The Ocean Cleanup begins cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The nonprofit global cleaning crew called The Ocean Cleanup, led by founder and CEO Boyan Slat, announced recently that it had reached viability of its ocean plastic-collecting System 002 technology and plans to begin cleaning plastic pollution in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch immediately while beginning development of System 003.

The Ocean Cleanup


Check out the Team Seas collab with The Ocean Cleanup and get involved

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Paul Cuffaro

This was super cool to watch how it’s done. So amazing to see this happening too😊


    Have you stoped trash dumping in oceans
    From cities villages ,from earth side into ocean.

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    yonatan schlussel

    @Everything Random ????

    Markus Müller

    Great job ! Thanks ! 🙂

nick pillow

The fact that it takes everyday citizens forming nonprofits are the ones getting this done when all the world’s governments just sit back and watch the world burn. Proud of you guys!

    Amy Caprari

    Makes one wonder WHY we pay our ‘governments’ at all! Or WHY we even tolerate them.

    Piyush Rahi

    @Elexx no one can track spitting 🤣 how tf you fine them


    @Piyush Rahi bruh this comment was posted over a year ago y’all still replying

    Ginberly Kickit

    @Elexx to little to late. And even if every government banned plastics todays it still leaves a big mess that needs cleaning. And the people that profited from the plastic need to pay for it. Before you make a product you should know how to recycle it properly and efficiently and have that available for anyone who purchases it. We have already paid through the teeth for these useless plastic products and now we gotta pay again fffff off c

Robert Jimenez

It’s honestly refreshing to see positive news and have people actively working to improve the world rather than just saying something needs to be done. Thanks for being heroes.


    Yay, we can feel good about our productionist political economy again! Time to go back to consuming in extreme excess!

    A Roach

    @Nathan not necessarily. It would take a longer time to create those plastics as uses then thrown out and reached the exact location then it would be to clean them out.
    Not to mention that the most of actual pollution is cause by countries with problematic waste management. And the sunglasses or plastic that it’s being distributed to isn’t in those places. Nor do we have any idea just yet what it’s effect is in the long run. Plus the fact that those pollution were there from years and years of build up not a single day. Or the availability that they can set up better waste management ideas now with the plastics out.

    Fred Hall

    @Nathan pay attention in school tomorrow

    Duck Song Fans

    @Nathan no, will be in landfill, not ocean

    peach books

    @Nathan not all plastics are bad if they are actually recycled and not just dumped in to the ocean

Bora Sumer

I actually can’t believe we are so late to start doing this. This doesn’t look like a rocket science to me, but sometimes taking initiatives is way more important than the technology you use. 👏

    Markus Müller

    Great job ! Thanks ! 🙂


    What’s sad is nobody is talking about how the majority of trash sinks 🤦‍♂️


    Well said. 😀


THIS IS FANTASTIC ! never thought he’d get this off the ground and get it backed but WOW ! THE GUY SHOULD BE GIVEN ALL THE FUNDS HE NEEDS BECAUSE IT WORKS ! 👍👊✊🧡❤

Da Gunni

I live in Hawaii and see every day how much trash is thrown away and eventually ending up in the ocean. Once in awhile I’m walking down the beach and collecting rubbish, just a small step doing my part. You guys really make a difference! Thank you!!!

    Dave Tarrant

    Da Gunni, you say that trash that is being thrown away is ending up in the ocean. Can you explain exactly how that happens? Are the trash truck backing up and unloading into the ocean? Have you seen this happen?


It brings tears to my eyes to see the passion and work being done to make life better by solving problems rather than band-aiding them. Truly inspiring.

Olga Rehn

This is a very good action and I am quite happy that someone is actually cares! However, it is only one side of the issue—- it is like treating the symptoms instead of the fixing the source! It will be never-ending cleaning, unless all the nations come up with an international solution for our trash not to end up in the oceans !! Hope – there is always hope!

    Cheesethe Koala

    You do realize treating the symptom first is exactly how you treat medical illnesses? You start by managing and treating symptoms before we can figure out what’s going on and get a treatment plan for the cause of the issue going. That’s how it works…


    @Cheesethe Koala I mean, but we already know what’s going on and what’s causing it.


    There are indeed many many sides to consider when it comes to trash pollution. Cleaning our water is one part.

    In my opinion, this is a wonderful start. It brings awareness; it brings hope and inspiration. I think we can all agree that we must not stop at tackling one part. Personally, humans are the root of all artificial problems. And it seems simple at first (at least to some) but the ‘human root’ is an extremely broad and severe topic once ya start to break it down.

    The list of human problems is long. We have poor education, dubious governments, trust issues, bias, cultural restrictions, and so on. Our lack of competence as humanity has caused numerous areas of Earth to be degraded, which includes ourselves.

    Every revolution is not inherently easy to provoke, but this is a make or break time of age. Thus, as an underlying solution, I suggest we remain calm, make connections where we can, and stick together. Act when possible. Now and for future time to pass is a crucial moment not to fight (unhealthily). We must work together… because this, allll of this, is a concept that pertains to every single one of us.

    valerie lion

    Many people care. Not everyone has an entrepreneurial mind. millions will support Ocean Cleanup


    have you wacthed till the end of the video?

Keith Nelson

I always thought a large ship with a front that opened, or several large ships, driving through the patch and scooping the plastic was one way of clearing it, but this seems better. Can’t understand why governments didn’t come up with these ideas ages ago.
Genius idea and well put into to reality by the ocean cleanup…10 out of 10.


    bcs government doesn’t fund any thinkers or money towards this. politicians gotta fuel their jets 😂😂

    Quinn Dirks

    Politicians are beholden to their constituents, you can’t just blame government. They would very well want to clean up the ocean pollution if it was a popular idea and had public support, because it would get them re-elected! I’m sure there are democrats and republicans alike who would love to see a cleanup effort in the ocean, but neither one is willing to raise taxes in order to pay for it, and there is an underlying problem which is, plastic pollution is not going to stop, which means cleanup efforts would have to continue indefinitely. Try telling a government’s people that you want to raise taxes in order to pay for ocean cleanup of plastic pollution which is ongoing and unexpected to end and it’s not just pollution from your country, but all countries, and see how much it hurts your odds of getting re-elected. When it becomes a public health crisis, that’s when the government contracts will be created to clean up the ocean.

Alex Mousley

SO good to see some good news- some highly skilled people involved in cleaning up the ocean. It’s very sad that this terrible plastic pollution is happening in the first place, but, fabulous that this amazing visionary and his team has done the essential work to start reversing it.


This is awesome. I cant beleive ive just heard of this. This guy should be all over in the media with the work he is doing along with all his helpers

Jim Lanpheer

Wow, I had no idea this effort was even possible, much less underway. I remember reading the very first stories about the garbage patch years ago. This is a very worthwhile cause worth contributing to, congratulations!

Michael Ihde

Big shoutout to all the divers filming this footage for us inside the nets. While they are undoubtedly highly trained and competent at their jobs, they are all putting their lives on the line by being dangerously close to so much debris and gear. Thanks to everyone who made this happen! -An Alaskan

    David Amaral

    Big shoutout to all ship crews for cleaning up the oceans! -An European

    Michael Ihde

    @David Amaral Yes, of course! So glad that there are people doing this.


    They would have oxygen tanks though but yeah good on them it’d be nerve racking

    Jesus In A Blackman

    This comment is Icy 🥶


Can’t tell you how nice it is to hear good climate news for once!

Loren Helgeson

I remember seeing the concept for system 1 years ago. I’mglad they didn’t give up on it, and that system 2 improves on it so much. Very happy for these guys and their successes so far.


This is absolutely incredible. A huuuuge shout out to everyone directly involved with the Ocean Clean-up Project.

    Matthew M. S., CFP

    That amount of trash in that large of an ocean basically nothing. That net probably kills an incredible amount of marine life small and large

    Emilia san

    @Matthew M. S., CFP bro didn’t saw whole video and came to comment…

    Matt C

    ​@Matthew M. S., CFP watch the video before you comment genius 😂 they literally cover that in the video.


you have no idea how much this relieves anxiety. any milestone, led alone one this amazing, is so important for people to see that there is a way to help and there are people doing good things to help the planet.


    @Phoenixesper1 corny


    @Christianity Recap that’s not why they take the plastic out of the ocean egghead

Samanthwalter Archie

I’m 54 and my wife and I are VERY worried about our future, gas and food prices rising daily. We have had our savings dwindle with the cost of living into the stratosphere, and we are finding it impossible to replace them. We can get by, but can’t seem to get ahead. My condolences to anyone retiring in this crisis, 30 years nonstop just for a crooked system to take all you worked for.

    Charlotte Elizabeth

    Johannes Buchanan Nah I Can’t say I can relate, MARGARET ANN WARNKEN charge is one-off and pretty reasonable when compared to what I benefit in returns.

    Samanthwalter Archie

    @Charlotte Elizabeth I will give this a look, thanks a bunch for sharing.

    Shahan 484

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Amazing work carried out by you the Team i hope u achieve success and this would be the message for the common public not only but for the whole mankind who shout on in debates rather than working on it i hope that UNO should Jump in between and urge all the nations for the clearing of oceans very good job by you guys


    @Craig McDonald Mind Your tongue mister

Joakim Dam

I can’t express how happy i am that there’s people alive like this team. There might be a future for our exceptional planet with more incentives like this

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