THE START OF SOMETHING AWESOME | Detroit:Become Human – Part 1

It's finally time to sit down in Detroit and Become Human!

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My name is Connor. I am the android sent by Cyberlife!





    jack: *just types a quote from the game*
    literally everyone: 👍

    Candice Nutzfit-inurmouth

    “My name is Connor, I’m the android sent by Cyberlife” -Connor (AKA Brian Dechart)
    (Edit: Man.. I wished Connor is here to assist me in my house..


    this was 4 years ago


Who just randomly remembered this series then started watching it all over again

    Chloe Lira

    I’m back… again





    Dude yes you just defined relatable

    Oceanrex5000 ᛋᛁᛘᛅᚾ

    Exactly the same thing I’m doing.

    jiang hu

    still doing this


i find it interesting that everyone is pissed at the androids and not the company that designed and creates them. its not its fault that it took a job from anyone, its just following programming


    @texas red Just like people who call other people ‘Karen’ to insult them. It sucks being on the other side of the counter and being the one the ‘Karens’ scream at when you are just doing your job. Knowing that the word to call people like that is your own name. Can’t even insult them properly. lol. Every person I’ve met with the actual name Karen, they were all very kind.


    makes sense


    Also if we didn’t have to compete for jobs to be able to make a good livable wage then people wouldn’t be mad at the thought of robots doing jobs plus their is always Gonna be jobs robots can’t do by themselves


    I think people would still find something to be mad about. Even if there were plenty of jobs. There would still be people who would not want certain ones and complain. Like if there are hundreds of thousands of jobs available, but they are the retail/fast food kind of job…some people would say that isn’t a real job and not want it. They’d rather have no job than work there. To a lesser degree we already have ‘robots’ doing jobs that humans could do but refuse to do. Like ringing out people at the supermarket. Self checkout. Or auto pay online. It’s faster and easier of a computer does it. But, humans don’t seem to want the jobs in the first place. Then complain when the jobs are taken by people. or machines, when there is not enough people wanting to do the job.

    jonginini kim

    so glad i found this comment because i got so mad watching the humans take all their anger out on the androids. it’s so stupidly illogical. take your anger to the companies not the androids!

Leonardo demartino

I just noticed after coming back to this playthrough, when Connor saves the fish his software instability goes up because he is doing something he wants instead of strictly following the mission, meaning that Connor’s path to becoming a revolutionary started by saving a fish. What a fucking amazing origin story.

    Marron_Axolotl Music

    When I first played the game I almost failed the mission because I was just looking at the fish xD

    Quvantatillias tinglehut

    never thought of that

    James Animates


    Tiger Wolf pip


    James Animates

    @Tiger Wolf pip Alright…. alright… Everything is going to be… Ok..


    **IS IT THAT HARD TO SAY?!?!**



POV: you’re rewatching the entire detroit become human series in 2021 for the fifth time

    Otto Playz

    Nah 2023

    ooga chaka

    4th time 2023


    Make it 2023


    2023 but yes i am lmao


    POV: you’r in 2023 now for the 12th rewatch


Coming back after years and only just picked up on this, when Todd says “You know I love you don’t you? You know I love you.” Alice is *mouthing* those exact words, showing this has happened so many times before. That’s sick!

    P B

    What I’m confused about is if Alice is an android and Todd knows this, why does he still say all these things like “I love you” and “your dad”? I guess he’s just coping? Do we ever learn what happened to his real daughter and wife?


    @P B He is using Alice to cope with the loss of his real daughter.
    Yes we do! His wife ran away with an accountant and took her daughter because of his drug and alcohol problems, hope this helps!

    Daily Notes


    Jaime Evermore

    @-Amy- I’m okay, thank you for asking 🙂
    I can’t say my situation is much better, but mentally, I am in a better place than I was.


    @Jaime Evermore I’m glad you’re doing better <3

Elizabeth Catlion

30:24 if anybody ever felt bad about stealing the ticket at the bus station as Kara- that’s the woman who you stole it from so don’t feel bad

    Elizabeth Catlion

    @Austin Masoni Yeah it sucks how you think you’re doing the right thing but then because of it you can’t get a good ending with Kara and family

    Llukan Dane

    no way. that is actually very interesting and very cool to figure out


    i finished the game , but i did not play this scene, i wonder why 😅🤣


    @Elizabeth Catlion I’ve thought about that a lot, but I’ve come to realise that I think it’s very much intentional. Until you reach the bus-tickets, you’re able to stay morally clean throughout the game and get the best possible options. But when you play as Markus or Connor, you’re always choosing between lesser evils – even the best decisions locks out other useful options.

    If you could get past the checkpoint without anyone dying or stealing, there’d be a path where Kara could save everyone and never do anything morally questionable. That would be a “perfect” path. I personally feel that having a “most correct” path goes against the core of the game. The objective of the game isn’t finding a true path for everyone – it’s making decisions.

    Bihter Demir

    I never felt bad cuz they are humans the guards won’t kill them obliviously they would survive either way


In my opinion Marcus is the best character. He has some of the sweetest scenes with Carl and the score when Marcus is painting the canvas with his eyes closed was just beautiful. Marcus is very very underrated.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    I love marcus too especially if you choose the the revolution outcome because he becomes an overzealous extremist I always love heros who do morally questionable things to achieve their morally justifiable goal like achieving freedom for the androids


Todd’s character honestly scares me. I feel hatred, guilt, depression and a tinge of sympathy when I see him. It’s your classic abusive father.


    to be fair his wife left and took his kid . so he got a “Kid” that isn’t even real

    Matilda G16

    I feel hatred, maybe a smidge of symphathy (a tiny bit more when we find out what Kara finds out) but mostly very anxious


    Yep same

    Maddi Owens

    @ItsZombieKing90 he purchased an expensive robot child for the sole purpose to abuse it and break it, I’m pretty sure his wife had a damn good reason to leave

    A Creator


Dr Ripley

I like how the kids treat the androids like their friends or parental figures

    ◇《F R E A K O F N A T U R E》◇

    I’d kill to have one of them be my friends tbh

    ◇《F R E A K O F N A T U R E》◇

    @Omvec nah they be chill


Watching this again, I realize that the preacher in Markus’ first scene, he says “It is you who will bring evil to detroit” or smtg, which is TECHNICALLY a foreshadow to the other version of Markus’ path, the violent rvolution.

    Khristian Bayless

    yuh fs


    He says “you bring the end of Detroit” which he technically does in any playthrough he doesn’t get kicked out of Jericho. He ends the way the humans see androids, he brings an end to an entire society and its ways. Whether metaphorically or literally, he really does drop a bomb on detroit

Planned progress


Me watching Jack play Detroit for the 100th time because yes

    TheIntrovert _22

    Heck yeah

    jonginini kim

    ayooo me too! just started my 3rd (4th?) watch-through



    Boop Sauce

    I watch this playthrough at least 4 times every year


    Yeah, Im currently sick right now so I’m watching some videos from Jack

The Nameless Ghost

Jacksepticeye: “69% you know what that means”

*Sniff* “I don’t have enough money for chicken nuggets.”

    Khristian Bayless

    that’s exactly where my mind went


    I love that you used that line 😂

    Samerson Isaac 🌙


Archer Scars

I forgot that he did the whole “screaming and hype up” outro. Kinda caught me off guard when he started yelling “LIKE A BOSS” and it took me back to my childhood


    In A Good Way or In A Bad Way?

    Archer Scars

    @TheGamer167 absolutely in a good way

Gabby Felicetti

Something as I’m re-watching this I just remembered is that technically both Marcus and Connor are special. Connor is an experimental model of a detective android and Marcus is completely unique because he was specifically made for Carl… While Kara is an already out mass produced model that based on the beginning of her section, isn’t even a newer model

    P B

    When do we learn Markus was a special commission?


    @P B I believe it’s in the scene where Connor is analyzing the video Markus made, he sees all the schematics and info in a brief moment. He also sees that Markus is an RK prototype, which can lead to him asking Amanda if he’s really a unique model.

    Marisol Becerra

    @JaraelMoonsilverWe can also infer that Carl and Kamski were close from the paintings done by Carl in Kamski’s house, which also hints to Markus being a gift from Kamski to Carl


    @Marisol Becerra I think there’s an article that confirms that, actually! It’s been a while tho so I don’t know where

    Marisol Becerra

    @JaraelMoonsilver I think I know what you’re talking about, it might’ve been the file that Connor sees about him if you go through the android criminal records, or a magazine

MIPA 2_Abila Fauziyah Agussalim

Jack: “Can AI make their own art?”
2022: “Yes, yes they can”

    Shadow Knight_250

    @female jesus well i mean real artists also do that.


    I like the app where the AI creates images. The commercial on it looks cool. You say what you want and the AI generates the image, no one can do better.


    i mean AI doesn’t make it’s own art.. it searches art and mixes it togehter. if you write a word the ai will search of art with this promp and combine it… so its not making its own art from imagination


I keep forgetting just how good the character models are in this game. i feel like I’ve seen them suffering a lot in games these days

    Meemah_ SN

    It’s even cooler knowing they’re literally the actors scanned and digitised.


    Which games?


    Which games?


    Looks like PS5 graphics despite the game being played on inferior hardware


Androids should have a safety feature where if they witness child abuse then they quietly call CPS.


    Since coporations like Cyberlife only value profit, they wouldn’t want to put that feature in, because it would deter people from buying the Android. We already are wary of Alexa and Siri in real life, and some of their recordings were used in a court case, which hurt sales. I think it’s likely a privacy setting would be made or the function would never be offered

    T P

    It should be the child’s decision if they want to be ripped from their families, I think it would cause conflicts with androids copping them out like that. I think they should just be physically built to protect children and vulnerable beings when there’s danger in the moment


    @T P well, yes, but actually no. you see, children naturally love their parents no matter how shitty they are, especially young children who don’t really understand how the world works yet, so when given an option of stay with bad parent or not, they will probably chose to stay with the parent, which doesnt help the problem of the parent being a bad parent. the bots should just call them all a therapist tbh

    T P

    @CreeperArcade yeah actually thats a better negotiation


Jack: I feel bad when I don’t say please or thank you to Alexa

Literally me saying sorry to the table I bumped into

Backdoor mischief

Sean: “This is a mess, pizza boxes over here, todd is human garbage”
Me: “how does all that trash fit in the bin?”

    Clayton Angland

    Lmaooo same

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