The Smartphone Awards Midseason 2023!

The midseasons Smartphone Awards are here

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Gaming With J

Marques never misses an April Fools opportunity

    global warming is real

    @mikey cry while begging


    April Fools was yesterday for em


    @mikey haha that’s a funny joke! April fools!

    Yu Producciones

    Markee nevers misss!!! he never miss!!

    Prescot Alexander

    @mikey just get a real job. In a month you could have enough to buy a mic and 10,000 subscribers. I mean it’ll just be bot accounts who won’t watch your videos but then again people you had to beg to sub won’t be watching your videos either.


Shoutout to marques for being one of the creators to actually make time to do a proper april fools prank

    Jesvin J

    This is kid’s play compared to what Linus did

    Tristen Hernandez

    @mikey😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 if you had 10 million subs you wouldn’t need him to buy you a microphone silly goose


    @The Daniel Son’s why would you dislike it?

    The Daniel Son’s

    @Ezi Because before I realized it was joke I thought MKBHD was being biased or dumb, like how could the S23 Ultra win best big phone & best compact phone? & How it basically won every other smartphone award.


I don’t care if it’s April fools day, I get to see MKBHD in a suit more than once a year, and that’s all that counts

    Levi Ackerman

    hi broke 🙂


    @blaster915 Dunno about you but I wouldn’t turn up to the gym and start doing deadlifts wearing marques’ outfit


    @CoffeeCode3D MKB, of course, is not wearing a suit.


    @ACOJO and…? That doesn’t change the fact it isn’t a suit. As the other guy said: its just a sports jacket, its a casual outfit.

    ༎ຶ ͜ʖ ༎ຶ

    ​@ACOJO i think u could if it’s a sports jacket, people used to hunt and play sports in them. It looks more like a blazer to me cuz sports jackets a
    have a rougher texture but I’m no expert

G Four Gadget

Totally didn’t notice this was a April fool’s video until the best folding phone part. MKBHD’s video has too high of a production value to be a prank 😂

    allans best karisa


    Joshua Cheng

    It’s not even June yet! 🤣


    Took battery for me


    Nah best small phone is when it clicked for me.


Imagine not finding out until the small phone award portion 😂
Marques, your work is commendable 👏

    Jen Elli

    The foldable

    Richard Afolayan

    Deadd😂😂😂 I was abt to say when he called the s23 ultra best small phone, this must be April fools

    Georges Tongfa



    Lmao true I’m like “am i trippin or this video a pure conedy” 😂


This is by far the best April Fool’s joke on YouTube yet. Well done, Marques.

    Joshua Cheng

    But the backdrop isn’t matte black……..

Laike Laike

It will take some time to understand how Amazons AWS55X is having the most impact in these times. After all the downswings and failures of last year it’s about time that someone integrates assets into a useful scenario and that’s exactly happening with this asset right now. It will be exciting to see how they develop this product in the future. What do you guys think? Would like to hear some opinions

    fan poop

    @RR It’s more than that read the news man



    Zee Nkosi



    bruh how does this bot get 1k likes


I was sure the year would end badly for me but I think Amazons AWS55X is spot on with what they do and how they do it. Can’t say for how long it’s gonna work effectively and for sure it is overyhped right now but even for half a year or something it would be smart to ride the wave and then eventually jump away but the thing is why this is smart right now is because it’s so cheap, won’t ever find a better entry than now

Kral Benim

Was in serious doubts because this is really a tough market but just got the headsup that Amazons announcement for AWS55X invite hit the roads and that could maybe change the tables. I’m going with it! Who’s with me?

Umaer Atif khan

Mkbhd literally made our day better by that April fools prank

Obi Dobo

It genuinely took me until half way through the video to realize this was an April fool’s day prank. Absolutely incredible

    joshentertainment 2

    That’s why the audio quality is so bad


    It took a the way to The Best Camera award to remember that today is April fools


    wait you mean this is a april fool joke?


    if i hadn’t seen this video, i wouldn’t have known today was april fools day



formeeer trance

The best april fools prank I have ever experienced! I did not realized it until the best compact phone award. Awesome! He could do it seriously, without any tiny smile on his face. Nice job Marques!

    joshentertainment 2

    The bad audio quality

    Kurtis Walker

    Same. I for real lol’d


He even put there a real list of his smartphone picks so no one gets disappointed if they actually want to know real answers! What a legend! ❤

Tim Tam

i’m not huge on the massive amounts of april fools day jokes, but this video was top tier. thank you mkbhd lol

Samuel Rushton

Great April Fools, but a midseason awards would actually be a good idea imo 😅

    Meghdeep Goldar

    At least he mentioned those winners at the end

Ikechukwu Ononiwu

This was so good. I clocked that it was an April Fools’ day joke video when I saw the pink backdrop. I’ve been watching MKBHD videos for years, and I don’t remember once seeing a hint of pink in any of his backgrounds. Well done!

Serkan Korkmaz

I want to let you know that Amazons AWS44X made it this year. Any better way to start a global change? Don’t get me wrong I know they are not like altruists or something but they keep doing the right thing to improve the situation, power the ecomonmy and so much more. We need players like them and we can always jump in the train at good spots such as this one


    A bot with 5k likes???

    Debanjan Saha

    ​​@Ruin I am exactly thinking that 😶how can a damn bot get 5k likes
    So that means there are atleast 5k such bots under one group.


    @A Z Chat GPT bots taking over the comments section 😢 Also it’s probably Amazon…they can afford a ton of bots

David Sigbi

I pray this turns into an actual legit award (like the Oscars or Grammys) that phone companies compete

    K Balaji



Top tier April fools video and will probably be better than 99% of the all upcoming ones…

Jumoke A

This mid season awards was hilarious! I kept wondering what was going on. Happy April Fools Day😂

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