Can you last the whole video?

For your ear pleasure here is my sweet sultry voice inside your head
Mega Mug:

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Jack’s ASMR is much more entertaining than serious ASMR which I like


    @Anta I think it’s fine if people don’t know what ASMR means. Some people who watch it don’t even know what it means.

    Crimson Lady

    You should find Mysta Rias ASMR 😂😂 you’re welcome. He’s insane and his ASMR are hilarious hahahahah


    then you have not met the god of asmr called ephemeral rift


    I need MORE!!! And a mother bigger mug for my dirty bean juice! 😊

    Jon van Maaren

    @YeaMan That’s what a bot would say lol

Dean Brennan

my ears have been blessed with the godly voice of jack


    @YeaMan bot:^^




    ​​@Ronlo As It’s like you wanted to add this as a title to your video, but accidentally put it here….in reply….of a comment…..from a Jacksepticeye Video…….”Accidentally” XD ( i know he’s a bot)


    Dont watch this with eyes closed


Jack doing ASMR, cracking up to his own cringiness and incapable of keeping a straight face is an absolute treasure. I love it!!


    Jack said the music on my page was fire (not a bot)


    No but some asmr is normal and chill


Jack: This isn’t a sexual video at all!
Also Jack: Immediately starts putting things into other things.


    For real tho

    Bella Trixx

    Also also Jack: I can fit my whole hand in this mug. I bet you really wish you were this mug right now.

    em0 b0y69

    No fr 😭

Mitch Hartcroft

I don’t think I’ve laughed myself to tears this hard in a while.


    Me either honestly 😭

Rhyley Howard

bruh this needs to be a series of videos, I couldn’t stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    it is 💀🤦‍♀️

Sutōmu Hantā

Unironically I got the most ASMR chills from this than I have from legit ASMR videos in a long while

Bob Bacon

Jack doing Asmr is like all those intrusive thoughts during Asmr watching just come to life and it’s so funny my god



    Xavier Plympton’s Tongue


Raees Jappie

I’ve never been so disturbed and yet so relaxed at the same time

Kalikanna Lovely

I love the whole time he’s trying to not laugh, he’s having such a good time lol

Keenan Waller

Gotta love him just being fun and not taking anything seriously 😂

Michelle Ashleigh

I cried laughing, but this also unlocked a lot of things that made me incredibly uncomfortable 😂


I only have one ear, and hearing Seán go from rlly loud to basically fading away was oddly hilarious to me 😂

    brianna livesay

    Oh my god😂😭 I’m sorry you only have one ear but this comment sent me💀

    Karma Tadych

    George Weasley?

    Jessica Stokes

    ​@Karma Tadych 😂😂💀


Jacks constant giggling really adds to this immersive experience lmao


I’m an avid listener of asmr and while this isn’t the typical calming type I prefer it is really entertaining.

I was laughing the whole time.


Sean doing ASMR is something I never knew I needed

    Xavier Plympton’s Tongue

    He has two more videos if you’re curious

Hailey Domzal

The fact that I genuinely enjoyed this and almost fell asleep 😂


i’ve never felt so uncomfortable yet so entertained from an asmr video, truly incredible

Cass Cass

okay but why do I just want more ASMR from Sean? the whispering is so relaxing even when he can’t stop giggling

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