The Most Insane Laptop Ever Built…

The Acer Predator 21x is the biggest, most powerful gaming laptop I've ever seen. It packs dual GTX 1080 graphics cards in SLI feeding a 21 inch, curved, ultrawide display. The Acer Predator 21x costs a whopping $9000 and is limited to 300 units. Is the Acer Predator 21x the beefiest gaming laptop in the world? Probably.


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Unbox Therapy

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    Raja Anquarza

    This is the complete opposite of that monster

    E’ll, GWAPO.

    Deam that’s 🤝! Wath? I winning’ skynet?.


    What game is it that you play in this video??

    E’ll, GWAPO.

    @OSdahl that’s Game Name!.

Luke Faulkner

I love how it’s so light and portable.

    Arihant Bhattacharjee

    @larz 435291 Or from the 2000s

    Laur-un (stage name, actually called Faith)



    KOTARO we don’t remember asking

    Jake Owens

    @Sharpy r/woooooosh


    If u are gaming its great

Imagine being in a group with the rich kid in class and he pulls out this beast from his backpack


    @Murtaza Hussain fleccs

    Swastik Nandgaonkar

    You mean from his laptop trunk right😂

    aj bondoc

    zak you life is only worth $9k?


    *custom suitcase

    Sofi Love…


Christopher Nugent

Dual GPUs might be good for OS development, where you can pass one of them through to the VM containing your test image.

Ronald Dean Matanguihan

Unbox Therapy never disappointed me when it comes to unboxing. You guys are dope. I always enjoy watching your videos.


Imagine sitting beside a guy while using this and his laptop suddenly shuts down due to overheating because your fan was blowing hot air into his😂😂😂


    He will be like wtf😂

    Ghayathi Gt

    ഹേമന്ത് dark souls player 😂



Protsahan lama

*Everybody gangsta till the desktop starts folding*

    Priyadarshani Mudholkar

    Protsahan lama I my reaction was just like ur profile pic


    Your profile picture just fits


    @Mohamed El Kayal exactly no WAY in hell im i taking this anywhere the chances of me getting jumped for it are so damn high.


When your laptop looks, sounds and performs like a Lamborghini

    Alpha sinister


    Robert tha basshead Jacobson

    More like a Bugatti.


    when a laptop costs same as a lambo


    I keep laughing at this comment because its true!

    Player One Gaming

    @Irtiza Hussain LMAO


You bring this baby into a Starbucks, set it down, and it takes up the entire table. You take out an entire gaming setup with drinks, cables, a mouse, and a headset. Everybody is looking at you as the fans overpower even the sound of blenders. You have now become a flex god.


    @Ambrose Killpack yeah but at least you’ve established your presence as an epik gemer so it’s still a W


    then you spill coffee on your laptop

    Jordan Jones [Celestial Waffles]

    @Jam and the laptop is water proof……………..i think…………………….OR YOU JUST WASTED YOUR FUCKING 9000 DOLLARS

    Laur-un (stage name, actually called Faith)


    Fikret Kayhan

    ​@Marc G don’t forget bit-minning!

Jaganivas CK

“What’s its RAM?”
“Ohh sorry, what’s its horse power?”


    @Lobin woha🥵


    I wish im the one with this…

    Arvind Dhiman

    I was reading RAM as RPM🤣


    @Lobin yes I need 64 gigs of ram

    Demon Kil

    @chrome101 yesssss

Umer Paracha

I need this to play cool math games.

    Anand Suralkar

    I wanna COC

    Pepper Village Pepper Sauce



    @Chandani Singh theres also Geforce RTX


    cool math games is 0.000000000000000000000000001% of the things that can run on this monster.


I remember seeing this thinking, “how are we ever going to top this?”. Two years later I just ordered an Asus Zephyrus Duo with a RTX 3070 that can creme these gpus. Just wow.


    @Arkadiusz Jan Dylewski not to mention a mobile rtx 3070, this desktop replacement has two DESKTOP 1080s in it. Laptop gpus are getting close but they are not quite there yet. The mobile 3060 is equivalent to the desktop 3060 but the 70 and 80 aren’t matched yet with the desktop topping 30% and 50% respectively.

    Words to His Bride Ministries

    @Arkadiusz Jan Dylewski Yes, for the three games that still support SLI. Which is a real shame.


    @Flicks I literally just said it right there, what is there not to understand? The mobile 3060 is equivalent to the desktop 3060, the mobile 3070 isn’t matched with the desktop 3070, and the mobile 3080 definitely isn’t matched with the desktop 3080. The mobile 3080 is close to a desktop 3070 in terms of real world performance depending on the cooling situation.

    Aleksandr Lapz

    @Flicks yes, 3070 laptop is worse than desktop, but 3060 laptop is the same

    Naegleria Fowleri

    Why even buy a laptop lol

i am kelz

welcome back to another episode of I CANT AFFORD THAT 😂😂


    I’ve been saving for 3 years. I’m nowhere close

    es jonne

    Still the same price?

    Dr Daddy GameR

    Bro, what a line you have written
    I completely agree

    Kirito Alt

    U can if u live at the place where 1 dollars mean 4 in that country 😂

    Ya’ Know

    Well said!


I like how 2 years ago, you needed a laptop as big as a tree just to fit a GTX 1080 in, and now you have laptops that are thinner than paper holding an RTX 3090 and an i9…


    @llVIU rtx 4090 laptops are as powerful or even slightly more than a desktop 3090, crazy how powerful laptops has become

    R K

    I believe laptop gpu’s use a smaller dye, so a 3080 would actually just be a rebranded 3070. Not actually a full fledged 3080.


    @R K maybe, but i think its more to do with power delivery. a dekstop have a way bigger powersupply than a laptop

    Lord Greyh0unds

    Mobile gaming cards exist Lad!!


    It has SLI 1080ti ^^ and also it has the preem of an ultra wide curved monitor and full sized mechanical keyboard where you even can change the switches and a dobly atmos sound system which sounds somewhat like a JBL Flip 5, which you can not fit in ultra slim laptops

Wii Nunchuck

Mom: Why is our electric bill so high?

Me in the corner:



    JîMî cretar

    Actually you need the whole house for this. Not the corner 🤣😜

    Pratyush Yadav



    Drax vibes….

    Oldboy √

    Me around the kitchen table because my desk is too small

Hrs Mrt

This is not a laptop, this is… a portable desktop!


    exactly what a laptop means


    ​@Richeese you had to ruin it


    @Richeese nope.


    @santi its literally the definition of a laptop

Arihant Bhattacharjee

That thing looks sick! Imagine them doing a 3090 version of the 21x!

Charles Juganas

4 years and this still looks nice. And still out of our budget reach


Funny how a 700$ pc is better now


    Yea but it is a pretty cool laptop, I would want one tbh


    @Beemo Pretty old, don’t you think? Are there any next-gens?


    @sontalks I mean I think there are alot of sli laptops out there you just gotta google them.


imaginate esta bestia en la actualidad, pero perfeccionado con mejor disipasion y menos ruido. seria una cosa barbara

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