Unboxing The $3000 Bluetooth Speaker

Devialet Gold Phantom (USA Link) –
Devialet Gold Phantom (International) –

The Devialet Gold Phantom might be the most expensive wireless bluetooth speaker on the planet. Will the sound live up to the price tag? Is the Devialet the best bluetooth speaker available?

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Unbox Therapy

Devialet Gold Phantom (USA Link) – http://amzn.to/2nEMmag
Devialet Gold Phantom (International) – http://geni.us/R0sMGd0

be careful

    Reverse Goat

    Do u think we can afford that?

    Luca Thomson

    @Sv a samurais death

    Gary Stinten

    Please do a home shopping network version of a review for this..


    song at 5:38

    Official Unofficial

    Please send me one please 🥺

Chris Ramsay

*Throws in to the pile of other Bluetooth speakers*


    Can I have it? 🤣


    jfcjjcjc omg chris ur hir


    I mean, yeah if you look at his warehouse, he does.


    U r really a handsome guy bro


    YO! CHRIS! Damn, I love it when other YouTuber’s comment on other YouTuber’s video’s.


i’ve never wanted a 3000 dollar speaker so bad in my life

    Roger Beutler

    Go check out the Diamondboxx XL for $1700. Great speaker & it’s portable. Also made in the USA by great people in Camarillo CA.


    Its made out of medal and Kevlar not plastic. Beats didn’t use vacuum chamber tech like this does. Don’t know where you heard that stuff from but i wouldn’t listen to them anymore.

    kais Yaya

    buy an early 00’s car with boomers in the rear seats and enjoy


    i can build you one for $300 that will blow your mind for sure .when it comes to sound SIZE MATTERS .. Physics .this thing is a distorted mess

    Edgar Gallardo López

    @BeyerT1 jajajaja yo cant buy it


When the Bluetooth speaker is more expensive than your entire room.

    Nupur Kanti



    Philharmonic Orchestra treble, professional Reverb Chamber midrange, and Rap concert bass! For 3Gs, that’s what this BETTER sound like! ⭐⭐⭐👍


    this is when music is life


    I’ve got the most expensive one now, $4500, got it as a birthday gift

    Arnold Ferrera

    finally a speaker that can be pawned

Brad Huggins

I have one of these. Owned it two years now. I can wholeheartedly tell you I had the SAME reaction the first time I fired it up. Devialet is an amazing company. Their attention to detail is outstanding. This product had the most amount of patents due to their excellent engineering capabilities. The tweeter is made of titanium, which helps it achieve the incredible crisp highs and clarity it is known to put out. I have heard things in songs I’ve never heard before. The sound processor in this is designed to match the exact rate the sound was produced so you hear it as the artist actually intended and exactly how it was recorded. This thing has literally knocked stuff off of my walls. It’s absolutely body/earth shaking and I love every second of it. I use it indoors/outdoors for parties – pretty much everything in between. I can fire this thing up and have it playing at 60% volume and would be able to hear it up the road at my neighbors. When I tell you this thing gets loud, I mean it gets LOUD. This is one of those speakers they’ve engineered to be able to be played at max volume for hours on end, even though it’s not typical you’d use it like that. The 0% distortion rate helps regardless of the volume. I am so happy I purchased this speaker. If any one of you are on the fence about this, but have the funds to pull the trigger GO FOR IT. You will NOT be disappointed. I promise! Devialet is going to be around for a very, very long time.

    Mitch Hifi

    Also there’s distortion that is just something you get from dynamic drivers, even the best planars and Electrostatics have some distortion.

    The fact it’s bass heavy would mean it distorts this is just science you ca’t have a coil in a cone and have linear movement


    @Mitch Hifi Right, you’re absolutely correct, i was wrong.

    Mitch Hifi

    @William All good it was worded kinda weirdly. Misleading wording

    Robert P

    @Matt Hieu Get two of them! I bought the Phantom Reactor 900 and thought it was disappointing. I was going to return it and get the Phantom Gold, but then I read in a forum that two of the Reactor 900s sounds better than the Phantom Gold and I can’t image a single Phantom Gold sounding better than these two speaker as a pair. They sound amazing!


    Well damn. Now I need to get one

Julian Joseloff

I’ve actually had the opportunity to experience the quality of sound this speaker makes and it is utterly phenomenal but I have to say, $3,000 is too much.


    Yeah, 1,000 would already be crazy to me 😅 I guess cause it’s crafted so beautifully and uses expensive material.

Vaibhav Patil

I miss this type of unboxing which you did back then. So much fun, so much energy!!

The Houserocker

This review was so genuine and convincing that if I had the money I’d buy TWO of these ASAP! I still enjoy watching this even 3 years later!

    TG MTF

    Sorry i bought the entire stock

    White Simurgh

    Damn you’re rich!

    Leviathan’s Thunderstorm

    whats the song at 5:55


I’ve had the occasion to test this back in Lille, France and may I say, this thing is EPIC you feel the vibrations through your whole body. The bass is super well defined whilst keeping the mid and highs clear as day. I fully recommend it. Expensive but worth it for music enthousiasts

    Fatu Gassama

    I listened to this 3 years ago and promised myself I would get one. Saving up!


This is the Unbox Therapy I miss. The music, the hype and laughter.

    qarib bahr

    @Aryan AGREE


    Yeah, same here, he is no longer a cool dude unboxing cool stuff, its a company.

    Piotr Panecki

    Yeah, back than it was so “therapeutic” to see all those emotions.

    Jose A Alvarado

    @Aryan ohhhh yeah

    Jose A Alvarado

    @no one good point

Donald Matshiari

Today 4 years ago, this is still mindblowing

    Kapil Kapoor



    Nathan Oleinik or just a dedicated subwoofer


    Nathan Oleinik or just a dedicated subwoofer

    Phil Zen Design

    Agreed. Simply love it. Taking it everywhere


It’s now a tradition to come back to this video every now and then.
Cheers for the 1k likes.

    Andre Johnson

    This the best reaction ever! I wonder how many people get this product after watching this review!

    king Jones

    Keep going bihhhh 😂😂😂

    king Jones

    I love music … & ima Gemini 😢😮 this video is great

    Borna Oghabian

    I finally got one, amazing!

    Borna Oghabian

    @Outsider i think so?


4 years later and still this is my fav. Lew’s reaction is priceless. Unbox Therapy back in tha day!!!😊

Marek Lánský

Got a Silver Phantom and I must say that the sound is incredible, too. Currently saving money for second one to have a stereo set 🙂

Karthik Sulibhavi

This video was truly a fan’s review. Loved the reactions and the editing.. This came from the heart!
Lest endorsements have taken a deviation in the videos these days.

Fitness Science

I’ve come back to this video at least once a year since it was released. I love rewatching Lew’s reaction each time, it’s so genuine and always puts a smile on my face 😄

    Kimi Eskeli

    Same here

    Internet, The

    Same. Favorite Unbox Therapy video, hands down!

    Katashi Rain

    same, love this video!

    Leviathan’s Thunderstorm

    whats the song at 5:55


been 5 years and still rewatching it, Lew’s genuine reaction will never get old .

Motaz Elbadry

That is no doubt the best unbox therapy video ever. I always come back to watch it from time to time. I think it represents the essence of unboxing videos on YouTube, that we get to see stuff we may never hear about or dream about buying one day but in a way we get a feeling for it even if it is not first hand experience.


The only video I’ve ever seen Lou get so happy that he claps like a little kid like he just saw magic trick. It’s a yearly tradition to come back and watch this. Love it.

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