Xbox Series X Hands On, Gameplay & Controller!

Xbox Series X hands on reaction: specs, gameplay, controller and more!
Want more? My podcast on the details of the Series X 🎧
Can the Series X really beat the PS5? 🤔
The TRUTH about the Xbox Series X 👉
Xbox Series X gameplay! 🎮

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Goooooood stuff!

    Jotaro Kujo

    Can the new Xbox have more than 12 letters for the name


    Lmao no. 7 other people understood. Trust me you are not part of a majority who didn’t understand you are part of a minority. There was an emoji and the specific way I referred to the channel…. I’m also subscribed…. If you didn’t understand and you commented your confusion I fear for you. They’ve also got a check mark next to their name…. And the first reply called out the fact they were a 5.6 million channel at the time… The list of clues goes on and on.


    Montaga That’s a weird way to interpret data… You know not all of those people read replies? Or that they just didn’t find it funny? Or just didn’t like it? They don’t have to like it to understand. Also what about the 38 replies? More people understood me than misunderstood because only you two bozos replied. You think the people who understand are gonna reply “funny I got that”?


    Montaga okay maybe on controversial things they read replies, but on this? That’s just your guess. But it’s okay here is your degree in stupid 📃. The other guy who was confused got it on the first reply but you honestly think I made some cryptic message 😭 it really wasn’t hard to understand. Now go outside and socialize so next time you get the hint. The giggle emoji should have been hint enough.


    @S1mpleM4gic theyre not small at all


Huge respect to Microsoft for this


    @User04 no one can compete with Nintendo really. They have all of the nostalgic games from our childhoods, and always think outside the box.


    Brandon Sorto we all know the exclusives are better. But what PS doesn’t have is game pass and backwards compatibility through all generations, which are both pretty big for Microsoft.


    @Yoda we don’t know about backwards compatibility yet.


    Brandon Sorto there are posts about backwards compatibility… btw the best backwards compatibility is on PC


    @Dr. Waffle… Isn’t scarlet the same as series x?

Muhammad Raiyan

I never expected consoles to be so open now. It used to be so secretive

    Pedro T

    @JuJu On Da Beat lol

    Stephen L

    Galaxi it’s a prebuilt gaming PC without access to steam…so it’s basically trash lmao

    Dee do Doop

    Muhammad Raiyan software is still very tricky to handle. They have VERY strict security


    @The Number1baller that’s cap most likely


    Microsoft has to be open and get people hyped up, they don’t want to get blown out again.


Still waiting for our turn to hold it…



    Crazy щ

    Me too!

    Green Scout

    hi xbox

    X Vaords V



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NZ Toy Reviews

Wow, I am well impressed by the architecture of this console for real! I’m a Sony fan through and through, but this is freakin’ amazing yo!! 🤯 Awesome video bro. Keep the Series X vids coming, and I might be convinced to by my 1st EVER Xbox for real 😎👍


Now that I see it in real life, it doesn’t look that ugly, just simple, I kinda like it

    its me ronnie

    Imma get it when it comes out and I cant wait to load into gta 5 in barely 1 minute


as playstation fan I’m Impressed, no screws for assembly is so cool I liked that


    @Mike Pro for the service that Xbox gives man like Game Pass and also I find that the controller is more comfortable. I like both of them cause I respect them they do a nice job on their consoles. For being honest I dont really care about exclusives I prefer playing normal games for both

    Mike Pro

    Leviticus_805 That’s right, PlayStation also has lithium ion chargeable batteries and Xbox still has Double A batteries

    Robbie B

    PS5 FTW…..


    MILK your right, because it all comes down to the games. Too many people focus on graphics loll

Daniel Clark

Like the d pad improvement, being able to add triggers to the back on the standard controller would be good. I really like the series X, the ps5 is great too and maybe ill end up with both at one point but Xbox first


I love that they, even on their website shows so much about the Xbox internal design and what is does. Meanwhile PS5 just shows this cool design but not internal looks and cool things like making everything HDR and the difference between Ray tracing on and off.


    @Amoeba gaming If you devote your life to games, you need to execute some serious changes and plans to your lifestyle lmao


    @Hate Probably not.

    laith almajali

    yall realize sony revealed the ps5’s specs right?


    @laith almajali Anout damn time though.

    • Brian

    Suleiman The Magnificent they revealed it a while ago…..🤦‍♂️


Austin Evans: *uses Minecraft as a demo*
Ah yes, a man of culture

    Kirigaya Kazuto

    LlamaLad he used it to demonstrate Ray Tracing. Because it’s cool on a game like Minecraft.

    DakeHotnoobxd75 Blox

    Ah yes a redditor


    DakeHotnoobxd75 Blox wow you basically just called me a virgin

    big memer

    LlamaLad fack him

    Crime’s For Dime’s

    @DakeHotnoobxd75 Blox Ah yes a 12 year old

Marc Pabel

It is realy well thought thrue! I love that cooling with exit to the top side so that the warm air gets out naturally. I also like thee option tho extend the SSD directly into the system without opening it. I love how simpel the structure is and basicly it shouled be cheap in production. The compounds are realy nothing special and widely available and basicly evryone who has builed a PC couled replace the compounds of the system or eaven upgrade-tjune it. A good system has to be sympel. That was why Steve Jobs was so great in Building products for a wide variety of people. I also love the new Controler that was on the table with the two touchfeeld‘s. Just there shouled be rechargeable battery‘s in the pack couled eaven be the cheapes Amazon-rechargeable-battery‘s. That wouled be better for the environment. I also wouled prefere it if the AA battery‘s couled get replaced by AAA battery‘s to reduce thee controler‘s weight.


I have never felt so much satisfaction seeing and admiring what a console is like inside, I swear. The console is so well built and thought that it even gives me chills sometimes.


*One of the most powerful consoles ever released capable of displaying surreal graphics*
plays minecraft


    @Luis Santander Ok so i dare you, run Minecraft with RTX without any FPS drops on your pc

    Bryan King

    Very few good games on xbox otherwise anyway.



Ernesto Pediangco

Super impressive content and… all my former X box games will play and even be enhanced. Backwards compatibility is for me, a big point for deciding to purchase this X box vs either Playstation or a gaming class pc. The modular components lay out and final form is a super intelligent design . The PC gaming cost is so very expensive, it makes great sense to invest into a gaming console of this quality and all the X Box live offerings. I can now gift my previous gaming consoles to a kid who can not afford one and offer it up as a B day or Xmas gift.


You can switch from game to game with almost no loading screen.

GTA Online: Hold on there big boy.


    I mean 10 sec load times are pretty fucking good

    Fearless Legend

    @Terence D’souza 🤣

    Speedie Truck

    Rdr2 loading time is superior to gta online by a landslide lol




    I’ve seen the loading times of series x it loads gta5 in a heartbeat no joke


VERY cool. A lot of great features. And it sounds like there is more storage, better graphics and the fact that it has a better cooling system is really good. Looks great!!!

Rachel Jnn

The one thing I found cool, is the SSD they made for the expansion slot. I am liking that. Other than that a Gaming PC is still much better and if you have one you might as well skip the console. Thank you for showing us the inside.

Retro Gamers Build

Great video once again Austin. Seriously helped us get an idea of what next GEN looks like

Dan Sheppard

Glad to see microsoft embracing AMD. I have been an AMD supporter for a long time, and its is great to see them finally begin to dominate the market with their incredible hardware.

Anti_simp _Jackson

This vid is almost a year old wow time goes by fast

    Zachary Lopez

    I know bruh , I was looking for this comment, where did time go


    Life’s a conspiracy

    Mayukh Bejoy

    @Gtaradical Lol

    Ash Faaq

    And now your comment is almost a year old DAMN !!


    @Ash Faaq and now yours is a year old! DAMN MAN

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