Empty House Tour 2023! (Building Our Ultimate Smart Home & Studio)

We're finally moving to a new house/studio! This has been in the works for a long time and we can't wait to put something awesome together and take you guys along for the ride!

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We shot this one a while ago, but it’s time to finally let you see into our new space! Videos are going to look quite a bit different moving forward 😁


    Can’t wait!


    Can’t wait & I def want to see the process of making the rooms


    You should make a real home but always prepared and setup for filming.

    Bhavvya Parmar

    you can go with industrial interior theme for the basement for Gamers Paradise, since you got those pillar and ceiling sections would be sick and cool


    Do WIRED ETHERNET in every room!!

Alex Liebenguth

Yes make it a series! Each room! VOTE TO THE TOP!


    I agree techsource did the same thing and it was a cool series

    James Miller

    Yes, I agree. A series on the build out will be nice.


    Agree!!!! Show the journey HGTV STYLE🤣🤣



Gurpreet SM

Hell yeah, I would LOVE to see the full process of you guys changing this place up. ❤


Absolutely love love this!! It really is going to be amazing to watch you convert this into a smart home and as an average consumer, I truly think this is more relatable than a studio. Keep pushing forward y’all are doing amazing!!! ❤❤❤


I would love to see this as a full series.



Koinange jr

Firstly congrats for this new studio house, it’s been a decade of hardwork and dedication to give us the sweetest all round dope average tech videos, and yesss I’d love to see a video of every room being made to completion, just name it ‘Average Consumer Studio’

Levi Gillgannon

For sure make a series of the process! Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the progress! Congrats!

Kota W.

This looks like it’ll be a great new studio for you guys. I’d like to see the process for each room. It would be interesting to see just how you get everything set up.

Samary Castro

Yesss! Make it a series! It would be cool to see how everything turns out. Also seeing the progress would be cool


Definitely would like a series on the process of making each room 🙌

Tuan X 🎮

This is actually a very smart investment vs a warehouse or rented office space. Between the tax write-offs & the fact that after you grow out of this space you’ll have a home you can rent, sell or give your children/family.. it’s a great move.


GAMER’S PARADISE IN THE BASEMENT!!! 🙌🏾 That’s your brand! Got to go big in your new studio. I’m sure there are some sponsors out there for you that want to help you build a gaming room from scratch. So many people are building game rooms these days 😃

Plus, the other side with the low clearance could be games like pool, air hockey, table games, etc.


I love the concept of a house being a studio and also would love a series, one recommendation from me would be to keep every streamlined like having all the filming in one floor, all the offices in one floor and the the other floor for something else instead of A roll on the main floor, B roll basement and the other one the upper floor! so maybe all filming on main floor, upper floor is editing/chilling/office and basement can be for something else

Drew C.

So happy to see the progress, the growth and the destination of the channel. You’ve come a long way, Jud and team and congratulations! Wishing you more success and keep doing what you do. Keep safe always!


Definitely would love to watch the whole process! I think it would be cool to make certain rooms similar to bedrooms etc so you can showcase different smart home products and how to apply it in everyone’s homes. Even the bathrooms!

Jaime Martinez

Firstly congratulations on the new studio. I like the approach you took getting a house.
I think that having the editors help make each desk their own personal space would be a fun video on its own. It allows the viewer a chance to get to know everyone else on the team better. I would personally do a gamers paradise/lounge in the large room upstairs and leave the basement for storage, since you are not going to have much head space after ceilings and such went in. The extra room could potentially be either a bedroom for bedroom tech or a nursery so that you have a spot to bring the kids with you. Honestly I would go for the second one so the kids have their own space and also kid and nursery tech is not talked about as much and I think it would be a good add on for the channel. If you did go with a bedroom then a sleep pod would be good for staff since studies have shown that short naps boost productivity. Also would be cool to find someone that could make videos using a tech kitchen and really utilizing it all to its max potential. I would enjoy watching you build out each room as you guys do it. That would be a good series. So much you can do here and that’s really exciting.

Ariane Malchelosse

Honestly, I want to see videos of the construction and designing of the whole place. Like a before and after, explaining your choices and stuff. How to convert our home into a smart home!

s alvanip

I feel like the home studio is way more relatable than an office building studio space. This is an awesome move.

100K Sub With No Video

Avg never disappoints us, he’s an incredible Content Creator and always creates masterpieces. His content is amazing.

Brynn Stanning

Definitely show each room build from the ground up, then over time everyone can see the house grow and transform.
Super excited for you guys!
Sending big love from Australia

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