I built the Ultimate Switch OLED 😅

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Chapter Titles:
0:00 The Ultimate Switch OLED
0:50 Clear Switch Mod
1:37 Hall Sensor Joycons
2:52 Installing the Clear Shell
4:29 Clear Joycons
6:41 The "Ultimate" Switch Controller
8:09 This Was a Mistake
9:01 Nintendo Switch "Graphics Card"
11:10 Switch Gaming Station



Kevin Gonzalez

Finally broooo there hasn’t been an ULTIMATE episode in forever austin😂😂!!

    Seth Pinnock

    Yes no on to the port of a PCs I am looking at you AYN ann Ayaneo


    Meanwhile at DKOldies…😂
    Seriously tho I’m glad for this.


Love the content Austin, keep it up.


what a throwback to the old ultimates


Oh my god! is that an ultimate system video where he actually builds the ultimate version of a system?


what probably happened to the joycon was that one of the 2 ribbon cables either shorted the board due to a bad connection or the cable got jammed. either way, it won’t work if it’s docked, but it SHOULD work if you can somehow power the joycon on wirelessly.

Extol 4000

You guys are hilarious! I love this channel!


Back in my day there was man called austin who made at least 250 of these a year 😂


i loved the clear switch mod and the joy cons.

Obligated Lizard

This was the Austin we all missed


I honestly thought this setup would be a lot jankier for April Fools 🤣

    Samuel Wangsamas


Enrique Camarena

Did the atomic purple oled switch myself a day ago. I love the way it turned out

Enrique Camarena

Also the oled switch probably would’ve fit but the extreme rate she’ll mod actually has a thicker kickstand which most likely was the issue

Mitchell Howard

Good ole Austin Turing two joycons into one joycon with a new shell

Gti Jason

True, screwing while it’s soft is challenging. Nice that that included a solid replacement 😉 !


I’m glad you covered the hall effect sticks! I’ve been using them ever since that company had their initial test batch a year ago. They’ve gotten a lot better and I personally can’t stand using pot based sticks anymore. Nearing 800 hours without drift.


I’ve had something very similar to that “ultimate Switch controller” for a few years now. It’s by far the best way to play the Switch in handheld mode, if you’re willing to tolerate the additional bulk.

shah hawk

I get Gulikit hall effect that was awesome. So, a few better accessories first: hori split pad compact /pro . 2nd: 8bitdo ultimate controller. 3rd: Buying the Mcable, not the dongle , is so much better, and finally, a neio grip I think 🤔

Calixto Tenorio

“What’s the biggest problem with the joycons” ‘they’re too small’ “what’s the second biggest problem” this killed me😭

Master Zoentrobe’s Gaming Clips

I bought an mClassic a while back and it’s great for use with the docked Switch. Just keep in mind that it only upscale by one step. That means it takes 720p and makes it 1080p, it will take 1080p and make it 1440p, and take 1440p and make it 4K. The higher the input resolution the better the upscaled image looks.


Took my oled apart for the extreme rate case. No experience butt took me a couple days being realll gentle. Love the turn out of it

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