Zuckerberg’s Senate hearing highlights in 10 minutes

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before a joint hearing in Congress to address steps the social network is taking in light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
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Zuck to Congress: I welcome regulation — if it’s the right regulation – https://www.cnet.com/news/congress-to-grill-facebook-zuckerberg-over-data-mining-election-meddling-cambridge-analytica/

    Boe Zoe

    Funny how most of the suits in that room spent the last 20 years stripping away regulations and paving the way for companies like Facebook.


    well obviously any company wouldnt want regulation lmao, thats the nicest way he said it

    SoCal BohoGal

    Yet they didn’t do anything! (As usual).


    wrong its zucc

    Mr Mohd

    @Roxanna Bristow jjnooon


You can tell he’s still not used to his human skin-suit.


    He is a lamp😉

    Pumpkin Momma

    Right? I don’t get it, he looked normal when he was younger but now he looks sickly and android like. What the heck happened to him?

    Niccolo Machiavelli

    *Exactly. Zuck is a clone, ai, repto, etc*


That counsel is so old they probably don’t even use the internet/ have a Facebook account

    Daniel Jones

    One has an Apple Watch

    Mucchi Kun

    FrenchieFries hahaha maybe


    blaze hunter Lol I like how your internet provide has access to everything you do yet no one mentions it

    BryceBlazeGaming YT

    No they are guaranteed to have Facebook accounts.

Victor Valencia

He actually answers the questions, unlike politicians who totally change the subject of a question.

    Alexandru Ciordaş

    Manajust4fun They didn’t even let him answer


    Alexandru Ciordaş They did. He just continued avoiding the simple question instead of giving a yes or no.

    Alexandru Ciordaş

    Manajust4fun it wasn’t a yes or no question, he tried to explain that is not that simple and they didn’t let him.
    Those guys don’t know how the internet works anyway

    Jacky Leung

    Manajust4fun the senator’s question is based on his own agenda, where you say yes you’re moving his agenda forward, if you say no you sound like you don’t have the time of day to care for minors’ privacy. Instead of yes or no, he was trying to clarify what his actual views are in the matter, which was met by more resistance.


    Victor Valencia except that last one

Nathan Locke

I watched this just to hear what Zuck sounds like. Exactly how I imagined.

    Oscar Vasquez

    Exactly like Jesse Eisenberg. Or is it the other way around?


    Nathan Locke
    It’s just Text-to-Speech.

    That one Guy

    Enzo Minutti I hear it!

    Fluffy Bunny

    I thought he’d sound like Mort Goldman from Family Guy

    Nathan Locke

    Fluffy Bunny “Let’s grab a drink”


Thank you so much for this video! It really helps to get a condensed version of important events like this.

Jordan Sullivan

Honestly his answers are pretty fair and straightforward. He acknowledges that Facebook is responsible for the mistakes they made, while qualifying that in a way that doesn’t throw his company under the bus.

    George Mathew

    Jordan Sullivan NJ


    The problem is that he does this over and over and over and over again, and nothing changes, because he’s clearly done the math and figured out it’s more profitable to just continue moving fast and breaking things. Paying a few weeks worth of revenue every few years in fines doesn’t shift the balance, and users aren’t fleeing either (and given that almost all of the real value of the service is a direct consequence of everyone else you know being there, not the awesome features, where would they flee?).

    Brandon Wisler

    Cool, so he should be convicted, glad you see that.

    ryan forgo

    @Bean he is running a company and the senate questions are both stupid and harmful to his company. The questions should be extremely more technical and specific at least for the most part so that you can face him head on.
    I will give 1 example only to keep it short.

    You don’t need to ask ” do we have to pay money to keep our data private?” That’s too wide and too vague. Not that i’d expect a boomer to know what is he talking about.

    The question should be more technical, so for example.what is happening to the data and exactly what it is used for and how far does it go and what is the payment for.

    So for instance, if the extent of the personal usage is just for adds. And the data is not being sharee, spread or used by any “lets say non-automated human” party . I would personally feel fine with it.
    I am aware that i am ignorant on the matter though but i am trying to make a point, you can’t ask the head of the company vague questions and expect a straight answer.


    ​@ryan forgo Quite simply, it’s not their line of work. It should be someone with a technical background who will know how to interrogate it


I’m not on Facebook’s side on this matter, but jeez these senators don’t understand what he’s saying.

    Eric Wheelhouse

    If you don’t agree with facebook, they give you the option to turn off recommendations. How are people so blind. You even said they didn’t listen yet you are against Facebook? Lol you going on their site for free means they can have ads. Whether it’s data collected specific ads or just random ads is up to you.


    @Eric Wheelhouse even if you opt out of personalized ads, they still can and do access and collect your data. That option only controls if they use your information to actively market advertisements to you.

    Tunahan K

    @rVnsunshine ofc they can you are using their apps,services and servers. Its normal they can.

    Zebedee Summers

    @Tunahan K I don’t use Facebook (aside from every few months so people trying to contact me have my number/discord/email,) I’m not an ig or twitter user but many of the points being made her are about what is legal not what is currently normal.

    Marek Buhla

    @Zebedee Summers Every single electronic device collect data about you .. WTF these points are stupid .. even if you not using any APP on device then device still collect data and send it to company.. Even just watching television provides company data, every single modern car collect data and send it to company even if you think not.. Those hearings are stupid unless there are ppl who understand how it works .. They should push to protect them better from hackers not to deny company to collect data .. Data is why you can improve things .. Every single information can provide inovation even if you think not ..

Levi Faehrmann

I watched the bad lip reading before this and now I feel like his real voice doesn’t match his face.

    Dee Jay Encontro

    Same with Bill Gates

    Person McGee

    My words exactly

    Jaxson Brothers



    Me toooooooo! Lol

Adam Shephard

It was like a firing squad that had literally no idea how the guns work

    Danish Moocow

    Adam Shephard good simile

    JD H

    Another reason why I believe term limits would be a good change, However, there were some representatives who had a clue and I wish they would put those together so we can get to some of the real issues. Regardless, political answers for political figures were funny and it was good to see them just as upset as I feel when I’m told what they want me to hear and cya. However, I really appreciated John Kennedy’s comment about Facebooks EULA. I about spit my food out.


    I’m the 500 like, yw

    Marta Mariotto

    Dude your comment right now has 666 Likes XD

    Glass Bottle menaces you

    @Cameron Webster *a_lot_of_text.exe*


It baffles me how incompetent these senators seem in having discussions, which is supposed to be almost the entire point of their job, aside from being informed about their topics, which they were also lacking in this case.
How are they expecting to get anything out of this hearing if they interrupt him on every possible occasion and don’t even try to follow what he has to say about their poorly thought out questions?Obviously he can’t go into detail because of NDAs or something and he doesn’t want to make any problematic statement in front of the media to avoid shitstorm and taking his statements out of context. None of these questions can be answered with a simple yes or no.

    Angelo Crespo

    John Smith They’re attempting to make laws about subjects they know absolutely nothing about. Mark can’t teach them about the internet when they constantly but in for a yes or no answer when nothing in law is a simple yes or no answer.

    CF 28

    This is how congress is with most industries. Many of these people have no private sector experience at all. Winning an election doesn’t make you an expert at anything except bs’ing people.

    Achyuthan Sanal

    And why are like 95% percent of these senators over 45? Do they really need that much “experience” to become a senator?

    Sonam Choetso

    Child protection law obviously YES !


The last bit summed up:

Sen: Do you agree with me?
Zucc: Not completely
Sen: Yes or No?
Zucc: It’s not as easy as that
Sen: I disagree, you’re wrong, I’m right, I’ll keep arguing my point without hearing your reasons.

    CF 28

    Here let me help Zuck…

    Sen: “Do we need a law – ”
    Zuck: “No.”


    @CF 28 that’s it, the senator asked if there should be a straightforward LAW regulation for processing children data, that was the question. Zuckerberg answered “for the good of the people, there should, but it would shrink the range of my company’s power so nope, just nope. Biiig nope”.

    Achyuthan Sanal

    We don’t need a law. It’s as simple as that. Kids should be smart enough to decide what information they give to Facebook. The education system should explain the concept of privacy and also about cookies.

    Leo Francovich

    Except the senator is right

    Snakey Yt

    @Leo Francovich isnt there a law for childrens data under q3

Troy Graham

When politicians get politician style answers hahahaha

    • Riftis •

    lol yeah I had the exact same thought – “Senators trying to get a straight answer out of someone isn’t that rich. 😂”

    Brandon Foley

    This video is all the things I hate in the world


    The politician doesn’t even know how to use the internet

J4 Genius

-I’m sorry Mr Zuckerberg
-I don’t understand…
-*_Which part?_*
The movie version of Zuck would have handled this like a pro.


    😂 That movie is so good


    @RayOfBlackLight In reality it was probably just as awkward. 😂😭

    Om Phatak

    Do you mean the ‘Social Network’??

    J4 Genius

    @Om Phatak yep

Ryan S

Man I feel with Zuckerberg, so many people dont know how the internet works

    sasha m

    Lenn Slim obviously, your data goes to advertisers. what you watch and search for is used to recommend you more things.. such as videos on youtube

    Lenn Slim

    Mint y yeah that’s my point! I agree ☝️

    Mortifero, Bryan Miguel F.

    @Lenn Slim if u dont want to be tracked by these apps, then u should study how internet works.

    Chris Trovato

    @Lenn Slim this is common knowledge, who cares

Luke Staten

The whole court system seems very unjust. I have full respect when I’m saying that, but I would never want to be interrogated by those men who have a one-sided mindset out there to prove you wrong in front of millions of people. I couldn’t do any better than Zuckerberg did. And I agree with his statements also. I feel that this system is flawed and shouldn’t be a determining factor of anything.

    Death Row

    You pretty smart I want say I agree cause ion have social media but I feel you tho frfr ✌

VM Henderson

I wouldn’t have been suprised if one of the older senators asked: “how many pages does this book have?”

    Alan Mirandilla


16_Mehedi Hasan Munna

Random boy to Zuck: My dad said your are stealing our data.

Zuck: He is NOT your DAD.


    I get it coz Facebook knows everyone

    Tom Mccoy

    this is why I don’t go social media web sites

    Sushant Saurabh

    This is deep..

    Dheer Ashar



Ain’t it crazy a social media platform made in his dorm got to the point where national security became at “risk”. I cant imagine being this man and so young so much responsibility s/o to young innovators

Nicky Mouse

it’s very interesting to see the negotiation between business and government so open and transparent. Of course, senators are quite old and not so aware of modern business strategies but the negotiation itself is precious . But it’s wonderful to watch such a thing from the perspective of non-democratic country’s citizen.

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