The RAINBOW GUN CHALLENGE in Fortnite: Battle Royale!

Fortnite Battle: Royale – The RAINBOW GUN Challenge, enjoy! 😀
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)



Matt Luton

And here’s me struggling to get one kill and getting 15th place 😭

    EuphoriaGaming HD

    Pompeymatt 123 unlucky

    12 24

    EuphoriaGaming HD *noob

    Duncan Hendriks

    Land in big towns to improve battle skills. build a lot and find weapons you are good with

    Dragon Slayer

    Call 3 brothers for backup the rainbow is originating from that area 😭

Dyno Gamer

Who else is happy about Ali picking up snipers 🙂

    Onmi drip infinity Goku




    Ben Sweeney


Brad Fifield

The upgrade challenge, you have to find the lowest tier of a weapon and then find every variants like grey leads to green leads to blue etc


    Yea this one sounds nice


daily bangers…gotta love Ali-A he’s been dropping bangers since 2016


Great Video Ali. Keep bringing us GREAT Content As always !!

Slay Ace

Keep doing challenges Ali, I love them ❣️ (metal material only challenge)

Jocelynn Nunez

Can’t wait for more fortnite challenges keep up the great 👍😁

Christopher Kinder

I believe the next challenge you should attempt is just a shotgun challenge. Can’t use anything else just shot guns. This would create epic gameplay due to all the rushing you would have to pull off and would be a entertaining and fun video to watch. Good job on the video, can’t wait to watch more!

Jim Hopkins

I would like to see you do a first gun challenge. You have to keep the first gun you pick up and that is the only gun you can carry to win the game . You can use any explosives you find as well . Hopefully you can try this challenge and let us know how you do . Good luck !!

Zula Ayoub

Challenge: you’re only allowed to use the weapons you pick up with empty slots, you are not allowed to swap weapons you have to better ones! You can use stuff like shields to free up stuff in your weapon wheel, you are allowed to swap equipment (eg. Swap a boogie bomb for a slurp)


    Why is there no repliee




Do a no building challenge. ^^ Would be cool to see how well you’d manage to survive. Obviously you’ll get that Victory Royal 😉

Πανος Μεμε

Dude you work so hard and this videos are just nuts such good ideas and the thing that you win every challenge is so difficult and we don’t understand how many matches you could have played to achieve it !just to know your are the best fortnite youtouber !keep going mate


Have you attempted a no resource challenge? I think it would be one of the toughest of all!

Cosmic Sloth

Awesome video Ali, I loved this challenge. Keep up the awesome content.


You should do a challenger where you will land only in tilted towers and you can use only the loot you find , and if you find a chest DO NOT loot it. I hope u can do it pretty easy! Good Luck 🙂


What sucks is my friends aren’t really a fan of Ali-a only me but I still believe in you keep making more good videos and I’ll stay toon

Maddy Hager

I have a idea for a challenge!! You should put a blindfold on and have somebody next to you like Claire or someone and have them guide/tell you where to go and what to do.


If you watch the kills in 0.25x speed you can see the people drop to the floor (especially 1:25)

Mark Twigge

Anyone else watching in quarantine because they miss the times when fortnite was still fun

    quanliglig dingle

    Yeah I miss back then


Mmmh the nostalgia ice been looking at the map for 20 minutes i want it back

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