ENDING | Resident Evil 4 Remake – Part 5

This is the greatest ending of Resident Evil 4 Remake of all time
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One of my favorite series right now, can’t believe it’s already ending;(


    @derp7274 Can’t wait!


    @Owen Great! But what is Mercenaries?


    @derp7274 They have only confirmed mercenaries on April 7th and a PSVR2 mode. Separate Ways and Assignment Ada haven’t been confirmed to be coming

    Matthew Avery

    Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened.also Jack might come back to play this when Mercenaries mode comes out for the remake too


    @Owen i know but at the end of the game Leon straight up teases the DLC by saying the name of it so I’m extremely sure that they will especially because of that


Perfect timing; literally just got done with Part 4.

    That dude who did the thing

    Omg is this the Pokémon guy from my childhood?!


    Yo leonhart? Top 10.

    onyx posts content


    Godly Glitched

    I was the 1000th like!

    Valerie vibin’

    not me saddly, watched the whole thing when came out

Somebody Lol

As a hispanic woman, Sean saying “Pendejo” is now a core memory, I love this man.


    As a non hispanic woman, sean saying “pendejo” is a core memory for me too. Someone asked me today if knew spanish and I told them I know pendejo.

    Lc Sty

    ​@MacMotuiM exactly the same as Americans, hearing English speaking people try to pronounce anything not English is really weird 😂. Sean didn’t do too bad though, I’ve heard it worse.


    What’s that mean?

Trenton P.

Sean: maxes out shotgun ammo capacity at 24
Also Sean: never has more than 6 shotgun shots at any given time

    Lord Generias

    Yeah, the main issue with the game is that it loads you down with enough Pesetas to tile every house in the western half of the United States, but it’s very stingy with ammo.

    Oddly enough, the bolt thrower is great for conserving ammo so you can stock up more. Being able to retrieve the bolts is borderline OP, and is totally worth the delay on longer ranged shots. Fully upgraded, with the exclusive upgrade, it holds 20 bolts, so having two stacks of bolts and having it fully loaded means you really have to waste them to not constantly have an excess of them.

    The bolt thrower let me end my initial playthrough with around 60 or so pistol rounds, over a dozen shotgun shells, over 30 rifle rounds, 50 SMG rounds, and about 6 magnum bullets (I kept forgetting to use it on the final boss). The bolt thrower takes some getting used to, but it’s a great weapon if you want to conserve the better ammo for difficult encounters and bosses.

    Yet, every single YouTuber I’ve seen play this has ignored it or decided the slight delay of impact made it worthless. The best weapons can require some effort to make the most of them, but they decidedly make up for it once you get past the learning curve.

    Dustian Parker

    ​@Lord Generias I think a lot of them ignore it because it takes some of the resource management out of the game. In both the original and in here, ammo is a rarity which amps up the tension when you get finished with a big fight and are desperately trying to stock up before the next one. I’m not saying that this is bad, but it takes out one of the more memorable parts of the original if you have potentially limitless ammo. And yes, I know there is an unlimited ammo mode, but most people I’ve seen use that for either experimentation or for goofing off.

    Lord Generias

    @Dustian Parker There’s an unlimited ammo mode? I thought it was just a gimmick for a few specific guns. A magnum, an SMG, the obligatory infinite RPG, and the unbreakable knife.


    @Dustian Parker just saying outside of the early and some of the mid game, in the og game ammo is plentiful if you’re accurate. I just finished the game with well over 50 shotgun rounds, and it was my main weapon


I love that jack is always referring Ashley as “Baby Eagle” from the very first episode 🤩

Impractical Nuke

Ashley is amazingly OSHA certified. Truly one of the bestest girl of all time.

Edwin Frerichs

I appreciate that Ada changed her path at the end of this one! I don’t remember her doing that in the original.


    It happens in the original too, you just don’t see it on screen!


Props to the editing with the credits overlaying your final thoughts. Much nicer than cutting away from the credits as soon as the game is done.


9:56 I kind of wanna see an animation of this exchange with Ashley looking offended and Jack trying desperately to explain himself😂

Terrific Tortoise

The fact that he played the Soviet Anthem over The US flag is comedy gold

    Bearded Manace

    I already thought my ears have fooled me. 😂

    mantas baltuska

    All hail Joseph Biden!

    Kang Tukang 2

    Time stamp, anyone?

    Ethan Lee

    ​@Kang Tukang 2 1:09:22 👍

    Kang Tukang 2

    @Ethan Lee thank you ethan😂🤣


9:24 I love how Jack wants to call her baby Eagle then just goes straight back to calling her Ashley 😂

Blue Flare

I’m just gonna take a moment to gush about the game because honestly, it’s incredible. I love how they handled Leon’s character. His sharp wit and dry sense of humor are still very much intact. His voice is absolutely dripping with sarcasm. At the same time, they did a fantastic job making him feel more human this time around. In scenes such as after he kills Krauser, or during the scene where he finds Ashley and sits next to the bed while he waits for her to wake up, you can tell that everything is starting to get to him. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have time to dwell on these thoughts and instead has to push them aside and focus on the mission. Unlike the original, it feels like he’s trying not to let things bother him because he can’t afford to, not because he doesn’t care.

I think the voice actors (with the exception of Ada’s. No offense to the actor, but she just sounds so…emotionless) absolutely nail their roles. Leon’s line deliveries are great (he’s such a smartass, I love him). Ashley sounds genuinely terrified this time around. The scene where the parasite is being removed is just…so chilling. Her agonized screams are harrowing (I also love how Leon tries to comfort her during that scene. God I love their sibling dynamic so much). The antagonists also feel a lot more threatening here than they did in the original. Mendez is more intimidating, Salazar is more creepy, and Saddler is more unsettling. Saddler especially made me feel uneasy when he was on screen. It makes me wish he would have appeared more often.

Overall, this game is just…so good. You can tell that Capcom wanted to respect the original as much as possible. They took what made the original great to begin with and managed to make it better. They had a clear understanding on what should be reworked and what should stay the same. I also love how the game has a perfect balance of being silly during some moments, but grim during others. It knows when it needs to be taken seriously.


    Yeah this is great, like GOD this Remake made me love Ashley, WTF

    Lesley RedRhody

    I’m just a humble spectator of Let’s Plays, but I completely agree with your assessment!

    Leon’s voice actor is really good! The “New Ashley” is a much better character. I do, however, still get a kick out of the fact that Carolyn Lawrence, her original voice actress, is also Sandy Cheeks!

    I would’ve loved hearing just one time: *“SpongeBob— er, Leon… HELP!”*

    I also agree that Ada, though still a badass, had a lackluster voice actress. No offense intended, of course!

    American Voice Cast (Partial List):

    Leon S. Kennedy – Nick Apostolides
    Ashley Graham – Genevieve Buechner
    Luis Serra Navarro – Andrè Peña
    Ada Wong – Lily Gao

    Landon Letterman

    I couldn’t help but laugh at her voice actor trying to “out-wooden-block” [the dude she’s on the phone with]

The Salty Watermelon

1:41:40 “Don’t fucking patronize me, Leon!”
My god, I love it! Couldn’t even hear my own laugh because of how fast it was coming out of me!

Ice Tide

I love Resident Evil just because it feels like an action movie sometimes. It doesn’t take itself TOO seriously, and I love that about the series

Alejandra Paola

Bad guy: “I am going to bathe in your blood”
Sean: “He just sounded friendly”

Lesley RedRhody

As I’ve watched both Seán and Evelien play, I’ve come to appreciate the fact that Seán’s Inventory Case has tiny Ashley and Ava figures dangling from the bottom left hand corner while Evelien’s has the Chainsaw Lady!

I adore the absolute hell out of them both!!

PS: Hearing Trombone Champ “music” at 24:30 almost made me spit-take my TOTM Coffee!

That’s not a shambles plug. I’m literally drinking Twilight Medium Roast while I’m watching this!


25:27 These conversations between Sean and the merchant are the best parts of the series lmao🤣

Bearded Manace

Calling her Baby Eagle from the beginning was hilarious. Thank’s Sean for being consistant 🎉

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