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von makulet

Need a follow up video if you went to bathroom multiple times after this video.


    @Chamya Nisandu or maybe he is

    Chamya Nisandu

    @U.z.U wait. That’s illegal.

    Jason Nelson

    @Swati Puranik Toilet water is clean. The sewage is not.

    Hog rider

    Fun fact toilet water is probably really clean because most people put a lot of chemicals that kill the bacteria but i dont know about if someone went to the bathroom and you drunk it

    Muhammed Jasim

    @Cristiano Messi cristianoo messii


Me using it twice to get 198% bacteria filtered:

    AlvaroRB Playz

    Me using too 50% coupons for 100% discont


    @AlvaroRB Playz too coupons

    AlvaroRB Playz

    @raptorprime thank you for replying two my trap


    C’mon, man! That’s too easy!

    Musa Eugenie Ngwangfu

    @Failure nope


That 0.000001% bacteria : Im about to end this mans whole career 痰

    Waterdope official

    @yasoor Gamer the 1.001001e-8 of bactiera left

    yasoor Gamer

    @Waterdope official you know 100 other people pointed it out

    TheMart穩nPro55Xdd Y pheonix y auriga gamer

    @Zero you used a dead meme


    @yasoor Gamer you didn’t have to cut me off-

    yasoor Gamer

    @WarpedEnderman white bang


Update: It’s been 5 days since this was filmed – I’m still alive….for 19 more Life Saving inventions:

    buitiful gorilla

    Dang it- I mean yayyyyyy/j

    I’m Good, Wbu?

    alive bcz of Indians genes it seems

    like and sub


    Ruta Asnauske

    How do u know how mud taste like


If this guy doesn’t post, we know what happened.

    Brandon Herrera of the North

    He didn’t boil it

    Darth Yoda

    @Brandon Herrera of the North that was the point

    Sumit Singh

    This was his last video

    Idk and idc

    And then he vanished

Venkateswarlu Vishnu

bro risked his life for a sec儭儭


    @Soham bro thats what he said



    @Soham there can be anything in that mud lol


    Eating mud without bacteria is fine but idk how u gonna shart it

    Idk and idc

    @WestyC lmao

Rochelle Vetman

Clear water and Clean water, theres a difference. A big difference

    Rochelle Vetman

    Youre right

    Vaibhav B V

    Now all they need to do is boil it

    Ms Lekay

    Exactly! I would need upside down reverse reverse osmosis Jones to drink that damn water.




Its the cleanest water ever until they put it under a microscope

    Jason Nelson

    @MorAlex If it has good taste, it totally has a ton of stuff still floating in there


    @Jason Nelson I guess i didn’t put it out correctly! If it has any taste, good or bad, it has a ton of stuff floating in there.

    Jason Nelson

    @MorAlex Indeed, because everything has stuff floating around on it


    @MorAlex the straw can filter microbes but can’t filter chemical/toxin.


Try the geopress (Grayl) water filter next time

Raghad Charms

You shouldve used a pH strip to test them!

Someone that you dont know.

Definitely add a filter for flavor

Blake Bautista

I am alive for now for now had me


Damn man, that’s awesome! At least until you realise you have to swap out the filters after every mouthful of water


Bro sounding like Stewie out here love it

Sabina Prisecaru

But,I am alive,for me dead


The important thing to remember is types of filtration. The LifeStraw is simply a size filtration device. It will remove bacteria protozoa’s but it will not remove very small organisms such as viruses. The other thing it does not do is carbon filtrate or dionization. So any chemicals or toxins are still in the water.

For example if you use it to filter piss you’re going to get very clean and filtered piss.


    Exactly! If your water is near roads, marinas, houses, mines etc a filtration straw isn’t going to help

    David Chabooka jr

brodie TaiLongSmash

Can we get a follow up?

yassin yassin

i think you should run tests for the filterd water that way you’d be able to tell if it’s working.

Sigma Male

This, this right here. Is god sigma content.


Did you clean it between tests?

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