SHOWDOWN: Airpods Pro VS Powerbeats Pro!

Learn to build your very own Smart Home with my new course! – Which pair deserves your $250? We have the Airpods Pro vs Powerbeats Pro. We talk airpods pro sound quality, transparency mode, noise cancellation, airpods pro battery life and much more!

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Éros Jackson

So excited. The truly wireless earbuds game is heating up.

    firas hidar

    I hope they drop down to 5 bucks by next year otherwise i can’t afford them

    Éros Jackson

    Phoenix9517 from what I hear, the Galaxy Buds have been a resounding success. Hopefully they make the next iteration even better.

    Rein Ada

    And I, am a big fan.

    I am The one

    Korey Tubbs my post was 2 days ago you’re dismissed 🚪


I have watched 4 other reviews for these AirPods and your video by far is the most entertaining and informative! Thank you!!!


    Wait for Flossy Carter! When it comes to wireless headphones reviews he’s the king and most entertaining to watch

    Tim Hanby

    Terrell B would you recommend the Powerbeats pro for running? Do they shake around/feel uncomfortable with a lot of movement? I’m stuck between getting the power beats pro now, or waiting a bit for the AirPod pros.


    Tim Hanby I have never been a fan of the beats brand. The 2 that I’ve had did’t last long at all. I have the first gen AirPods and they are still going strong. That is what is making this upgrade difficult. LOL

    Brooke Jenkins

    Brettstv It really was and I watched a lot of them too. But I also think it’s because those ppl wanted to do a first one to get u used to it and then do another informative. At least that’s what iJustine and Marques says

    Ric Ky

    ‘Sup dude, do a comparison vid of the best all round true wireless earbuds, headphones and the best overall.

    Say after a month or two when you’ve had some time to try them all out in depth.

    There’s this plugged in feel that Google mentioned in the debut showcase of their Pixel buds at their Google event last month, it’d be nice to know how the different wireless earbuds brands compare.

    Cheers man.


Whaaaaat – apparently the Powerbeats Pro are discounted to $199.95 right now. 🔥

    Mario F

    I got em for 170 on Amazon 😎

    Jordan Quilca

    I got em today at 150$

    Tori White

    @MedievalShadows qAaa

    David Epstein

    Just got mine in blue today!

    Joel Thomas

    Still is

Review Ben

I have the feeling that it’s all a matter of getting used to with the new AirPod Pros.
Now the look weird, and in a few months, they’re going to look completely normal.
As per usual awesome video👍🎥

    Legit Wizard

    Yeah the same with iPhone X people thought that looked weird at first


    The hate is overhyped (as in hating just to hate, not for any valid reason). These look dope compared to the original ones


    I have never cared about the look as long it functions well. Lol

    Furr Pine Forest



You’ll stop hearing complaints about the design once they’re in everyone’s ears

because they have active noise cancelling.


    Morro I play modern warfare fortnite gta and Minecraft and just cuz u play an og game doesn’t mean ur broke don’t be mad just cuz u can’t afford these

    bobby Jimenez

    Wow £250 pounds…. My gush can’t afford that

    Alejandro Bustillos

    Gum 😂

    InfamousOffbeat *

    @Riylo I mean it’s an opinion at a design it’s not about being shallow in any way

    Captain Delicious Pants


Jack Blumanthal

I honestly think they should implement the message reading to every pair of earbuds, that would be extremely helpful if they put that in iOS 14


crazy how my airpods been falling out of my ears a lot more now that the Pros came out …

    ABDALLA Al Ali

    👌👌👌👌👌👌😂😂😂😂😂😂 it happens


    Mine stay on


    thats why i hate them, easily falls off even with sweat or any crazy physically movement


I think something to take into consideration as well is call quality. One of the strong points on the original AirPods was the phone call quality. I’d assume the call quality on the AirPods Pro is better than the Beats.

K.O. Junior

That wireless charging desk is the most interesting thing in this video. I need that.

    Meowzie, never using posting again..

    Victrola Bluetooth Wood Speaker Stand with Dual USB Ports $179 only


    GREAT Sofia Thank you!


    Same. I was blown away when he said that lol I didn’t know those existed

Michael Catterall

My only complaint with my Powerbeats pro is the size of the case. I often have to carry it in my hand. If Apple sold an additional (non-charging) carry case, this would be perfect for day use and could be very compact. If anyone has found a case that fits the bill, let me know!

Omnom nom

Power beats for in the left ear and AirPods pro in the right for the ultimate flex

    donnie walker




    Regina Crossan

    @Arc which one do you prefer?


    I have both now

    Onyx Michael

    @zonal spore now you can


My Powerbeats pro used to hurt my ears too and it really bothered me because of how much I payed for them but it all changed after I changed the ear tip to the smallest size because it was too big for my ear canal and it made the ear hook position much better too. Now it’s so comfortable that I’ve even fallen asleep with them on by accident on a couple occasions.


This is one of the best product reviews I’ve ever seen. Brilliant focus on what actually differentiates the two with no filler.


Love the comparison on this! I got the Airpods Pro to see how it would go (never had Airpods; I have Jabra’s Elite Active 65T [being repaired]). I really like the transparency mode on Airpods compared to 65T’s as I’ve noticed when I have those on and try conversing, I struggle to hear a bit, but with the Airpods Pro – doesn’t even seem like they are being worn

Madison M

Really great comparison! I tried the AirPods pro today in store and was astonished at the difference between the transparency and noise cancelling modes.

Stephen Smith

Glad the Airpods Pro worked for you. I had no problem with original Airpods staying in my ears, but the Pros, although very comfortable, after about 2-3 minutes just seem to pop out. Weird, they don’t fall out from moving around, they just pop out of my ears like they were being pushed out from inside. I’m thinking of going with the Beats.

    𝄞§kɏlår_291_ gïrlツ

    Same issue

Ercell Steele

Shout out to Apple for owning Beats making Apple pro and having everyone in the comments arguing over which is better

    The G


    D C



    Just like Coca Cola does with Fanta.

    Sheep Sheep

    Apple is basically using beats🤣


    Thank you for this comment! Lol

Mubarak Jama

Portability and conform are essential for me since the two are similar when it comes to sound quality.
So I’ll pick the AirPods 😊


For anyone wondering, the Powerbeats pro do not hurt your ears they are really nice to wear, also they are sleek in a sense, they don’t hang out of your ear, at first, the Powerbeats Pros hurt a bit, but they earbuds outer band portion is made to mold to your ear type for more comfort, basically making it more comfortable for you. Do note, you can’t really give somebody your Powerbeats pros, as they are molded to your ear.

Edit: Powerbeats Pro announce messages for you, and also have a case that tells you how much battery life they have, white, red, white means above 25% if I am certain, I forgot after having them, red means the case if below 25%, the case lasts 24 hours so I forgot to charge the case anyways, the earbuds can have 7-9 hours of battery life, with 5 minutes of charge = 1 hour of playback, so you can easily pop them in the case and whip them out again. The Powerbeats Pro are also meant to be used in a bag, for gym workouts or school bags. With that, this guy definitely did not own the Powerbeats pro for a while as they don’t cause pain over a lot of time, you forget you have them in a lot of the time, the sound quality is definitely much better too.

    Ali Williams

    @Gumas Master beats is apart of apple so…

    IShowSpeed Clips

    They do for some ppl like me I just got some AirPods Pro


    he prob didn’t twist them cause you don’t just stick them in, you have too twist a lil just like the air pods pro they fit slanted not straight


    @VBulls Apple owns beats lol


    I just got the Powerbeats and they do hurt my ears a bit. It’s only been a day so ill keep trying for another week or so if it doesn’t get better ill probably switch them up for a headset instead of going with the earbud style

Sharon Ward

Great! I’ve now made up my mind which ones I want … Airpods Pro for me. I never bought them when they first came out because I have never liked even the normal earphones that come with the iPhone. I’ve always bought a different brand separately. Now that Airpods are completely in ear is why I’ve looked into them. Great video which made it easy for me to decide. Thank you.

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