours ago none of videos on yt worked. note7 release was just too powerfull xD

    Asdfghjkl Qwertyuiop

    Chuck Norris just received his Note 7 and it is lava resistant.


    +oxoConstantinEoxo true lol… no videos were able to load πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    AllenFresno That’s what i call an enter with a blast! πŸ™‚

Shellyman Studios

The Black Onyx variant of the Note 7 is too DAYUM sexy!

    Lucien L

    but when iphone 6SE comes out with that color, it will be first/revoltionary


    I phone is trash tho

    enhanced Trash Bin

    +Giorat23 from what ive heard, they are just trying to catch up with s phones and so the note and s will both be on the right track or somthin like that

    Rudeboy Says

    Did I say anything contrary to that?

    sourabh jain

    no the new blue colour is the sexiest of all

Jon-Cameron Bates

I really enjoyed this video, Josh is always the first I turn to for a good overall review! Now I just need to get my hands on a black Note 7 πŸ™‚

Kimberley B

I’m a business user and LOVE the Note phones for work in the field. The handwriting recognition is unbeatable and the ability to jot quick notes and send them off is great. I’m even more psyched about the new S-Pen features with the Note 7. I upgraded from a Note 3 to a Note 4 because the Note 5 didn’t have a replaceable battery. I guess I need to get used to the idea of rapid charging and external battery packs if I’m going to upgrade. I’ve been so disappointed with the poor focusing capability of the Note 4’s camera, I am eager to upgrade! I’ll have my Note 4 and its extra batteries/charger on sale before long, I think!


Wow, looking at this video, a lot of the issues I was worried about in the leaks was addressed.

The battery is a respectable size, that iris scanner looks surprisingly zippy but true testing will tell, and that design looks great.

Sure the camera and processor is the same, but overall I’m much more interested than I thought I’d be.


looks really great. Always love Galaxy Note’s design

Samson Okoro

Great to see Josh again, its been a while i saw your reviewing top end products on here. You are be fast the best analyst or reviewer on here and deserve praise. Always very fair with all phones stating positives and negatives and well detailed reviews. Keep up the good work bro, but the note 7 really isn’t a better deal than the s7 edge which now is far cheaper and virtually has the and things except the s pen and iris scanner which most will never use.

Thomas Thing

This is really impressive I was thinking of getting the iPhone 7 before but this looks like an amazing upgrade from a iPhone 5s

John Phillips #JeyDoeProductions

the greatest smart phone EVER created.

    John Phillips #JeyDoeProductions

    Thelightningjet34 spec and memory wise….fck yeah!!!


    Thelightningjet34 The Note 7 was considered a failure because the battery was exploding, and John Phillips JP wrote this comment before the batteries started exploding.

    Chubs N’ Mortimer

    John Phillips JP now it’s sh*tty

    John Phillips #JeyDoeProductions

    Future highend Samsung phones will make up for this. They need to.


    the greatest bomb phone EVER created.

Alex R.

wow after this one i have not idea what else can they do for next year its just perfect


Watching this on a note 3. not much has changed aside from the removable battery (great for pokego). My phone is still going strong even with heavy usage. I even made a factory reset I made last week to get rid of hidden apps. It does get hot when watching a lot if youtube, but not like before. I’m looking at upgrading to either an lgv20,one plus, or iPhone 7 at this point. Innovation in both apple and Samsung are starting to lack as of late.

Edward Bliffin

That phone is beautiful


    EXPLODING BATTERIES in GALAXY NOTE 7! Samsung has “NO COMMENT” but will most likely announce a recall.

    Tasin Al-Hassan

    LoL this “beautiful” device exploded 8 hours ago in a hotel.

    Biyy Owner


    J Y




Jimmy Christian

*Time to upgrade Note 6, must be cheaper now*


    Samsung skipped note 6! So you don’t have one.


    brotherman38 Naaaaw. if he has a note 6 then he’s special.
    Maybe they made a note 6 specifically for him only. smh

    Pharto Caidor

    +Mario Pycz ahahaahh got emmmm

    Joe Santos

    +DARK Vader lol maybe

    Lili Hoho

    they r racing against iphone in numbering


Josh Thanks again for your help and support as usual been having major issues with my last phone so feeling better with my decision on making the Jump appreciate it once again android authority comes through with their awesome reviews. Again thanks Josh


My favorite feature of the Note 7 is that it has the same Exynos 8890 as the S7 Edge. Which turns me off the idea of “upgrading” to the Note 7.

I’ve noticed that on my S7 Edge, high-demanding games like Final Fantasy Mobius and a select few of emulated games choke up in frames. Knowing that the Note 7 will be the same chipset puts my mind at ease by not thinking if I’ll appreciate more power of a newer chipset. Yeah I’m envious of that large screen, but the ultimate factor for me buying a new device is largely processing power-related.


I think in order to bring more attention to the edge panels, primary notifications should come FROM the edge panels. I’m talking texts, emails, calls, Facebook messages and notifications. Because I gotta tell ya, as it stands the edge panels don’t feel useful at all, but if they were integrated with the stuff that we actually pay attention to, we might pay more attention to them.

Phil M.

I was interested in buying the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for a while now, just saving up some money. But it’s a good thing I waited! This is probably gonna be my next new phone! Coming from a Nexus 5 this will definitely be an upgrade! Anxious and excited. Just hope the reviews don’t give me mixed opinions lol.


10 secs in and I was already convinced I want this. Beautiful!!


A Bomb Review

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