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Tips tricks for OneNote tutorial ! The best notetaking app for students & me.
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Victor duarte

One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of universities have a deal with Microsoft giving students free access to office 365 so price might not be an issue for a lot of students.


    We get free Office with new computers these days… it came on our Gaming Laptops too.

    Jay b

    @Mohamed Ahmed you have to talk to your school not Microsoft. Microsoft can’t do nothing it all though the uni


    You can forever have free office 365 forever if your university never terminates your student email, which they usually don’t


    Same here. We have to join our school’s organisation. The only difference is we get some other features, like class notebooks in OneNote and Assignments in Teams


OneNote on a 2-in-1 along with OneDrive is great for school. I usually put ruled lines on when I take notes by hand so I’m not all over the place. Using the ruler and shapes help out a lot too when creating visuals. Also, I tend to setup the 2-in-1 in an “A” to avoid having to hold the screen up while I write.

Yannick Orounla

I went full digital 3 years ago with one note, and as a university student I can confirm the usability. I take every notes on my x360 hp envy and I can modify them anytime on my smartphone…


    That’s awesome! Ive been thinking about getting an envy x360 as well for school, but i was not sure if the battery life would last and if the fan noise is really disruptive, especially in class. Have u found the device to be good?

    Yannick Orounla

    @estelle I would totally recommend it. The battery life is not amazing, but it does last enough. The fan noise can be controlled in hp command center


The only bad thing in one note it’s that you can’t set a paper size like an A4 for example, you are stuck with the almost infinte white background, and this is a problem if you wanna print your notes.

    Bandisa Masilela

    @Maxwell’s Demon I’m with u on that. It’s one of the reasons why I stopped using notability. It’s trying too hard to imitate real world note taking and I’m not there.

    Lenka Šustáčková

    @Randalf Majere I’m glad I could help

    OES 25

    But excelent for jamming an entire sub-topic or lecture in 1 page. So much more organized than having 6 pages for 1 sub-topic. I like the freedom of the layout, even if it’s not perfect.

    Jai Kumar Bohara

    This feature comes with one note but not one note(which comes with office 2019 and office 365) for Windows 10(which comes pre installed in all windows devices)

    Andres V.

    @Greg Nickel good idea

Sara Dietschy

Notability is great in apple land but the entire point was something that worked on both sides but mainly for my 2in1. I tried OneNote years ago and it was terrible — it’s gotten so much better!!!😅

    Michael Grant Jr

    I honestly do not think I would have made it through college without OneNote. The math feature doubles as a tutor because it shows steps for many equations. Once I’d gotten uses to using it and how to write so it understood my hand writing, it became a strong tool for college.

    Evan Worth

    Are you still using OneNote Sara?

    AP Geiger

    HATED one note what nightmare. May be better now but no thank you!!

    zainab Muhammad

    @Ashish its probably
    one note for windows 10

    zainab Muhammad

    @Mamun Khulna a laptop that has touch
    screen and a pen


Not sure if One Note is exactly THE best, but it sure delivers a huge amount of value for your money, especially if you have Office 365. I absolutely love having my notes EVERYWHERE. I did love Notability, but after buying it for iOS, I was disappointed that I had to buy another license to see my notes in my Mac 🤦🏻‍♂️.

Kevin Bhasi

5:18 Microsoft Whiteboard reminds me of Drawpile, but both have differences, mainly with software support and network functionality.
11:05 Yeah, I don’t use Bing either as I find a lot of ads there, whereas with DuckDuckGo, there are less ads, and they’re so anonymous that the ads usually target a country other than the one I live in!

Thanks to YouTube for putting this in my feed. I’m accustomed to Evernote as i prefer to type my notes, and had been planning to try switching to the free version of OneNote, also because unlike you, I don’t like modern Apple, to the point where I use Debian (sometimes other desktop Linux distros), Windows, and Android. At the same time, I’m also trying Inkredible, and it’s so much of a mess for me right now that I’m sticking to Evernote for now, but slowly transitioning.

Vortical Oatmeal

Highly recommend trying Nebo on the XPS. I don’t think it can do the whole cross-compatibilty thing but I like the handwriting translation, math, diagrams, and sketch features for class notes

Elin Häggberg

Yeah! I was so happy to see that this it was OneNote! When I switched from Mac to PC last year (a Dell XPS of course) I looked for something to replace Apple Notes, and that was really nice on desktop. And my choice fell on OneNote and really came to love it. So fun to see you coming to the same conclusion 🙌


Best OneNote feature is audio sync. Record a lecture or meeting while taking notes. Later, click on a area of your notes and the audio will play. Or, play the audio and it will scroll through your notes.

    Paul Auten

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh * screams in wishing i knew about this feature in school******


    @BommeltjeNL lol. OneNote has had the feature since before Apple offered a pencil.


    @sp10sn You’re right, found that out later. But, it’s not the same function. In Notability you can click on any part of the notes and the sound that goes with that part of the notes will be played. That’s golden 👍


    @sp10sn You are right. I found out later, but… the function isn’t the same as the one in Notability. There you can record and lasteron click on the text and the sound of that moment is played. That works wonderful and is what I’m searching for in other software. Haven’t found that yet. Neither in OneNote 👍


    I wish but lots of professors now don’t allow recording x.x

Janko Lupsa

TIP: If you want to avoid the horror of text boxes overlapping, create just one text box. When you want to add content, go to the last line and use cursor to move down. That way you can stay in the same text box.
One Note has an infinite canvas and if you ever hope to export your notes to PDF, you have to be careful how wide you make your notes.

I use One Note on my Mac all the time and it gets really annoying because double click&drag doesn’t select by word as it does in most word processing apps. I have sent several messages to Microsoft One Note feedback, but still nothing.
I also miss links from One Note to other apps. One Note creates really cumbersome links that point to One Drive and there are very few apps that are able to open One Note and show the note when clicking a link created in One Note. Most just open a browser. And web version of One Note is not very useful…
Other than that, using One Note on Mac, iPad and iPhone is quite fun. I still have a long way to go with 5GB free One Drive storage I got when creating a new login for starting One Note.

Jodh Turka

When I joined college for the first time last year, I was using it from day one and it felt soo convenient to have all your notes available on any platform whether i was using my iPad to take notes or it was down to my phone.

Brian Smrz

This is a great video Sara. I’ve found your reviews and opinions insightful. However I was surprised you didn’t mention Evernote, and many people in the comments didn’t either. I’ve used Evernote for years on all platforms and it’s such a great note taking app. I enjoy how I can update on my iPad and then sync to review my notes on my Samsung Note 9. I was curious why you didn’t mention it or maybe I missed you saying something about it in the past.

Sonic Jackalope Productions

OneNote is a powerhouse! Been using it for years to run a theater and a ton of music festivals. That note taking app has been the backbone to almost 10k shows in my career. And, platform agnostic!! As a technical director, I can tell you the most important software you will ever use in the music industry isn’t ProTools or QLab, but MS Office (which makes OneNote even more powerful with outlook integration)


Yes. I also use one note. But I hate the infinite canvasses sometimes. I really wish that microsoft would add a page size option so that when I go to print pdf, my work actually fits. You can get A4 pages off onenote 2016 but this only works for a single page which usually isn’t enough space. I guess I could make lots of separate A4 pages, but this makes things messy, having a subsection with pages labelled by their respective number, not to mention having to save them all individually then recombining them into a single PDF.

    Yusra Sayed

    I have the same issue, otherwise one note is perfect


I totally agree with you. I switched off Noteability about 4 Months ago. I use both Windows, Mac and an iPad 11 Pro and am totally impressed with Microsoft’s integrated Office 365 products. You certainly have a right to be excited. There is nothing better in my opinion.

Matthew O’Mealey

The web based version works well too when you’re not on your personal machine. I love cross platform solutions. I’m generally OS agnostic and love switching between devices for different uses. Windows 10, Android, Ubuntu, Chrome OS, iOS, MacOS…
OneNote works well on them all.


2 in 1’s are great! I recently had my Thinkpad Yoga taken away because the company wanted the word “workstation” on every laptop. I did get another 32GB of memory and a Xeon processor…but, to be honest, my Thinkpad Yoga (P40?…i forget) i7 with 32GB of memory and a decent graphics card was PLENTY fast! And I really loved note taking on that thing using OneNote. The company got what they wanted I guess… but, “we the worker” spent a lot more time in our cubicles just because of heat generation and weight on the new workstations. GO LIGHT if your buying your own! They are PLENTY fast and a lot more versatile.

Asia HeartMan

I’m honestly tempted to do a hybrid note-taking system with Notion and OneNote, because I love writing as if I had a paper notebook on my computer and Notion is absolutely disgusting to use on phone.
Basically if I want organized notes on my phone I’ll use OneNote, if I want handwritten notes I’ll use OneNote and later I’ll just pass it to Notion.
I’ve stopped using OneNote for a long time because I’ve had massive problems with syncing. It just wouldn’t sync anymore.

Shannon in Alaska

I have been using OneNote for years. I couldn’t live without it. Years ago, while in grad school, I would scan copies of my book from my scanner directly into OneNote and use the OCR built in to OneNote to copy everything into a text file. Then when we would have an open book test, we would just search for the terms associated with the test question.

Most recently, I started a new job a few years ago and now I use it to take notes, screenshots, save documents/links, etc.

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