You Might Not Wanna Hear This – WAN Show March 31, 2023

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I love how every single time Linus tries to do a shorter show it gets **even longer**.


    If he just cut out all the financial, sponsorship, product shilling, marketing talk it would reduce the show time by half. I get it.. And im sure alot of people enjoy hearing into that side of LTT but at some point its too much and feels like its always the dominant topic.

    Ryan Pearce

    鈥婡macbitz That’s why you download and listen to it on the drive to work 馃榿 covers my entire week and then there’s a new 4 hour one to watch lmao

    Navdeep Singh

    He thinks shorter is longer that’s why he thinks he is tall

    An Dy

    鈥婡SapperEffect Humans are not designed to for learning a those speeds. I believe long term use to be harmful.


I managed to catch the last few seconds of the livestream today. Never expected that to happen, living in the CEST time zone. This show is getting seriously long.


    Imagine living in the past (couldn’t be me)

    F?C袣 袦袝. 孝袗P 0N MY 袪1小

    馃叿馃吀 馃叾馃唲馃唸馃唫


    I did last week too, at 7am UK time.


    I mean it also started 2 hours late

    Jonathan Odude

    i came on in the last hour while living in AWST. Usually it starts after i go to sleep and ends before i wake up, but i woke up and they were still live, i even managed to have short conversations in the replies with people in time zones like BST and CEST


As a European, I didn’t expect to catch the WAN show live, but I’m happy I did.


    When they are going for so long that even the EU gets a glimpse. -Norwegian

    F?C袣 袦袝. 孝袗P 0N MY 袪1小



    Most of it is merch message so not impressive at all


    I do, just don’t sleep at 1am.

Infinite Agony

Time stamp guy, we need you now more than ever

    Captian Morgan

    @KM10 Your timestamps seem to have been deleted…

    Blueberry Apples

    @KM10 Thank you for doing this. Please try to have a nice day. I hope my comment can help you to smile today, even if for just a moment. 馃檪

    Jimmy Dandy

    @KM10 @NoKi1119
    Bloody hell – That’s a big one, cheers 馃檪 They should actually pay you for that 馃榾

    Jimmy Dandy

    @jonRock1992 NOBODY you say ? I guess you haven’t heard of AI 馃槢


I have to say the sponsers spots from Denis are hilarious. I actually watch them instead of skipping them


    Definitely! I don’t watch live so I used to always skip them. Now I actually look forward to them. Way to go Dennis!

    B谩lint Borka

    That鈥檚 his they get you 馃槀
    (Full disclosure: I also watch them 馃槄)

    Rob Jones

    鈥婡B谩lint Borka f


Maybe soon we鈥檒l have a 24h AI livestream with 鈥淟uke鈥 and 鈥淟inus鈥. What a time to be alive

    Pet Hedgehog

    funny thing how it probably wont be AI lol


    Liku and Lunes

    Patrick Nelson

    Would love to see this demo on Two Minute Papers.


    Heard 鈥淲hat a time to be alive鈥 in the Two Minute Papers鈥 Narrator鈥檚 voice鈥 gave me goosebumps. totally something he鈥檇 say.


Mad respect for Luke for standing his (moral) ground, and also for Linus to even start this discussion.


    I don鈥檛 understand Lukes argument, it makes it sounds like he wouldn鈥檛 like that they sell things on Amazon.


    You mean him being unbearably naive?

    Singoro Cydia

    Yes. I totally agree. I think what makes LTT products stand out is that they don鈥檛 compromise morally. Please don鈥檛 start now. I鈥檓 not saying it鈥檚 clearly morally wrong. But it violates the spirit of LTT store and being in the clear moral right. And it鈥檚 not worth it.

    Tony Bain

    @Lobsta It’s NOT virtue signalling, that’s your own mindset/bias being triggered. He literally has the influence to make a difference not just say (or think) he has. Your mindset seems to be, and I’m taking this from your “sit on the sideline comment” that you do whatever it takes at whatever cost to stay in the game. I mean, you would be a fine YES man, and fit brilliantly into the business mindset if nothing else matters but the 馃挷. Let me be very clear here, Linus is the #1 Tech Youtuber ON THIS PLANET. He will be fine with or without this kind of deal. There are ALWAYS other ways, maybe not quite as lucrative but still bringing in 馃挷. The 馃挷 doesn’t need to be the sole consideration all the time, winning everything at any cost doesn’t need to be the standard.


    Absolutely, illigitimate use should not be accepted. One way to solve it might be to have a pop-up on the landing page from the affiliate link that states that the other page got paid. So adding an extra layer of disclosure, albeit after their fact.

Bill Block

Actually as an independent musician CD sales are still one of our biggest revenue streams especially at live events via our merch counter. Amount of profit we make on a CD sale versus stream or download sales is wild, to make as much money on a direct CD sale you would need to stream that entire album at least 5,000 times. Ive even had cases where people straight up purchase the albums as collectibles or “just to support you guys” even tho they don’t have a CD player 馃槄

    Mario Prawirosudiro

    This needs to be put out there more. Not all musicians are rich and big name like Beyonce or Aerosmith. This makes a lot of difference!

    I mean, sure, if you’re simply unable to purchase the full single, or album (whether digital or physical), then it’s definitely a better alternative than pirating it, because at least the artist gets _something_, but it’s not really sustainable. Not for the artists at least.

    Mijc Osis

    I’m a bit of a hypocrite – i love owning vinyl, the art is big enough to see across the room, and vinyl is just a beautiful thing (i have the first 33 Album pressed in Australia as a wall clock dont be too worried – its the can-can and was already scratched).
    While I love me some collectibles im kinda aware providing a download with a collectible artwork or something usable is to my mind probably a better experience all round, an doesnt sort of waste the physical media people are rarely going to play from.
    One of my mates did CDs with hand screen printed cloth cases, gorgeous screen printed inserts – honestly i think i would have been just as happy with the object if it held a download code.

    Mario Prawirosudiro

    @Mijc Osis No, not a hypocrite. You just love what you love. Liking vinyl doesn’t exclude you from also liking digital downloads.

Jake Broer

I love that I can finally listen to a whole WAN Show at work instead of trying to find something else for the last hour.
Can’t wait to hit the 5 hour mark!


ngl the length of these WAN show recordings has me listening to them through the weekends. I like it.


The constant thing I enjoy about watching Luke and Linus on the WAN Show is that they are willing to have devils advocate discussions to explore topics.

    Bung dumpster

    thats basically every podcast

    nem tudom

    The issue is that its rarely conducive to anything….

    Most of the things they talk about are black and white. You do the evil thing, or you dont.


    Just having the discussion at any level on WAN show is a positive sign in my view. Often they use it to get some idea of how the community feels about a given topic. It is something they don’t have to do! They quite often point out how nuanced a topic is (rather than do or don’t do). I wish more organisations were that transparent.

    Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good!

matthew skullblood

keep cranking out these longer streams. just wish the timestamp guy would show up faster or you guys could do it yourself since you have a script and list of topics


I just want to voice my satisfaction with the affiliate conversation between Luke and Linus. I think it’s great they’re putting this out there, with all things considered I think LTT should do it with the stipulation of disclosure in their contact.

Victor Oliveira

Reposting because I can’t see his comment anymore
Credit : @NoKi1119
[0:00] Chapters.
[1:34] Intro.
[2:00] Topic #1: RESTRICT Act legislation update.
> 2:49 Never mentioned TikTok, list of prohibited countries.
> 3:59 Might ban VPN users, criminal penalties.
> 5:28 Banning TikTok, France bans all recreational apps.
> 6:18 Government worries, is this a threat on civilians liberty?
> 10:12 Luke on controling media midwar & audible cyberattack.
> 11:54 Linus on LTT’s Flipper Zero video & security, Luke on Deathcon’s demo.
> 18:45 Luke’s solution to streamers, Linus on “impulsive” crimes.
[24:46] Luke mentions how bad the news this week are.
[25:05] Topic #2: Publishers lawsuit against nonprofit Internet Archive.
> 26:04 Luke’s lifehack, HBG’s & Internet Archive comments.
> 27:51 Linus on libraries’ unprofitability, Luke mentions Wayback Machine.
> 30:56 Luke mentions musician interview, Linus on self-publishing & CDs.
> 36:04 Linus’s school history, nobody knew he was a YouTuber.
> 40:24 Not everyone browse the net, Luke on not remembering music.
[45:18] LTTStore mystery waffle long-sleeve & Rackstuds.
> 47:03 Rackstuds series 2, Luke on the product’s wording.
> 47:33 Honeywell’s Thermal Gap Filler PTM7950 update.
> 48:37 Backpack carabiner: removal & re-tightening tool.
> 53:30 Carabiner replacements, Luke calls “anti-repair” Linus out.
> 1:01:22 Luke’s swappable backpack zippers idea.
> 1:03:53 Linus’s “bruise on the arm.”
> 1:04:40 Reasons behind the exclusive LTX designs, Linus & Luke on WiFi.
> 1:08:52 Luke discusses using YKK’s carabiner.
> 1:10:38 LTTStore looking for product suggestions.
> 1:11:33 Steam Deck holder feedback.
[1:12:05] Merch Messages #1.
> 1:12:33 Any official way to submit an idea for LTTStore?
> 1:13:20 Any restricted tech items you want to disassemble?
> 1:16:10 What gym bag does Linus use?
[1:18:46] Topic #3: Linus on paid reviews & affiliates.
> 1:21:10 LTT backpack’s debut in Framework’s video.
> 1:22:06 Linus on articles images & affiliate revenue.
> 1:24:12 Debating the disclosed affiliates program idea.
> 1:35:54 The sketchiness of the affiliates market & its challenges.
> 1:39:56 FP poll: Which LTX design to print?
[1:42:35] Sponsors ft. Dennis Spots – officially permanent.
> 1:43:06 Zoho One integrated business system.
> 1:43:54 Grammarly online writing assistant.
> 1:44:55 JumpCloud IT community.
[1:45:48] Topic #4: Australia debates mature rating for lootboxes.
> 1:47:27 Parental controls, impacts on game development? ft. prescription drugs.
> 1:53:41 Linus speedruns beating Google’s SafeSearch.
[1:55:21] Topic #5: Six-month pause on high level AI development.
> 1:56:10 Linus points out Elon’s inconsistency, Luke mentions OpenAI.
> 1:59:51 Luke on how ChatGPT-4 uses plugins to think.
> 2:01:41 LLaMA as a local Chat-GPT AI, Linus on the usage of it.
> 2:03:28 Thoughts on the pause, existential crisis.
[2:07:20] Topic #6: LTX 2023 attending creators update.
> 2:08:37 Dan on how he feels about meeting TechTubers.
[2:09:19] Merch Messages #2.
> 2:09:29 Scale of infrastructure that is required to run Floatplane?
[2:10:57] Topic #7: Changes to Twitter Blue verification.
> 2:14:28 Was this to purposely make Twitter more hostile?
> 2:16:58 Linus & Luke hardly use Twitter, internet monetization.
[2:21:48] Topic #8: E3 2023 has been cancelled yet again.
> 2:22:39 What would replace E3? LMG’s history with E3.
[2:25:50] Topic #9: Inovelli’s mmWave Occupancy Smart Switch.
[Cont.] Topic #3: Linus on paid reviews & affiliates.
> 2:32:46 Nick messages Linus about having affiliates.
> 2:34:48 Luke on the integrity of LTTStore, recalls Anker.
> 2:37:22 Luke & Linus dislike marketing, Luke on making money.
> 2:40:36 Linus’s philosophy V.S. marketing, Luke on profits.
> 2:43:52 Linus realizes how hard it can get in the future.
[2:47:06] Merch Messages #3.
> 2:47:11 How can Linus’s experience on mobile keyboards be representative?
> 2:52:13 What would Linus/Luke get arrested for at 2 AM?
> 2:54:28 Tech related job that AI takes longer to take over? ft. IT’S DAN’S FAULT!
> 2:57:38 Something you want to talk about on stream that no one asked?
> 3:01:21 What is your favorite thing about Luke & Dan?
> 3:12:58 Do you think the size of LTT damages small tech channels?
[3:23:08] LTTStore’s Gone Phishin’ is going away soon.
[Cont.] Merch Messages #3.
> 3:24:18 Have you had or thought of getting tattoos?
> 3:27:56 Are there any roads you’d love to bike ride?
> 3:30:22 Does Linus still have his UV shrine aluminum case? ft. “Automated Scoring System.”
> 3:55:29 LTTStore ARGB mouse pad? Same material for bits & shaft?
> 3:56:40 Interest in testing ultrasound for tablets?
> 3:57:35 Would there be more in-home office robots coming?
> 3:58:33 Have you ever downgraded on purpose?
> 4:00:22 Has Linus ever played Chained Echoes?
> 4:00:47 What quantum computing can do with AI in the future?
> 4:02:02 Most & least scary part AI? Would Luke consider getting a parrot?
> 4:07:03 Did Luke change the chicken’s seasoning? substitute for rice?
> 4:08:18 Is Linus planning to upgrade his Framework?
> 4:10:28 Most annoying bugs from early Floatplane days?
> 4:12:04 Acoustic cameras for LTT Labs?
> 4:12:40 Apple releases all products at once, why don’t other companies?
> 4:14:06 Linus asks about the acoustic cameras.
> 4:15:05 How should Microsoft compensate writers that Bing accesses?
> 4:17:05 Luke’s story on the red car that got him stuck on the bridge?
> 4:19:25 Any tech that you keep coming back to tinker with?
[4:25:01] Outro ft. Linus asks about Luke’s bladder.

Total WAN stamped: 85
Total hours timestamped so far: 194h 52m 39s


    We need this pin, like WE NEED IT lol <3

    Shogo 鏄囧墰

    @Linus Tech Tips don’t just love this – pinning it will be very helpful for everyone.

    Trevor Elliott

    This needs to be pinned

    Lloyd Dunamis

    For reference, Noki’s timestamp comment is in &lc=Ugy8RzcL4wpspw6N7J54AaABAg (add to the end of the video URL).

    Photonic Pizza

    Correction, it鈥檚 DEFCON (same as the military thing), not Deathcon.

V Wagen Jetta

I absolutely love these 4 hour therapy sessions. Keep ’em coming.


I鈥檝e got to give Dennis credit. Ever since he鈥檚 taken over the WAN Show鈥檚 sponsor spots, I鈥檝e actually watched them instead of skipping past them. You never know what the Agent of Chaos will come up with!

Noah Reeverts

Really appreciated the Convo about marketing with integrity. The fact that you guys are even having these discussions, and having them openly, is a big part of what makes you guys awesome.

Tony LaFountain

“Say the line Bart.” Thanks for the laugh Dan. Great show as always.


I like that they had their discussion/debate in such a visible way. I see both sides so I feel comforted that the two biggest voices in the company could have that kind of talk the way that they did.


    Tbf, linus was speaking around the conversation the whole time and sounds like he already made up his mind. I agree with Luke here, especially considering linus has been preaching ethical business for years. I get it’s a business, but it’s still a bit shitty.


Linus’s pure suffering and regret in this Wan Show is priceless

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