Tesla Cybertruck first ride: inside the electric pickup

Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck, its long-awaited electric pickup truck, and it's possibly even more cyberpunk than CEO Elon Musk said it would be. Mashing up Blade Runner vibes with range and performance, the truck is already one of the company's most polarizing products. The Verge senior reporter Sean O'Kane was at the unveiling and got one of the first rides in the outrageous new truck.

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The Verge

How do you feel about the design?

    Phantom Dragon

    Herman Haley are you kidding the design is great


    I like that it sorta reminds me of an El Camino a bit but I’m not in love with it, the other part of it reminds me of the Nissan Cube, I wish they made it less angular, it feels half-finished and something out of a Grimes music video, which is awesome, if you are Grimes.

    forgotten Guard

    really good

    Tanay Kedia


    jonny figueroa

    @Herman Haley well it does look like a futuristic car yk?

Mark Sidorov

This truck is kind of a love or hate thing. Some people think it’s absolutely hideous and other people think it looks awesome.


    @bian丁丁 people probably hate it because it looks horrible

    Michael Goble

    Mark Sidorov I’m an old retired guy so my vocabulary is not like yours. To me, describing this truck as hideous and sick means the same thing – an insult. I like it so I think it looks neat or even cool.

    more soul than a sock with a hole

    It’s awesome

    Yo Pac

    @Kap_DP bet you no wheels.

    Mr. Satyre

    Thank you, Captain Obvious.


Finally every kid will be able to draw a realistic truck.

    Lunarian 987

    Josh River Please never use the term lol’d ever again. It’s nothing personal, just say laughed.


    Didn’t expect this to get so many likes than you:))

    Mega Mac

    Why, did Tesla release an illustration app?

    Google Profile

    @Josh River Is your pro pic robtop

    Josh River

    @Google Profile “Coach McGuirk” he is a character from an adult cartoon called “Home Movies” that aired on “cartoon networks” “adult swim” line up from 2004-2008


I love that Elon is actively trying to make the world look like the future we fantasize about

Adrian Garsia

Finally every kid will be able to draw a realistic truck

    Vihan Subramaniam

    Haha you stole a comment haha


    Adrian Garsia stolen comment


    Welcome to Roblox and Minecraft in the real world! xD


    It’s not that hard to draw square!



Carolus Rex

I feel like Elon is the only person who is living up to the expectations of people in the 60s and 70s

    Pradyumn Bharani

    Ok Boomer

    Jim Myers

    As someone born in the fifties who watched the Moon landing when I was 15, I couldn’t agree more. THIS is how it was supposed to be by the time I got out of the Marines in ’77.

Tyler Eyman

This honestly doesn’t look that bad, i would happily drive one of these around


    Joe Sudz it’s only 39,900

    Kevin Vu

    The visibility looks terrible in my opinion.


    It would be cool but someone might try and steal it, maybe steal stuff in the back. The reason I say this is one night me and my mother and father went to the movie one night, and we took my dad’s model 3. When we came back my dad’s car had a broken window, and they actually managed to steal some paper music from his back.

    Tyler Eyman

    Joe Sudz dont forget, the federal government offers up to $7500 just for driving an EV. Most states also have their own incentive programs for people driving electric vehicles


    Tyler Eyman until something happens and the electricity goes down


Elon Musk is literally the only human being in creative mode.


    @Jim Myers I await your even more juvenile retort. Or is jealousy the only reason I can’t say he didn’t design Cybertruck? When you can literally look up the design team yourself and see.

    Jesse Sanchez

    Lies. Creative mode is all I play when I’m on fortnite

    Mr. Satyre

    “Literally” LOL

    Jacob Cragen

    Microsoft is at $1.2 trillion.

    Josho Kamoo

    at dodging taxes

jane doe

Im liking the new sleek look. They’re starting to embody the futuristic look that many sci-fi movies have tried to create.


The fact that this is a step to the future is what makes the truck remarkable

Bravest Ant

Imagine being a time traveler from the past and seeing this on the streets


    @Katharine Osborne Deep… 😳


    They would say. It’s exactly how we expected a doomsday futures to look

    scarf gap

    You need a Rivian

    gilang putra

    @Katharine Osborne wow, never thought about it before


This car looks really unique and reasonable for it’s price.

    scarf gap

    You need a Rivian.


    @scarf gap no.


    9third yes

    David Zuniga

    @scarf gap ew


    sUberp superb no.


It goes faster because it doesn’t have to render as many vertices.


    @Caribbean CK nice profile picture



    Andrés Taboada



    Are you guys trying to modify the matrix?


    Don’t do it or you will be de-synchronized


The cars that we drew when we were little are coming to life.



    Steve Chappell

    Yep, fer sure. I was wondering if the design team stole one of the kids’ notebooks…


    😀 😀 😀 yeah seriously right

Torch TV

Designer: How futuristic do you want the truck to look?
Elon: Yes

    Marcos David

    Designer: Say no more fam

    Kostas Drakakis

    Amazing comment

    chris smith



    @Zoroee Seriously? Those front two sets of lights don’t do it for you? Sad.


    @Justin Finch don’t insult 80ies designers. this wouldn’t be considered “futuristic” in any time, unless in the times where cars where still all open

What’s that supposed to mean?

When you walk too far from your car that it starts unrendering itself


    Ah yeah those polygons play tricks on your mind.


It’s kind of weird, and probably would not work for my purposes, but I like it. It would be interesting to design a camper that fits on it, that has an appearance that fits well with it, possibly a folding A frame type of thing. I do like trucks, but my one big bugaboo with them is the fact they are usually big gas guzzlers. This, and Rivian are possible solutions to that.


Never in a million years I thought I’d be able to drive a Halo Warthog to work. These things rock

    John Nelson

    Lol nice halo meme

Caden Schmidt

i mean, the glass didn’t, like, *break* break. and honestly i think that’s impressive

    XEllie_BellX X

    I heard that it shattered because he had hit the door with the hammer and that somehow messed with the glass 🤷🏻‍♀️


    Window tint does a pretty good job of holding together the window on any car after being hit………..

    Cody Ferrell

    XEllie_BellX X think you are right!

    Mäýüŕá Vïřůš

    @XEllie_BellX X Its SO TOUGH it moved the glass

    donald B

    your obviously a city slicker


I’ve been thinking about replacing my work truck for a while… and the Cybertruck is definitely appealing to me. I just don’t know how well it will perform in a cold climate being electric and all. I live and work in the arctic, so having a vehicle that can operate in -40C weather is very important. Also I’m not sure where I would charge it.

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