Skydiving in 360 – Virtual Reality

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Best viewed on Gear VR, Google Chrome or YouTube mobile app. This was made in partnership with Samsung for 2016 Vidcon #in360 event hosted by Casey Neistat. [BTS Vlog] Skydiving in San Francisco –

Shot on Samsung Gear 360
(How I made this video)

Where I went skydiving –

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Hi! My name is Sara Dietschy (rhymes with peachy). I live in NYC originally from Dallas, Texas and a little piece of me will always be in Nashville, TN. I daily vlog Monday-Friday and I am the creator of the Docu-Series Creative Spaces TV and the show That Creative Life. Both are hosted on this YouTube channel! Big fan of traveling, tech, social media / biz and highlighting other artists. Subscribe & follow me on Twitter or Snapchat or something!

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Shot on Samsung Gear 360° Camera –
Best viewed on GearVR –

Music by Magestic Color
Jupe – Hurry

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James Cousins

I have to say after watching this its amazing, I loved the thought tracking voiceover at the beggining and love the skydive concept, it really makes you appreciate how insane it must be to be in the air, being able to look at the parachute above and the man behind, being able to see that view from literally every angle was also really cool. great job Sara, loved it 😀

Elly Awesome

That was awesome! You are brave!

Hello, I’m Zachary

I normally don’t like 360° videos, but I loved this one. This is how 360° videos should be!


Finally, a good reason to use 360 camera! That is as close to ski-diving as I intend to get. A job well done Sara, congratulations on your short film.!


congratulations Sara! you did an incredible job girl 😄❤️

Tiago Ferreira

One of the coolest videos I’ve ever seen!
Amazing work, Sara!

john perez


Anthony Iliakostas

This was absolutely incredible!!! It literally feels like I was jumping out of the plane with you. Amazing, amazing job Sara!!!


Was the object of these 360 videos, that one make the video of their life? They are all just so well conceptualized and executed. It’s amazing. Good for you that you did this.

Aurélien Dupays Dexemple

Completely mind blowing !
Your work is amazing ! Keep going in this way !

Sabba Keynejad

One of the best 360 videos I have watch. All shots are considered and framed really well in 3D space. Great work!

Gastón Gordon

Love the voice over. Really helps with the feeling of living this!


3:10 is where the actual skydiving starts


    LIKEABOSS Gamer thanks haha

    arba mld


Kaiya Mourey

So far today I’ve gone backstage with Dan and Phil, swam with great white sharks, and gone skydiving.

    Robin Thoms

    Kaiya Mourey you’re a *legend*


    Well I’ve been in a black hole

    Lemon& Lime


    Supremajullibeama /

    Sounds like such an eventful day. Well done


This is so freakin cool! I moved my phone around and I could see everything! Love loved this!


    so is 360 vr better than 3d vr?

    Bappo No hacko

    no no  and forgot to say the most important thing NO


    At my phone I can only move the video when I hold the finger on the screen and move my finger help meee

    Sanjay L

    Bonny lover unicorn your device prolly sucks and doesn’t have motion sensors. Bruh you have some Nokia phone or what?

Carla Blake

first 360 video I’ve watched. Simply awesome. I always wanted to try skydiving, but never did before I messed up my back. 😩 Thanks for sharing!!!

Karim Jovian

What was that theater and where can I watch that vlog? That looked awesome

    Justyourqueen Cali💖💘


Cepillin TV

What did you use to edit your video?

Rezilient Institute of Learning

It actually looks a lot easier in front POV than watching from others viewpoint 😊😊😊

Just Tinashe

Can I just say, this is the future of content creation. 360 immersive videos.

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