Unboxing the Apple Mask

Here it is.. The official Apple mask.
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    Nirali Patel

    Hi can send link of the Apple mask.
    Wanna buy it

    networked person

    @Nirali Patel Kimberly Clark makes a very comfortable N95 mask, sold for $1 each…

    Nirali Patel

    @networked person Link

    Maestro Kimpembe


    Agastya’s Vlogs and Gaming 2023


Rico Suave

Gonna wait for the “Pro” version before I get it.

    🌯 nom nom🌯

    I’m waiting for pro max ☠️

    Follower 1

    I’m Waiting for the “Pro Max” version before I get it.

    Sonic fan gaming


    Japan Rabbit


David Erick Ramos – Ocarina

1985: “In the future, we’re going to have flying cars!”

2020: *7 million people watching a mask unboxing*


    Make that 12 million


    @magic on fire nah

    Ricardo and friends

    @Nolan Owens planes exist back then too…

    Hard Choices Official

    13 million now 😂

Attraction Spot

I disappointed the apple logo isn’t on these as employees in stores will wear these and it would be great branding and then even let consumers buy them like the hype beasts.

    Iphone Maniac

    CentNTN well its kinda obvious they didnt even tell anything about the virus when it was around only in china. Biden and the other ones went to china right before it began


    @Iphone Maniac well we all know that china has the virus last year, maybe you didn’t know but I know it has been around for a while and other countries just doesn’t care about it

    Iphone Maniac

    CentNTN this virus killed my damn grandpa


    @Iphone Maniac I can’t make him alive so why are you telling me this?

    matt carnes

    I mean if gucci and nike are anything to go with people love being billboards for a brand as long as its expensive.


The fact that you managed to do a 15 minute video about an apple mask is actually beyond me. Impressive.

    Cool Ass Dudeman

    He made a 10 minute video about masks the rest is about cases.

    Godzilla Nismo

    And 8 million blokes viewed it


If it doesn’t have “find my imask” I don’t want it

    Baby Fly

    I can’t 🤣🤣

    Shuaib Sumon

    I’m done 🤣🤣

    little conco



    Touch ID or the mask won’t work!!!

All Hail King Fang

Whole time I’m thinking, “This can’t be a real thing…” It’s a real thing.

    VIVAAN 765

    @Stefanos. Gomez dude it’s a joke

    Young Mesrine🤴🏿

    @Stefanos. Gomez it’s a joke you are the one overreacting here

    My LiTtLe KeNdAl

    @Stefanos. Gomez No why are U overreacting 🤦🏾‍♀️

    My LiTtLe KeNdAl

    @ᚱᛖᚪᛈᛖᚱ if they aren’t selling them anywhere how did he get one


    @My LiTtLe KeNdAl probably knows someone who works at Apple, maybe Apple gave it to them so people know they’re taking care of their employees, idk I’m not him but he himself said multiple times “for the employees”


I’m so impressed, if this was a product they where selling I would be upset. But since it’s the way Apple protects their employees I think it’s great.


    I wanted to upvote but I couldn’t ruin your 420. Here’s a comment upvote 👍

    Stryder 200

    @R R No it doesn’t work because they can be dangerous to wear all day. They actually affect your oxygen intake because you’re breathing in the same garbage your body is throwing out. If it worked there wouldn’t be so many cases in places where it was mandated to wear a mask and stay home. But most people are idiots and only follow everything their government and so called experts who have been politically motivated to claim that masks work while censoring experts that say otherwise. That’s when you know something is wrong when big government won’t allow you to listen to the opposite arguments. So who’s the one with no head here?


    @R R you didn’t have to kill him

    Chaos Memer

    its a mask weirdo


    @Mirasolov Klose or you can spend 20 bucks on a few proper reusable masks

Guy Kongthong

“Oxygen sold separately”

    Dawood Butt





    Lol 😂

    Adam the communist


Zorro Sergent Garcia

The covid has really shaken us all up, we got to the point of unboxing masks.


    Yeah a $5000 mask 😂😂😂 knowing apple likes to jack up prices


    You’re all missing the bigger picture imagine apple mask pro max XR 13




    @Brandon Pena bruh🤣🤣😭

Ankit Dwivedi

Never thought I’ll ever watch mask unboxing 😂😂

    Micah Gregerson

    Lmao fr

    Aubree Clark

    Me either but on another note it looks uncomfortable af


    But here we air.


Apple: we want to save the planet by cutting down in packaging.
Also Apple: makes the most over packaged face masks.


    @Leco GTI are you lost?

    Leco GTI

    @LEL sour isheep detected

    Mark Angelo Sebastian

    Exactly what I was thinking

Calvin (ChubbleMaker)

An Apple Mask unboxing is the most 2020 thing ever.


How did he manage to stretch a face mask unboxing to 15 minutes

    just sxnpai

    I have no fucking idea bro 😂😂😂


    Trust me. This guy can stretch unboxing a empty box to 15 minutes. 😂


    Do they fucking pay more if the video is long?

    Simon Hega ac1


Aden Web Studios

The way it folds out 🤣 looks like wings from a sanitary pad 😂

    Galaxy Rose

    Lol oh yeah! 😂

    pradip ghimirey


    Lolita rey



Him: *Accidentally rips the mask* 😷

Him: Let’s buy a new one.

    Lee Lee


Greisi Faye

i think they might of gotten the idea from korean masks. I have a pack of black ones just from a korean brand. It is veryyyyy similar, i think the only thing different is obviously material & fabrics. I’m guessing since they have many stores in korea as well they know how well & modern the design is! I really like this design for me personally. Although i think they designed & chose their fabric and material differently from the common korean / asia face masks


It’s simply a KF94 or what we usually call the 3D mask here in Asia. Haha. Been using that before the pandemic began. Apple just made a minimalist approach by making cleaner lines.


    It’s so hilarious to hear him give Apple credit for this “innovative” design. In his defense I guess this was earlier in the pandemic

    Saikat Banik

    Typical apple

    Pil Biru

    It will always be foggy unless you buy evo kf94, evo mask is just magical, it fits perfectly on asian face.

Beckley Smith

    Gennie’s view

    I keep on hearing expert Harvey Barrett FX name being mentioned everywhere. Does he really worth the credits and reviews?

    Harry Olyer

    @Gennie’s view 🐚💢 ➕①⑦⓪②⑦⓪⑦③⑤②⑥ ♜💥

    Harry Olyer

    💥ඏ +❶❼⓿❷❼⓿❼❸❺❷❻ ♥🐉

    I ate too much cement

    Wtf happened here


Apple could sell Tim Cooks used underwear with an Apple logo on it and it’ll still be market leading

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