INPUT6 (Full Game)

I take the time to beat INPUT6 and finally put this Robo Maid to rest!

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Darth Vader

When the world needed him most, Markiplier returned.

    Elone 456



    No guys I’m his video was made a while ago he now just uploaded


    General Skywalker?


    He’s still doing his film, but yes he’s sort of back, I guess?

    ARC trooper REX

    ​@Shin Taco yeah weird I taught he needs padme


Thank you markiplier for taking a break by risking your sanity playing crazed games

    Jaiden Animations Should Starve Herself ⸜⁄








Random guy

Markiplier is not just a religion, not just a culture, not just a channel but also a cult.

    Daniel Prieto

    @midnight cupid I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you, sorry, little buddy. A cult IS a BAD THING. If you’re too young to understand why, then hold off on being so sure of yourself. You have a lot to learn, pal 🙂

    Daniel Prieto

    @midnight cupid I wish you luck in life. But markiplier isn’t the most important thing in the world.

    midnight cupid

    @Daniel Prieto never said he was, dont put words in my mouth kid

    Daniel Prieto

    @midnight cupid okay lil guy 🙂

BIG Smoke

Mark:”I feel like this is much less frantic than it was before.”
MAIDAI: *”I am five meters away from you and approaching rapidly. Start running.”*

    The senate

    @Jaiden Animations Should Starve Herself ⸜⁄ you wish 🤓

    Dino of the Void

    Pffff, another one of these “youtubers”? (Referring to @Jaiden Animations Should Starve Herself)

    The Chinless Commenter

    scared the sht outta me ngl

    Marco Naples

    @BIG Smoke Wassup my homie


The funny thing is that the plot isn’t actually creepy. The maid’s look is incidental to the actual plot 😂


    @Elementroar I think it’s a nice change of pace imo, no paranormal or supernatural stuff, just a neat, grounded conspiracy/cover-up of a mysterious crime




Not only did he return, he returned with a full gameplay of the game many of us were excited for!


I’m so glad he played this again, it’s such an interesting game

    Evan Christensen

    its really not lol. i enjoy all of his content and this game is quite the L and has terrible reviews

    Nostalgia Boy

    @Evan Christensen wdym it has very positive reviews on steam

Cole Kiesler

I am honestly really glad that Mark is taking is time on his usual schedule, making sure that he can handle his things well and balance it up a bit. Seeing him happy makes me glad that Mark is still trying to still have a great experience playing horror games, and always giving us such entertaining content we are all glad to see you doing great Mark.


    Mark is best💖

Just Some Gal

Hearing Markiplier’s voice again brought peace to my day

    I’m in your walls


    The Chinless Commenter

    It really soothes the soul.

    I’m in your walls

    @The Chinless Commenter indeed it does


    It was much needed lmao I can already feel my week getting better

Rylan Conner

Part of me likes to think that mark just sends lixian the unedited vids and lixian is just sitting there watching them, quietly chuckling to himself as he watches these videos, adding in whatever edits he wants, and that mark just trusts his work and just posts the videos not knowing what lixian may have done


    Hathor got done dirty in this thread, rip my man


    That’s… Literally kind of the editors job?

    Like. Yes. That’s what they do lol.

    They most likely check in with Mark here and there with things, and Mark likely handles some of the stuff, like Thumbnails and upload descriptions and the like, but otherwise the rest is up to Lixian, and most likely Mark does a final pass on the video to approve it (Though I imagine with Lixian at this point he trusts his work enough that he’d probably let it pass even without needing to check through it.)

    The dabbing Gamer

    @Scuba Steve I stated that there was no evidence that it was FALSE while replying to your comment that said there’s no evidence that it was TRUE.


    @The dabbing Gamer Honestly man I think they meant it to be more like “There’s no evidence that this isn’t true” as in to agree with the original comment, not to put it down.

    Brian Barrett

    I doubt Mark has time to watch 3-5 cuts of a 40-50m video. I’d also only pay someone whom I trusted to do good work so this is probably exactly how it goes down.

senaka patel

Even if it’s just a few weeks without Mark, it really shows how much we need him. My days are not the same anymore


    @BIG Smoke just a theory, but maybe other bots?


    @PotatoGoblin its a copy of a real comment and its getting more attention than the person who actually comented it. They also sell the accounts and make money of it.

    Yeetus Deletus


    Defectum Defectum

    @PotatoGoblin still a bot regardless.

    Gail O

    SAME I went to the comments to say the same thing

Yuri from MW3

I’m addicted to watching this man play a videogame I’ve never heard of and I’m not planning on stopping.


25:38 Mark went past input 5’s remote. He has no idea how close he actually was to victory.

    AMp Lifer

    BRO SAME im so glad i wasnt the only one lmao


    @Cam Pad Yeah, it’s always so annoying when you see the demon in the mirror. Worse is, that it’s right in front of my bed.

    Oscura Cat

    I saw that as well!!! I just went straight to comments to see if anyone else saw it as well!

    Derpinator Derpymcderpface

    Dam I just posted a comment on this. Deleted my comment.

    Human Thing

    Omg, im so glad someone else noticed that and my exhaustion didn’t get the best of me.

Koala Bro

31:30 The reason why Mark got a Game Over is because picking up the device removed the corresponding robot from the list that you cycle through, but the rest were on timeout and all your robots being on timeout triggers the Game Over.

    ᴍᴇꜱꜱᴀɢᴇ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ👉@Official_Markiplier001



    I was looking for this explanation. Thank you!

    Eztli C

    Ah, okay. That makes much more sense. Thanks 😊

Truegamer 21

This man apologized for being absent, apologized because he’s only gonna be able to post small, frequent videos for a while, and then goes and posts a 50-minute video. This man is a beast.

    Boot Noot

    It’s pre recorded, he mentions this is just after his video on im on observation duty

    ᴍᴇꜱꜱᴀɢᴇ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ👉@Official_Markiplier001


Bailey Jelinek

Mark is literally the icon of a million childhoods

    ᴍᴇꜱꜱᴀɢᴇ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ👉@Official_Markiplier001


senaka patel

Some say they feel bad for Mark using a lot of time to provide us a video but I’m just thankful he still has the same passion to provide us with entertaining videos each opportunity he gets. Thank you Mark, truly the King

    Jaiden Animations Should Starve Herself ⸜⁄


    Jaiden Animations Should Starve Herself ⸜⁄



    I mean, he had this recorded and edited already. He was just too tired every day to post it. I’m so glad he found the time


25:05 I don’t think Mark has realized yet, that there’s duplicate rooms on every level and if you enter them, it sends you to the other one, across the level. That’s why the area keeps changing and I’m amazed how many times Mark just continues on without realizing it happened.


    It happens at 20:45 too. This is when I noticed it. He leaves a locker room into a small cabinet, comes back out of the cabinet and is in dark, empty hallways.


    What’s worse is that he sees it super early on in the video, acknowledges it, and then acts like it can’t happen again.


    OOOOOOOHHH that’s why sometimes the area changed once he leaves a room! I noticed it but didn’t realize it’s a duplicate room


I honestly love how the maid doesn’t full blown run at you, she politely scurries.

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