Watch world’s first electric wingsuit flight

Daredevil Peter Salzmann teamed up with BMWi to create the world's first wingsuit powered by an electric motor.

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Great achievement so far. Pilot must felt like Superman power.
Love to see more advanced developments

    Soo Tuck Choong

    Who say there’s no such thing as Superman.

    Papa Joᒐ

    @Soo Tuck Choong well there isn’t, but science helps bridge the gap to be LIKE superman, in a way.

Barbara Wilson

I’ve hoped all my life for this wingsuit kind of flying. Now I’m 87, so I guess it’s too late for me. But it’s nice to know my grandchildren will be able to fly.

    Svin Kuk

    theres always next time <3

    Svin Kuk

    @David Cook steady on man, just because societys collapsing doesnt mean what comes next has to be *worse* people are generally way more helpful and nice in times of crisis! <3


    It’s sad how age limits the minds of the creative

    Go High Profits

    You can pick up Hang Gliding at your age.

Snivelin J

The speed with which technology moves ahead will surely bring higher speeds and more time in the air. It is just amazing how curious people in the world, with dreams and determination, can achieve such great things that not many years previous
were considered impossible. Congratulations Salzmann and team. Keep pushing forward.


    @Thengine I think you’re missing his point being that people have deemed a human flying like a bird impossible (vehicles don’t count). Wingsuits are the closest we have gotten, and there are even people making jetpack prototypes but they are still very limited to what they can do. To be able to not just glide but actually fly like this is incredible, it’s like a real modern day Icarus (except the whole flying too close to the sun part).


    @SkulkingRogue the point is that it’s flying regardless of the motor. The motor adds next to nothing.


    @Thengine you’re joking right? this is the first version of it, he said at the end of the video that there were improvements to be made. And it did help him, you can clearly see at 3:51 he gained a decent bit of height on the third mountain compared to the other 2 flying to his left, He also doubled his speed.


    some man no wahn live to bumbo claat

    Wade Boggs

    Maybe someday technology will progress to the point where we will be able to sit in a comfortable chair while in a pressurized cabin with internet access!


As someone who has been skydiving, I can only imagine what it must feel like! With new technology comes new inventions! Really awesome!

    Mickaila Evans

    @Steve Perreira zazxe

    Christopher Deleon

    Now imagine dropping flying in space

    David O’Connor

    @Christopher Deleon I can and I have because I am able to travel to any part of the universe without moving my body

David Ross

He’s on the right track. More power not only provides more fun but increases the margin of error and flexibility in flight options. Great idea.

Alister Sutherland

Stupendous! I’m not sure I could ever have done something like that even when I was young. I wasn’t given to throwing myself off buildings as a teen or anything like that! But that really is an achievement, and beautiful to watch. I expect one has to be supremely fit to do this kind of thing.

I imagine there’s a market for the invention, albeit a very select one, but still, it’s bound to expand the sport, which has been growing steadily for years.

    Splendora Cromwell Master Wizard

    @alistersutherland once I got an invitation to rappell down a 100 ft cliff. It was exhilarating! But that first step was murder

Larry Chambers

This is incredible ! Way to go Peter. A BIG THANK YOU to BMW for getting involved.
Great job guys !

Pat B

Amazing! The feeling must be incredible to be this close to flying with arms out as we did as kids. Thanks for sharing.


    My friend had the ability to fly as kid but he didn’t live very long. I believe he could fly though no one ever saw him do it but… what tf is my comment haha


    I had a more strange experience, as a kid I could fly but one day I woke up with all my limbs amputated leaving me with only my third leg and I thought I would never fly again. As I got older I could produce more thrust with my third leg and trained with women until I could fly again taking advantage of a helicopter type movement. That’s my story. Never give up kids. 💯😤

    Phinton Pickleberg

    wdym “this close” dude thats straight up flight, if u can go up, thts flying

Luke Wyatt

Those “impellers” are called ducted fans and they’ve been around since the 60s. Still an amazing design.


    1932 was the first “ducted fan” aircraft flight


    Thank you, this bugged me so much. Not to mention impellers exist but he didn’t create them.


I wish stuff like this could last for hours. Imagine asking your friends “Hey do you want to go fly to the beach”?


    seagulls dude, they hurt when colliding


    @Opal7 bird strike 💀


    I could eat a peach for hours.

Tiago Feitosa

I’m not sure which one is stronger: my will to flight like a bird, or my fear of heights.
That must’ve felt amazing. What an achievement. Congratulations!!


    Try skydiving first. Looking out the plane towards the ground looks and feels different than standing on top of a building looking down.


    Just do it we will all die some day

    Surya Kumairi

    I prefer the moderate, riding flying car only 3 – 5 metres above the sea in the beach, perfect for me 😂😂😂


    The few minutes would be worth it for me even if I screw up and die XD

    Satoshi Nakamoto

    i don’t fear heights but falls


The first step to some kind of free flying suit. Can’t wait to see how far this design and product goes. Would be crazy to see a system where the thrusters are built into the wing suit and have the whole suit be more like a vehicle you could wear

    Vincent F

    @Letum yeah I know. I just said that because technically it is not a wing suit in the traditional sense. More like an airplane strapped to the back.

    Just Commenting

    Jetman is on YouTube and it’s exactly that, but still needs the initial drop to reach flying speed.

    Daniel Schechter

    “Vehicle you could wear.” You mean an ultralight airplane, maybe. Except that an ultralight would be much easier to fly and probably a lot safer. And you wouldn’t need to be dropped out of a helicopter. You could just take off from a runway. Or you could get one of those powered paraglider things.

    Deadeye Duncan

    That’s called an airplane.

    Deadeye Duncan

    @Daniel Schechter He has to be joking right?


This is one for the history books. I’m serious. How long has flight like this been in man’s imagination?

David Crowe

Love the powered wing suit. Well done to Andy on the design and implementation of it.


Love the new innovation. Leads to greater things, longer flying, and more adventure.

    Just Commenting

    I look forward to the highly lethal races and Xtreme games personally.

Thomas Lai

It’s really an amazing flight and a huge milestone of humankind against the gravity by using electric power. Congrats Hr. Salzman!

    K Lowen

    ‘Fer sure, and so cool that we live in such an incredible time… when within our own lifetimes, we can go to Mars, custom design our DNA, and truly fly like a bird!


This is a complete game changer for Wingsuit proximity flying. Hopefully as technology improves, the pilots will start to use it as a safety buffer at the very least. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of casualties from flying too low.


I think we will see more of this. I had an idea of using a bike for momentum and then popping out some sort of back mounted glider while you quickly fold the bike up.. There are folding wheels out there which would probably be the biggest hurdle. A back mounted glider that could quickly open and shut would be another. Then how to fold the mid jump. Honestly though….freaking cool. If people can’t do that now, they soon will be. Or found something better.


Incredible technology. Love to see its development. Hope they gather more aviation engineers to make it run longer and better.

narcoleptic insomniac

Serious military application for special forces jumping from safe zones into operational areas. Also if the battery capability could be extended, it would be even more incredible than it already is. Great work!

    Andrew Miller-Thomas

    Only thing is, it would be a pricey program due to its weight. Soldiers can’t carry one of these home, unless it somehow broke down into pieces. They’d likely have to scuttle a dozen or so every time they deployed a team with it.

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