Unboxing The Mind Bending Wallpaper TV…

The LG Wallpaper TV is the thinnest display I've ever seen or held. It's thinner than a smartphone and I can easily pick up the 65-inch! It uses LG's OLED technology so you've got super dark blacks, vibrant colors and the overall picture quality you've come to expect from OLED. Because the Wallpaper TV is so thin it connects to an external sound bar speaker for power and video connections. The speaker is louder than standard TV speakers and features Dolby Atmos capabilities.

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Unbox Therapy


    Tomy Young2

    Page Yes Found!


    @unbox Therapy Is there 8k version’s of these now?

    Priscilla Reyes

    Where can we buy that?






Unrealistic skinnyness for all TVs trying to get in shape… Way to go MARKETING.

    J Horne

    Well…. It depends

    Steve Hennessy

    Well it depends

    Fallen World



    @Xolerys bulk

    A Harry Potter Fan

    @Xolerys bulk

Ryan Smith

love this style of video compared to the normal unboxing. and i want one of these so bad


    Ive seen you 3 times already 😱


    Pretty much this .
    He should stick to this style of unboxing

    David Bee


Sammy-Jeff Albert

It may be expensive but you HAVE to admit that this is insanely impressive

    Hunter Tanner

    Sounds correct. A massive refrigerator/freezer takes aprox $1/ per day of electricity. ($356/year) so I bet this tv is extremely energy efficient, it might truly be $15 cents a day.

    Hunter Tanner



    @Uncle Jake pfffftt


    othing impressive in it. If you have smartphone with oled display and you have given it to repair for screen you can alreadly seen screen is thin they just made screen separate from the main body. This tv is like monitor which you connect to main cpu which that sound and port system.


    obsolete as of 2022………new version coming out 2023

Crash test Crash test

I like how all the ports are in the sound bar so you don’t have a bunch of wires going up the wall


    It’s beautiful.


    But how does it hang on the wall ?? Darnit!


    Erafune i think it is taped

    David Ruffner

    magnetic backing


    BountyHunterJester4Liberty813 kkkj

Caleb Hawn

Wow, it’s AMAZING! It’s even thinner than the picture frames already on the wall. The speaker even looks amazing by itself. I like how Lou was super excited, and the other guy is just like, “Sure,” and Lou looks at him mad like, “Why are you not more excited‽”


I remember saying 20 years ago that one day TVs will be so thin they will be no thicker than a sheet of paper and you will be able to hang or stick them to the wall. People laughed at me.


    I’d laugh at you right now… No tv is thinner than a sheet of paper.


    Sure you did

    David Rook

    3D TV will be next, and I don’t mean on a screen, but projected images that come to life right in front of you. Like Star Treks holodeck.

    Amit Jaiswal

    Nickztx100 till date , I think u have been turned as a grand dad..😂😂😂


    Nilson Vergara We will die tomorrow

Hairy Egyptian

Man I just love your channel. I love the honesty of what you bring and it sure is one of the best unboxing team.

Yamil Hernandez

You should recess the cable into the wall to hide it, and have it come out behind the furniture. It will make the floating look better.

Salvatore Cali

So I just stumbled on this video and when it came out the tv cost over $7k I found the 65inch version of this exact tv now price at $2500. It’s unreal how fast these prices fall. Honestly for the quality and awesome sound bar you get its a pretty good deal.

The dude Bryan

Imagine turning off the lights at night. It will look like a window to some other world.


    sockpuppet LOL PROBABLY

    Simon See

    Reflection issue not fixed. Why is not coated with anti glare film???


    More like getting blinded


    Yea like a portal👽

Marcus Daloia

At some point we’re going to need to get upgraded eyes just to properly watch TVs this good.


    Marcus Daloia glasses

    Green Legacies Robert Lauriston

    Marcus Daloia 😂. That’s funny. I agree. Lol

Dark Scorpion

Amazing tv! Too bad 99% of us have to wait 5-10 years for this tech to become cheap and accessible enough for us simpletons…


    @Endo LMAO

    Drift Simulator

    it depends on where u live,, i play games 4 years on tv model,
    im not rich but i pay every month so i just forget the price.

    Drift Simulator

    @CerberuS. ur worng, is 120 not 60
    i play 4 years on this model
    LG Signature 4K 65

    Mr Personal

    Haha so true 😭😂

    maggy bautista

    I will wait for that to low the price 😆

Skyler Harper

It’s only gonna get crazier! Imagine a big glass panel and then when you walk in your house the panel turns into a tv screen an starts playing your last watched show. Cant wait to see where we are 20 years from now

Amy Mandeville

You always find the coolest things. The picture on this is absolutely amazing. I didn’t even know such a tv like this existed. Thanks!

Alejandro Sudiro

Imagine you’re a billionaire and use this as you actual wallpaper to cover the all wall surface.


    All fun ang games until someone accidentally spills coke on ur wall and you end up cooked like a chicken due of electricity

    Mark Rodriguez Jr

    These ain’t that expensive

    Amazing world of S and A

    With great power comes great electricity bills

    Abhishek Gupta

    for that there’s a different TV called ‘The Wall’ 😉😄

    Prashant Rover

    Imagining itself seems out of the question

Truth Seeker

You know what is weird? I am watching this on my 720p screen and for some reason, I feel like this TV is much better than what I have and yet, how is it I am able to distinguish and see much beautiful and colorful things on a less superior screen like mine?

Petr Mareš

Interesting. Looks so good. Posted in 2017. Still have not seen this in real life. Is this too expensive for wider market?
Also, why are there no say 40-inch Full HD wallpaper TVs? I’d assume this would be less a technological challenge, therefore it could be cheaper and people would buy it like crazy.

Max Watson

Where has this gone – such a good idea – just makes sense – DISCONTINUED!!!. This needs to be revived with a stand that holds it up not just on a wall but as a freestanding screen. Having the screen and its components separate with a speaker system included just makes so much sense! I get that it’s expensive but that is because all new concepts at expensive to start with. A range of scaled down more affordable screens is surely possible. This has to take off soon, its got to be the future.

    Faerhad Targaryen

    I’m wondering this too. Did they stop the wallpaper series with the W9?

Seems Like Something

Tv has come a ways! When I was a youngin’, our tvs had big fat Godzilla sized butts and remote “boxes” wired, like a keyboard with switches that were specific uhf channels. Good times but it’s impressive to see how far it’s come along!

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