I Tried Cultured Meat and It Might Just Be The Future of Food

Cultured Meat appears to be the new normal in food, so we decided to take them on a taste test and the results were pretty good.

0:00 Intro
0:55 Upside Foods – Cultivated Chicken
3:00 What is Cultured Meat?
4:18 Good Food Institute Survey
4:35 Steakholder Foods 3D Printed Steak
6:00 Steakholder Foods Hybrid Meat
6:37 SciFi Foods
9:59 Outro

Read the CNET article: We Tried Cultivated Meat, and It's Tasty

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How your body digest that lab food?


    With a 4/1 ratio GE sauce.

    T. Wood

    It doesn’t 😂


    the same way it digests all the other garbage you eat

Jeez Muzic

What chemicals are used to grow the meat??

    Slayer Eddy

    @Jeez Muzic If you reference what you are talking about then I can answer your question. If its from the video put in a time stamp or if it something else reference that.

    Slayer Eddy

    @Jeez Muzic I just watched it again with the subtitles on and no where it that video did it say the words “chemical environment” as you said.

    @3:30 @6:38 it mentioned how cultured meat works and is made.


    Shhhh don’t ask questions

Ayeye Brazorf

the comment section is a great reminder that science education has failed our generation. Complete lack of the most basica understanding of biology of chemistry is what is an insult to human intelligence.

    MMayn94x M

    It’s incredible that they were able to achieve this but don’t act like people don’t have the right to question it especially when one of their main reasons to do this is to lower carbon emissions which is bs. We all know who the biggest carbon emitters are.


So how can we use this to replace a human arm or leg?

    E. v. K.

    That’s more complicated

dhirender sahani

This meat is looking so delicious 😋


This all looks interesting, and will likely be a bigger part of the future in some way (like for people who want meat, but without harming/harvesting actual animals). But a serious question here not addressed…

Q: *What, say, will be the cost per pound?… (Affordability?)

No doubt the lab produced meat currently is relatively quite expensive while still being in developement (so what $/lb is it?)… but maybe forecasted to later be (less) $/lb in so many years in the future, just like most other products being mass produced.

Slayer Eddy

Looks yummy. I can’t wait to try one for myself.

Warlord Mo25

3D printed scrambled eggs next?


    Chef is really trying to push this whole lab grown meat is good propaganda

Mr. Marc G.

I’ve seen something about studies indicating increased cancer risk from lab grown meat. Also don’t want meat mixed with plant unless its a 100% real beef burger with lettuce, onion, and tomato.


Cultured meat for the poor and the normal cows for the rich sounds like a sci-fi movie

    Caleb Kan

    Soylent Green

    J Lee

    It’ll probably be the opposite for a while. Only the rich will be able to afford lab-grown meat.


    It’s an April fools joke this video


I’m vegetarian, but would consider eating this. it takes ethics out of the equation because there is no slaughter taking place, and minimal harm being caused to the animal, as they explained the animals are sedated when the stem cells are extracted

Abhishek Angadi

Thanks for the really cool video CNET! This sounds like a promising solution – however long it takes for this tech to get cheaper and the masses to approve of this


This is neat and all,

But what’s gonna happen to the animals once this starts snowballing? 😅

Are we just gonna be kept as pets or just they all just be killed or what????

Im very and generally curious about this—

(i just feel like were cutting whatever-threads we still have with our ancestors, like this feels.. wrong but its good for the environment! So.. Im just confused tbh 😓)


Wow! A real life replicator.. the very first replicator! 50-60 years from now this will be in everyones homes like microwaves and they will be much faster! I hope I am alive to see it just to get the chance to say “Tea, Earl Gray, Hot!”


I want to try it , I feel guilty when eating animals


Very U.S.A of solving problems, maybe they should start with adding more green energy public transport and reduce personal car dependency instead this is the solution to make some people feel good about themselves

Dixie Dax

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    Martha Rhines

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    Haha this is a hilariously bad attempt at an ad in the youtube comments. It’s so bad I cant figure out if it was done by AI or some dumb human.

E. v. K.

Impressive how far they have come in Production Improvements

Mark T

In regards to pollution (methane), this is due to the waist of a cow not going into the soil from where they’re suppose to eat. In nature, herds of cows move from lot to lot using their waist to fertilize the ground. This now doesn’t happen. Companies keep their cows in buildings (creating huge animal cruelty issues) and grow soy to feed the cows which in itself is causing massive land clearing and other issues. It’s been PROVEN that letting cows be cows can not only renew our soil for growing food, but to turn barren land into fertile land.

Companies are creating the animal cruelty and land destruction. Not us. Remember, America use to be covered with Bison. They’re not the issue.

Twizere Julienne

less water ,less times , no slaughering ,no methane BUT SUPER EXPENSIVE

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