How to Use Bard AI, Google’s New Chatbot

I took Google's new experimental AI, Bard, for a spin. Here's a walkthrough of Bard's user interface and tips on how to protect and delete your prompts.

0:00 Intro
0:28 What do you need to use Bard AI?
1:12 Bard's user interface
2:55 Google's Bard disclaimers
4:31 Prompts you can ask Bard
5:09 Bard wrote a Sci-Fi short film for CNET
5:41 Bard's Sci-Fi movie trailer

Read the CNET article:
Want to Try Google's New AI Chatbot? Here's How to Sign Up for Bard

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    13 Tech


13 Tech

Thank you for this! It was very helpful.

Financial Shinanigan

Ask Bard how to properly spell prompt lol


So…the A.I. ripped off ‘Ready Player One’? LOL 🤔😂🤣

Roman General

I’ve used it and got bored after 10mins


this is the first im hearing about this?, how is it different to other ai’s, how many others are their now iv heard of some, can i access them, why dont you tell us before just jumping in like we should know what this is, we dont all have our finger on the pulse or work in silicon valley

Little B

I found that Bard made some very simple mistakes, probably because its user base is still relatively small.

Mike Murphy

Spell check would be is best feature… when is that coming out?

That’s right

Just be careful you don’t fall in love with Bard

    That’s right

    Also, who named it Bard?? Was the name Barf already taken?


Very entertaining video


All I know of Bard is The Bard’s Tale, a 1980s pc game.

    Dan Harold

    Bard is also the name of the service provided by The Nation Library Service for the Blind in the US. Part of the congressional library

Troels Blicher Petersen

You could have disabled the redshifting when recording this video

    VR Golf Pro

    That’s Bard’s blood 🩸 under the screen.


Weird name


    Sounds Indian

rtx 3080 non lhr

Using bard feels like googling using bing😅


    use bing chat and it feels like its using google lool


It is not an AI.

Jeremiah Mullikin

It’s super annoying that the conversation is erased if you refresh the page.


When I watch your videos I start thinking, should I start Youtube?!

Brotha Neo – C.R.S.A Channel

BARD sounds and feels much more effortless to say within conversations than CHAT GPT in my opinion lol! 😆😆 I’m still comfortable with GPT and not really interested as of now to try out this BARF or I mean BARD thing YET at least lol.



Ice Bear

does bard give better responses or chatgpt?

Dan Harold

Is it possible to get a list of the sources used by Bard. Found something about clicking a link below the output that I have not found. As in where did you find the information you are showing me.

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