Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Impressions: The Wraparound Display!

A concept phone with a 360-degree surround display 👀
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George William MDP _2OIO4OO9

2000 : “There’s a screen on my phone”
2020 : “There’s a phone on my screen”




    “There’s a snake in my boot.”
    – Woody

    m e o w

    @Tru Th it has reached 2k likes.

    Flying Pelican



    2040: “There’s a phone on my brain” LOL


Can I borrow the phone for a minute? I need to…. um… make a phone call…

    Aarish Bhagat

    Jhonny sins



    Manikanta Routhu

    Is this phone available in India?

    I love it

    Good Idea

    ronin gaming

    Scratches at level 6 and deeper grooves at level 7


This is how everyone imagined in 2013 how the iPhone will be in 2020


    all apple did is change cameras batteries and size wym




    Yes truth’


    I didn’t expect iphone to look this amazing. Android, yes.


Phone: *drops sideways*
Me: oh no my screen
Phone: *bounces and lands on its back*
Me: oh no my screen
Phone: *bounces again and flips over*
Me: oh no my screen


    @LuNa there is still a physical power button on the top for backup lol


    @Account if you have to have a backup power button that’s not a good sign


    @LuNa that is actually not a backup button but power on button


    OH No, OuR tAble! It’s BroKen

    Vi’s tattoos



This phone is actually so aesthetically pleasing, maybe in the future we can have something similar but thinner and less weight to it.


    2 hours of battery life


    in the future we need to get out of the damn triangle we have been in for more than 25 years.

    Inclubus Gaming

    Imagine dropping it though

    Medelon Esmeralda

    I know right. I don’t get why people in the comment are indifferent about it. I would buy it just for looks!

Soliven, Christian Jay

I’m here again watching another episode of the things that I can’t afford



    *No one* can buy it beacuse that is a prototype, there is no chance to have it.

    Norvin Dumalagan


    6ix 8ight 8ight

    If iPhone helped make this portable battery lookin phone then it will be like £10000 lol


    It’s not a real phone it’s only prototype

Darxus Outside

I actually think that’s cool. And I’ve always hated curved screens and glass backs, because they just never struck me as interesting enough to justify the additional fragility. But this… if I can just have an animated background running on it all the time, with those couple actual tiny functional uses, and on a rare occasion somebody says “whoa”, yeah, I could see this being worth it.


I want to reach that point in my life where I can use an apple pencil as a pick-tool


    Thanos says “Reality is often disappointing”

    Soma Adak


    Asali Saterfield

    Little did i know that someone else, in this crazy world, realized that; when he picked up that Apple Pencil, not to test write on the Xiaomi phone but to pick it out the box, that we have a way to go…


    I use it to press the Sync button on my Switch Pro Controller

The Horizon

Can’t wait for companies to add advertisements behind your smartphone for everyone to see

    PTTYY jz

    u deserve me a screenshot

    Jeno Csupor

    This is the best use case. :))

    Takudzwa Mupaya



    Advertisements like: “We noticed that your oxytocin level is low, do you need viagra? we have a discount for you, it would be very embarrassing.”

    Han Park

    People in front of you will have to pay a monthly fee to look at your phone without ads

Steven Jalopnik

There’s no denying that this is absolutely sick. I wouldn’t even consider buying one but it just so cool that it exists

    cool sword

    @Arthur Hakhverdian I really can’t think of anything except

    1) It looks sick. And that’s true. It does look sick.
    2) It might help change impressions of the brand. I’m not doing professional research, but I know people who don’t want a Chinese phone because for years and still now, even if less so, Chinese = cheap. So maybe it’s one of those flashy products people don’t even buy, but they attract people to the brand.

    Obviously, neither of those are utilitarian.


    @Arthur Hakhverdian looks cool, more screen space

    Petr V

    @Arthur Hakhverdian Selfies with the (usually better) front camera… Otherwise I don’t know either

    Saksham Chaturvedi

    People to every LG Phone ever

    Lord of Sadness

    @Saksham Chaturvedi OMEGALUL true


seeing phone prototypes like this is soo cool i wish more companies do this

Phone Repair Guru

Looks amazing but… Imagine repair costs 😱


    @Kruton I only came across it now; time doesn’t dismiss how stupid that comment was. Accept that you misunderstood something and move on.


    @Unknown 000 10 months!

    How Wong

    This is about advancement in innovation and creativity. If designers always worry about users breaking the phone, you will not have this kind of phone, you will have a military grade rugged phone instead. Looks ugly but you won’t need to worry about repair.


    This phone is not for the type of people that need to worry about repair costs, or cases. Just treat the device with care, like an adult.


    @NaNJa You say as if an “adult” won’t manage to break it. The amount of possible variables to cause damage to the phone is higher than of an ordinary one. Even if *you* take care of it, another person can still manage to break it, whether direct or indirectly. In other words, no, this is just not practical in any sense. Unless we’ve reached the point where ballistic glass is what they’re using, even an “adult” can manage to screw it up. This phone applies to the people who are rich enough and not be bothered with buying another.


It looks absolutely gorgeous, and I’d love to play around with something like it someday! Having said that, it looks uncomfortable as hell to carry around and I have to imagine not only would it be impossible for the average person to fix any malfunctions at home, but getting it fixed at a workshop would probably cost a fortune. It’s super neat as a novelty, but I can’t imagine a day would ever come where these are our everyday carries.

Hans Baier

The back display instead of a front camera is awesome! Another alternative would be a back display that does not wrap around.

    Apurv Surya

    And they did it in MI 11 ultra


Overall this is a phone I would get if I were rich. Would improve the resistance (so much screen means its easier to break, tiny cover on the upper and downside wouldn’t hurt) and the sides would be more useful if the right was just volume: so you could slide the finger up and down the side to regulate the volume. The back screen with widget and camera is just a dream to me

    Job van Tuijl

    I looked up the price, but got the disappointing result the phone had been cancelled

    Travis Walker

    @Job van Tuijl it wasn’t meant to be produced.

    Ladislav Josephs

    I’ve seen price 3000 dollars at Xiaomi store China. Sure, it’s good looking phone, but only the full size screen part of the phone is useful. The edges are only for looks without function. I wouldn’t trade it for my Xiaomi foldable I bought for third of the price.

Robby Lebotha ™

Tech wise, it’s great for them to push the boundaries. Functionally, it’s like putting on a rear view mirror on a spaceship.


    how you tryna park witout a mirror


    _Push the boundaries_….. Lol

    A Wondering Philosopher

    well that doesn’t make sense, how do you parallel park?🤔

    Seth Cocker

    I mean that’s what I’ve always said about folding phones, so you never know


    @neu gay

Roman Zatorski

The charging animation is just the coolest thing I’ve ever seen on a phone

Don’t watch this

I feel like the glass going all the way around the edge is an amazing solution to the crease in foldable phones. It will fold the other way so there is litterally no way to crease it

Clyde Fox

I really didnt expect them to actually make a rap-around screen phone that works and is as fast as it is, my question is how will phone cases work with the rap-around display?

Aaron Curd

Absolutely love this idea for a phone. Knock that battery up to 6500 mha (idc if the phone is bigger or thicker- I’d rather have less storage and longer battery life anyways). If you could have a slide-in tube style replaceable clear screen protector as the case, that just has a lid in the shape of the top flat face (that could also make the back strip sink in a be flush)- then who needs a case? The screen protector IS the case. Love the selfie bit too. Only other thing I would say is they could honestly put a button on the side for power or volume. If they can put a break for a button or two and make it as seamless as possible in the middle (side edge) of the screen- then are we really losing that much? If you can still see the screen image in-between the buttons and down the rest of the side of the phone- isn’t that enough?

That all being said- I love the idea of “re-skinning” your phone with one image change, instead of looking to buy new cases. Pretty fly! Now all we need is an Amoled display, a 120 hz refresh rate, wireless charging and we’re good!

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