Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

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The edge returns once again, this time with a screen size bump over the original. Join us as we take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in this full review.

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Nicholas Cheung

really like this review, fast and to the point!! good job


Great review! Have been using the phone for 2 weeks already, love it despite a few shortcomings!

    maior alice

    +TechLineHD what are those shortcomings i am wondering if i should get an s7 or iphone 6s

    A Alarosey

    +maior alice I’m using the s7 edge… It has exactly zero shortcomings


    maior alice check out my full review on my channel 🙂 

Tech A.M

I’m in love with the design of the S7 (Edge) 😍. Can’t already wait to see what the Note 6 will be like.

    Willis Assounga

    It will be identical, just larger 😂🤔


I charged my S7 edge yesterday till 75% percent, I left it turned on when I was sleeping, the next morning the battery was at 74%. I charged it till 100% in the morning and went to school, I played some games, took some videos and photos, after one day of use, from 9:15 in the morning till 14:10, it was at 40%. Now, 3.5 hours later, it’s at 36%.
Samsung did a very good job with the battery! =D

    King Solomon’s Comedy and Motivation Channel

    @aim buzz can you please tell me what game he is playing on this video, anyone please cause looks fun as hell

    aim buzz

    @King Solomon’s Comedy and Motivation Channel I don’t know buddy. Other might helps you

    King Solomon’s Comedy and Motivation Channel

    Can someone please tell me what game he is playing?


I had a play around with them at the store. And I kind of like the flat back over the curved back, in terms of a premium feel. But they are way more ergonomic now. Also Onyx black is they way to go the other colors are a bit to flashy imo.

Top Kek

I love the floating screen effect and it feels amazing in the hand but idk if I should wait for the Note 6 bc the bigger battery and the stylus

Golden Chalice

Amazing and very clarifying review. Thank you so much. I have the s5 and am contemplating upgrading to the s7 edge in July when my contract is up. You’ve made my decision a lot easier. Thank you.


I currently have a Galaxy S5, and will be eligible for an upgrade in July. Considering the S7 edge as an option. After watching this review, two things stood out to me: the speaker quality, and the screen design. I love my S5, but one of the few gripes I do have is the speaker. Cranked up to max volume with a call on speaker phone, I have to hold it close to my head to hear the other person if there’s even the slightest bit of environmental interference. And as for the screen design, I wonder if the advantages and additional functionality you get with the screen wraparound on the sides is lost if you intend to put the phone in a case. This is a big concern for me, because I absolutely require a case to protect my phone.

Can anyone who owns an S7 edge comment on these factors? Also open to suggestions for other worthy or comparable phones that I should consider upgrading to. Thanks!


Improved stabilization while walking and filming is greatly improved since s6. Other then that, great video.

John Patrick Casamina

Thank You for giving us a such nice reviews 🙂 You guys deserve more subscribers 🙂 God Bless

Jasmin Flowerz

One of the most thorough reviews ever…! Wow, I’m impressed.

    Jasmin Flowerz

    Ok, I will. Thanks.


    He made the phone..


    Gage Irvin hahah

    Doreen Cage

    TwArDxL ahha gothim


Im getting one for my bday. Screw apple

    Child of Royalty Loved David

    LungSusage keep dreaming Matt hardy

    Derpy king666

    David Jackson thats jeff hardy not matt….

    Ebrahim Hassan

    Jadey I have mine too .. but if you still have yours is it warms up or do you have any heating issues ?
    because unfortunately mine heats up very crazy and I’m going to replace it and I want to be sure if only me have this trouble

    Luis Garcia

    LungSusage me to gold platinum


    Your profile picture is very heart breaking..


How to be Apple when releasing a new phone: Make it slightly bigger, slimmer, add features you will probably never need, and most of all A CRAP TON MORE EXPENSIVE


    ***** was about to comment about the run on 😛 but at least you noticed it XD


    Sn0w CrAB the iPhone price has never changed, and that is one of their selling points. Smh these days

    Raul Sarabia

    Air drop is just a stupid feature

    Danny’s Astronomy

    @Aaqid Masoodi LOL

Tisha Lewis

Can’t wait to get mine…. this video was incredibly good!

Amonté Howard

I still have the SG S4. It still works pretty well although I wish the battery lasted longer. I really like some of the feature on the S4 like the Air View & Air Gesture and I actually use them a lot. Most of the reviews I’ve seen for the S7 doesn’t say if it has these features or not. Does anybody know if it does?

Nick Majurovski

Bought one last week – been loving it so far, battery life is incredible. Cant go wrong with this phone.

Ionas Granados

Can’t wait to switch my iPhone in for this

    The Daniel Son’s

    Exynos is a processor made by Samsung, snapdragon is made by Qualcomm, Exynos is designed for Samsung phones and is a lot faster than Snapdragons

    Jihan Djouada

    I allready have it

    Dz Things

    Ionas Granados same

    Unboxings By M

    How’s the lag in 2021? Is it bearable? Planning to get one

    Unboxings By M

    @The Daniel Son’s tech experts, professionals, software engineers, tests, and facts seem to disagree with your opinion that exynos is faster and better than snapdragon versions.


I really appreciate this review. I’ve had my Note Edge for a year and a half now, and I adore it, but it’s had some major battery issues lately, so I need to replace it. But, my carrier’s insurance doesn’t stock it, so they’re gonna send me this instead. It’s good to know that even though I’m losing the stylus and some camera megapixels, it’s not a complete downgrade for me.


I switched from my iPhone 6 to an s7 edge. I have to say I’m impressed with its screen and camera (though it’s a bit overrated for its low light cabalities) performance is better with nougat (which I got late). The only thing I miss its the more soft home button and the simplicity. The thing that annoys me most with s7 edge is that I tab many times the back and multitasking buttons making me quit things. Overall a great device for power users, but if you are coming from iPhone get the pixel xl

MomoDancingQueen SlashJokbalLover

This phone is not just water resistant but it is also a Hater resistant. Im not a fan of Samsung but cuz of this. It made me

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